How to Fulfill Orders On Shopify Dropshipping

How to Fulfill Orders On Shopify Dropshipping

In dropshipping, after you receive an order from your customer, you will need to purchase that item from your supplier. Each dropshipping app has a different way of fulfilling orders.

How to fulfill orders on Shopify oberlo

During the ordering process, there is an Aliexpress item, which means that the online merchant is buying the item from the supplier. In this case, Oberlo would be an effective tool to automate the ordering process as it enables customers to add their item and shipping information to the admin’s Aliexpress checkout. However, store owners should place an order to ensure their customers receive the item.

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Place an AliExpress product order

To start placing any AliExpress order, online merchants must meet all of these requirements:

  • You need a computer or laptop.
  • The browser is Google Chrome
  • The Oberlo Chrome extension has been added to your Chrome browser.
  • There is an AliExpress buyer’s account on AliExpress.
  • The AliExpress cart needs to be empty.

Step 1: Go to the Orders page

On the Oberlo dashboard, online sellers can scroll down to the order page. At that point, the user goes on to select the order they want to fulfill.

Step 2: Highlight the fulfilled order

On the Orders page, the store owner clicks the “Order Products” button next to the order fulfilled by the store owner.

Step 3:Check the order’s information

In this step, the user should view the details of the order as the order is processed through AliExpress.

Step 4: Confirm the payment

The store owner can then proceed to fill in the payment details and click “Confirm” to confirm the payment.

Step 5: Place the order

Again, shop owners can review their orders and finally choose to place the order to complete. On Oberlo, the product status from the supplier will change from “To order to In Processing”. The supplier will ship the order to the customer within 2-7 days. Remember to check to see if the marked order is as it is or done now.

How to fulfill orders on Shopify DSers

Go to Shopify – Orders and click on the order you want to fulfill manually.

On the Edit Order page, click Fulfillment Item.

On the next page, you can enter the tracking number and choose the shipping method if desired. Then click Fulfillment Project.

Notifications will notify you once the project is complete.

The order is now marked as completed on Shopify.

Go back to DSers – Open Order.

You will see that the order has also been moved to the Completed tab. If you haven’t moved to the Shipped tab for a long time, go to Settings – Sync to manually sync your Shopify orders.

How to use DSers with Shopify

Install DSers app:

First, You need to have the DSers app on your Shopify store. Install it by searching for “DSers” in the “Add New Application” option. DSers will be automatically logged in with your Shopify account details.

To set up price rules for the DSers application:

Next, you must fix the pricing rules before adding products. Fixing pricing rules is important because DSers don’t update existing products.

To fix the pricing rules, you need to click on the “Settings” option in the DSers app. Now choose a pricing rule. Based on the product details, you can determine the price of the product. You can choose a generic pricing form and add your cents to it. For example, you set the price to $4 and add 50 cents. The price of this product is $4.5.

Setting up automatic Yunexpress shipping for the DSers dropshipping app

The next step is to set the default shipping method. The shipping method selected will be the default when placing the order. Businesses prefer Yunexpress shipping because it’s cheap, reliable, and widely accepted. Yunexpress allows consumers to receive merchandise from marketplaces and online stores. Yunexpress has become popular and available in over 220 countries.

To set the Yunexpress shipping by default, go to the DSers app. Open “Settings” and click on “Shipping.” Now go to the “Pick Global” option, and choose ‘Yunexpress ’ from the dropdown menu. Save the settings, and you’re good to go.

You can link your AliExpress account with DSers. Linked to an AliExpress account, you can place bulk orders with just one click. There are many benefits to linking an AliExpress account with DSers. You can help ship the goods directly to your customers, and you can also set price tags

To link DSers and AliExpress, you must open the DSers and AliExpress (My Orders) page. After selecting the “Add to DSers” option, your order status will be synchronized.

Add products to DSers app

There are two ways to add products to the DSers app. AliExpress dsers App Dashboard and Google Chrome Extension.

DSers App Dashboard: Open the dsers app, go to Products, and add the URL of the AliExpress product. Click OK.

Google Chrome Extension: After installing the Google Chrome extension, go to any AliExpress category. Add products by clicking on the extension icon in the top right corner of the screen.

After adding a product from AliExpress, the product goes to Shopify. If any changes to the product are required, they can be modified using Shopify

Edit products on DSers app:

If needed, you can use DSers to edit the product. Open the product details on the DSers app and click the edit button (pen icon). Variations, descriptions, product titles, etc. can be edited and saved on the same page.

Place order in DSers app

Once you’ve got your order, go to Shopify, click Apps, and select DSWers Orders. Select “Place Order” to get started. You can place multiple orders with just one click.

How to fulfill orders on Shopify with Aliexpress

  • You need a PC or a laptop.
  • Your browser is Chrome. You can only use Oberlo on Chrome; other browsers are not supported by this app.
  • You have added the Oberlo Chrome extension to your Chrome browser.
  • You are logged into your Aliexpress buyer account on Aliexpress. If you haven’t already, you can sign up for an account on AliExpress.

How to automatically fulfill orders on Shopify

You can do this by creating a template that exports sales orders. When you receive an order from any marketplace or shopping cart you use (if you’re not only selling from the Shopify website), these templates are automatically populated and forwarded to your suppliers.

You can do it via SFTP/FTP or as an automated email with a CSV attachment. Suppliers will help you understand the format they expect to receive. Once your order is complete, you will receive tracking information and continue with customer service. Find out more about our eCommerce Fulfilment Services.

Do you have to fulfill orders on Shopify to get paid

When you set up a payment provider to accept credit card payments, each payment must be processed, so there is often a delay between when a customer pays for their order and when you receive payment. After payment processing, the purchase amount will be transferred to your merchant account.

Other payment providers, such as PayPal, will have their own way of getting funds to you from your customers. Check the services you use to see how they will pay you. You can accept manual payments, such as money orders or bank transfers, outside of online checkout. Unless you’ve activated Shopify Payments as your payment provider, you’ll be charged third-party transaction fees for all orders that aren’t a Shopify Finance agent. This includes all orders that go through the Shopify checkout system.

If your store has Shopify Payments enabled, then when customers pay using Shopify Payments and certain Expedited Checkout, you’ll receive payments through Shopify Payouts. If a customer pays using a third-party payment gateway, you won’t see your payment information in your Shopify admin.

Does Shopify automatically fulfill orders?

Automatic fulfillment is the least intrusive way to fulfill an order, but it only works for certain types of products. You can use automatic payment capture and automatic fulfillment when you don’t have any products to preorder, sell digital downloads, or use fulfillment services. Setting your order to automatic fulfillment does not apply to local pickup orders

If you’ve already set up your order processing section, then this step is complete. Otherwise, follow the steps below to set up automatic order fulfillment for every order.


  • Desktop
  • iPhone
  • Android
  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Checkout.
  1. Find the Order processing section.
  2. Under the After order payment heading, select the line item that automatically fulfills the order. You also have the option to notify customers of their shipments by email if you’d like an email to be sent when an order is automatically fulfilled.
  3. Click Save.

Now, every new order that comes into your store is automatically fulfilled.

How to fulfill orders on cjdropshipping

Here are the general steps on how to request service:

1. Add a new product;

2. Submit product information;

3. Enter storage quantity and add it to the storage cart to confirm;

4. Select a warehouse to store your products;

5. Download Barcode;

6. Add tracking number.

After your product arrives at CJ warehouse and staff scans the barcode, your fulfillment request will be completed. So once your product is in CJ warehouse, you can check your inventory in My CJ > My Inventory > Product Inventory

How to send orders to suppliers on Shopify

Step 1: Integrate with your supply chain

You need to decide what products to sell and look for dropshipping suppliers. Honest Fulphilment can help you to find whatever you want to dropship and sell on your store. Then send you the product price, minimum order quantities, and other fees. They’ll also give you product photos and descriptions, so you don’t have to touch the product to make a sale.

Step 2: Your customer places an order

Once you list your supplier’s products on your website, you can start marketing and selling. When a customer places an order from your online store, the dropshipping suppliers will finish the next jobs.

Then, both you and your dropshipping supplier will receive an email about the order, which automatically comes from your online store.

Step 3: You communicate the order to your supplier

After processing the customer’s order, your system places the order with the drop-shipping supplier for the product.

An automated system like Honest Fulphilment allows you to directly integrate with your supplier’s order processing system.

This saves you from having to send hundreds of emails to your supplier every day.

Once the supplier receives your order they will charge you the wholesale price, shipping, and any other fees.

Step 4: The supplier picks, packs, and ships the order

The supplier is responsible for fulfilling the order after receiving your payment. They pick, pack and ship the order directly to the customer, but your name, address, and logo will appear on the packaging invoice. For more information on dropshipping, check Honest Fulphilment.

The supplier will send you an invoice and tracking number after they are ready to ship the product. You will either need to manually receive each tracking number (and manually enter it into your marketplace) or use an automated system such as Honest Fulphilment to integrate directly with the supplier’s tracking system.

From here you are responsible for passing on the tracking information to the customer, so it is important to know information such as shipping times.

Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help your business.

How to get orders on Shopify

Shopify dropshipping is a great way to start an eCommerce business from scratch. For start-ups and new businesses, breaking into the eCommerce market can be a real challenge, and finding where to start can be just as hard. The most difficult part of starting a new business is managing your time money and inventory as it can quickly become a nightmare to manage. It is most likely that it will take a while for a start-up or new business to even make a profit.

The guide is broken down into 4 steps. Click any section below if you want to jump to a particular strategy:

  1. Choose the best picture to display the product.

The beauty of product images is directly related to whether customers will click on your product detail page. Customers cannot directly contact the products, the text description can only play a supporting role, and the pictures are the link to establish the relationship between the product and the customer, and the beautification of e-commerce products is half the success. Of course, sellers should avoid using controversial infringing products, which is a big blow to the promotion of your website.

  1. Accurately describe the value of the product.

There are many people who think that there are too many products on the Internet, and many people have already compared the products in your store without looking at the product description. But let’s think in reverse, the seller’s effort in description is responsible for the product in their own store. It is best to write some practical experience of website promotion and use, or a collection of customer evaluations after use, which will be your specialties. To improve conversion rates, sellers must keep this in mind.

  1. Customer service.

After a customer places an order to buy, it’s just the beginning. The follow-up value of an already purchased customer is higher than the value of your new customer. Have you done effective customer maintenance? Do you remember other customer needs? Have you made a second follow-up visit to the item sold? All of these require a lot of time and effort to be done seriously in order to be good customer maintenance work.

4. Try to persuade customers to buy, and learn to take the initiative to sell.

In network marketing, it is impossible to allow every customer to pay freely and quickly, and it is not only by lowering the price to increase sales. It mainly depends on whether the products you sell are effective, or whether your marketing strategy is effective. Therefore, sellers need to learn to sell their products, target different user groups, seize the pain points, and do a good job in marketing.

Do a good job in the display and optimization of products, accurately describe the value of products, attract the attention of buyers, do a good job in service, explain and sell products, guide customers to place orders, and get more orders for independent stations!