How To Choose A Shipping Carrier On Amazon?

How To Choose A Shipping Carrier On Amazon

Opening a store on Amazon can effectively increase our order quantity and increase our income, but one factor to consider is express delivery. Choosing a suitable courier company can improve the timeliness of our orders, so choosing an excellent courier company is very beneficial to our store for us.

What Is A Shipping Carrier?

“Shipper Carrier” refers to the person who himself or entrusts another person to conclude a contract of carriage of goods by sea with the shipper in his own name.

In a freight contract, the carrier’s responsibility is generally to ensure that the transported goods are delivered to the destination on time and safely. Therefore, the carrier shall be responsible for the loss, shortage, pollution, damage, etc. of the goods during the transportation. Once this happens, compensation should be paid according to the actual loss. Such loss must occur within the carrier’s liability period. The carrier’s liability period is generally from when the goods are delivered by the shipper to the carrier until the goods are delivered by the carrier to the consignee.

How To Choose A Shipping Carrier On Amazon?

When we set up a store on Amazon, we can choose the right shipping carrier. So how do you choose the right shipping carrier?

  1. log in our Amazon account, find the page of Seller Center, and click Manage Orders under the Orders menu item.
How To Choose A Shipping Carrier On Amazon
  1. The second step is to confirm shipping for a specific order, click to enter the Confirm Shipping page, enter the date the order will be shipped, select the appropriate shipping carrier, and enter the shipping service and tracking ID
How To Choose A Shipping Carrier On Amazon
  1. The third step, after the above two steps are completed, click the Confirm Delivery button.
How To Choose A Shipping Carrier On Amazon

We can choose different shipping carriers according to the actual situation of the order. If you have not used it before, you should make a survey and understand before choosing. Of course, we can choose some reputable suppliers that cooperate with Amazon.

A Guide To Amazon Shipping Carriers


A Guide To Amazon Shipping Carriers
A United States Postal Service (USPS) worker unloads packages from his truck in Manhattan during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in New York City, New York, U.S., April 13, 2020. REUTERS/Mike Segar

USPS is cheaper for small items but requires packages to weigh less than 2 pounds. USPS mainly provides three different time-limited shipping services. Express mail takes 1-2 working days; Priority mail takes 2-3 working days and First Class mail takes 2-5 working days. There is an option to use USPS service if adequate shipping costs are available. But USPS can’t guarantee the delivery date of our package, so we have no way to predict the package’s arrival time. Also, the tracking service provided by USPS is inaccurate, so there is no way to predict the arrival of the item with the customer.

2. UPS

A Guide To Amazon Shipping Carriers

UPS is more expensive and usually takes 1-3 days to arrive. If the number of packages is large enough, you can negotiate with UPS to reduce the shipping fee, or you can use the out-of-the-box pricing service. From the point of view of security, UPS is relatively safe, and it can update the location of the package according to current events, which can ensure delivery on time.

3. FedEx

A Guide To Amazon Shipping Carriers

The price of FedEx is also relatively advantageous, and it can provide next-day delivery service. For products over 3 pounds, FedEx is cheaper than UPS and USPS. New users who sign up for FedEx can also get a 15% discount on shipping. FedEx service is also very reliable, able to provide logistics tracking service for current events.


Different Shipping Carriers on Amazon can provide different services. To set up a store on Amazon, we need to choose Shipping Carriers that suit us. So how to choose a suitable Shipping Carrier, we can contact Honest Fulphilment to obtain professional services, and Honest Fulphilment also provides comparison details to help you choose better Shipping Carriers.

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