How To Deal With Damaged Items In Dropshipping?

What Are The Worst Dropshipping Products to Avoid?

Accidents happen from time to time, and anyone who receives broken products damaged during transportation knows this. In 2018, three major express companies, including USPS, UPS, and FedEx, delivered about 13.5 billion packages; Of these, 11% were damaged or not delivered at all.

Not only must the seller replace or refund the order and deal with the potential damage to its brand reputation, but also it will bring trouble to the buyer, who must take measures to ensure that they are properly taken care of.

The buyer and the seller reach an agreement in advance or have some details to justify their loss, otherwise, the seller should at least be responsible for the damaged goods.

dealing with damaged items in dropshipping

What Should A Seller Do About A Damaged Product?

Always be sure to read the return policy before ordering anything. For large items, these items may be difficult to deal with, or they may be a logistics nightmare.

Now, suppose you have received damaged goods. You should accept and reject it in the following ways:

1. Accept the package

If an item is presented to you instead of being placed on the porch, you can immediately see that it is damaged during transportation. Your first reaction may be to reject the package.

In the end, it may cost you more, making you face the return freight or the storage cost obtained when holding the product during the claim processing. If you do not accept the package, you will not be able to correctly record the damage to the claim.

2. Record the damage

After receiving the damaged goods, the damaged packages and products need to be recorded and photographed in detail immediately; This is helpful to determine whether the packaging is improperly packed by the Seller or improperly handled and damaged during transportation. By recording the damaged goods, you can provide the seller or retailer with evidence of damage to the goods.

3. Contact the Seller

Most retailers have a return policy on their websites, which includes a section on damaged or defective items. Even small e-commerce enterprises usually include this information in their websites or product lists.

What Should A Seller Do About A Damaged Product

5 Tips For Dealing With Damaged Items to Seller

After receiving the buyer’s notice that the product is damaged upon arrival, the seller can perform the following operations:

Initiate a full refund, provide a partial refund without return, and send replacement items without return, no matter whether the original is required to be returned or not, require the buyer to return, and then provide a full refund and return freight without negative feedback risk, potential sales platform dismissal risk and potential litigation risk depending on the cost of goods. Of course, they may be improperly packaged, but it may also be the carrier’s responsibility. For example, the driver may have stacked boxes improperly, items may have fallen off the conveyor belt during transportation, or poor warehousing or weather conditions may affect it. All of these are valid reasons for return.

The Return Policies For Damaged Items Of Different Companies

If the claim is legal and complies with the fair and published return policy, it is in the best interests of e-commerce retailers or sellers to compensate for the damaged goods. It helps to ensure that customers continue to come back and prevent them from issuing negative feedback, thus discouraging others from buying.

Another way to avoid retail returns is to work with reputable fulfillment centers, such as fulfillment laboratories. At TFL, we are proud of our continuous record of safe package arrival. The professionals in our performance center are very careful when packing your goods. We have many boxes of different styles and sizes, as well as various packaging materials, to ensure the safe custody of the goods. We will be responsible for the return and replacement process, and contact the transportation supplier when necessary.


How To Develop Your Dropship Return Policy For Damaged Items?

We can use AliExpress to handle long-term drop shipments in seven ways

The first name that comes to mind is AliExpress. The Chinese online retail giant is composed of thousands of suppliers providing products to international buyers. When sellers plan to use AliExpress to ship goods, the most important question they think of is “How to handle the long delivery time when using AliExpress to ship goods?” Delayed delivery not only frustrates the buyer but also becomes an obstacle to the seller. After all, they also face delayed payments and checkout issues.

AliExpress Shipping Method

1. Standard distribution is one of the most cost-effective AliExpress distribution methods.

2. Electronic data package: the transportation mode is reasonable and fast. Transportation costs depend on the type of product and the destination of the recipient. E-Packet delivery is sometimes free, and the seller can save some delivery costs and obtain additional profits.

3. FedEx: The shortest AliExpress delivery time can be expected.

4. SunYou Economic Air Mail: Another cost-effective and fast AliExpress delivery method is China Post.

Seven methods for handling long delivery time when using AliExpress drop shipment

1. Always mention the delivery time

2. Provide perfect customer service

3. Shipping from the country you are selling

4. Selling unique products

5. Check the processing time of the AliExpress supplier

6. Select the electronic package delivery method

7. Reply to the customer’s email as soon as possible

 Dropship Return Policy For Damaged Items


As mentioned above, if they get anything at a price lower than the expected market price, even if it is slightly longer than the average delivery time, they will be happy to wait. Therefore, another skill to avoid conflicts and satisfy customers is to choose drop shipment products with reasonable prices. The concept of direct shipment is centered on providing first-rate products that buyers can buy from anywhere in the world.

For the boss of the drop shop, the biggest challenge is to avoid conflicts caused by delayed delivery. Many customers raise disputes because they did not receive the ordered products within the expected time. To avoid conflicts, be sure to include a disclaimer in each order confirmation email highlighting the time it takes to deliver the order to the customer. Long transit times are an obstacle, but you can avoid them by choosing fast, reliable, and affordable options.

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