How to Lower Shipping Rates for Fulfilment?

How to lower shipping rates by selecting a logistics supplier?

Logistics transportation costs occupy an important share of international trade. In order to ensure that our procurement costs in China are minimized, so as to maximize profits, we can lower shipping rates by reducing logistics and transportation costs. Reducing logistics and transportation costs can be achieved by replacing logistics. Usually, the logistics companies we know are YunExpress, DHL, SUNYOU, Yanwen, and FedEx. We can choose the logistics party with the most favorable price through multiple comparison methods.


How to lower shipping rates by reducing product weight?

Product weight is a factor that we should consider in international trade because product quality will affect our logistics and transportation costs. Usually, the quality of the product includes the weight of the product itself and the packaging weight of the product. We should make clear that customers will pay more attention to the product, not the packaging. So we can reduce the packaging weight of the product and make the packaging simplify. And the customers will see products more intuitively. To a certain extent, I t can save our logistics costs.


How to lower shipping rates by changing shipping methods?

In international trade, logistics methods can usually be divided into Air freight, shipping, and land transportation. These three different shipping methods will also generate different shipping costs. Although air freight is the fastest, it is also the most expensive. Shippers on the mainland choose different inland transportation methods and have different costs. Generally speaking, train transportation is the cheapest, but the delivery and delivery procedures are complicated, which is suitable for orders with large quantities and short delivery times. 

Trucking is the easiest, quickest, and slightly more expensive than trains. The most expensive is to directly load the container in the factory or warehouse, which is only suitable for fragile items that are not suitable for multiple loading and unloading. In general, it is best not to use this approach. Usually, Shipping is more favorable, and air freight is more expensive. Therefore, in the choice of bulk cargo, we can be more inclined to choose sea freight.


How to get lower shipping rates for small businesses?

Small businesses can lower shipping rates through LCL. The transportation procedure of LCL is much more complicated than FCL, and the freight is relatively flexible. There are many transportation companies that can provide FCL service, and the price will be relatively transparent in the shipping market. Of course, there are also open market prices for LCL shipments, but the surcharges of various transportation companies vary greatly, so the freight rates on the transportation company’s price list will only be part of the final charge. 

First of all, confirm all items of the charge in writing to see if their quotation is a lump-sum price, to prevent the carrier from making an afterthought. 

The second is to calculate the weight and size of the goods clearly to prevent them from fiddling with them. Although some transportation companies offer lower prices, they often increase the price in disguise by exaggerating the weight or size charges. 

Third, we should find a company that specializes in LCL. This kind of company directly assembles the containers. The freight and surcharges they charge are much lower than the intermediate companies.

Honest FulPhilment can help to lower shipping rates 

Honest FulPhilment is a professional purchasing service agent in China, we can provide not only high-quality products but also high-quality services, as well as logistics services. We have our own 3PL logistics model, which includes the process of a complete outsourced logistics service for anything that involves managing one or more elements of a business’ procurement and fulfillment activities, including storing and transporting items around the world. We provide shipping services directly to your customers and businesses. Our tracking software integrates with your e-commerce platform to stay informed about orders and their fulfillment.

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