Agent for China Import

Agent for China Import

China is the largest marketplace in the world right now. You can source any products from China at a very reasonable price. But if you are running your business from another country and do not know about the local Chinese market or the Chinese language. These agents cater to the needs of your business in China and provide quality services for you, such as product sourcing, factory audits, verification, etc.

What Is China Import Agent?

A good agent is committed to helping their overseas partners succeed in their business; China import agents know very well from where to get products at a low price. They can also work out to provide discounts, and this can save the money of clients. Just like us, whatever your business requires, we can provide a fulfilment solution that is tailored to your situation and requirements.

China import agents are specialized professionals who import and provide the materials in bulk to clients all over the world. They will help you in finding and evaluating the products, quality checking. Then from storage to shipping, they will be responsible.

What Does a China Import Company Do?

The trading companies do not produce the goods. Instead, an import company finds the foreign traders. It connects them with a domestic company so that they can sell/purchase the products.

The import company collects the deals with trading companies, hires distributors, creates marketing materials, arranges shipping services, and saves shipping costs. They can offer you a variety of products and assure products of good quality. Also, they can provide you an easy way to all the factories, which are challenging to find as you cannot see all the companies on Alibaba.

The import-export companies offer you their expertise to make all the dealings according to rules and regulations. They have networks to identify the producers and suppliers. In this way, they make a pool of domestic and international traders, which can help you in promoting your business.

Why Need Import Agents in China?

An agent in China works in the interest of his international clients. His main goal is to help you reduce the risks and costs of buying in China.

Control risks

Risks can appear at any time of the purchase in China: at the selection of a Chinese partner, before paying, during production and before shipping.

An agent in China must be able to support you at each stage by offering services of research and selection of Chinese suppliers, verification of the purchase conditions, accurate follow-up of the production and inspections of the goods (before, during and after the production).

These services proposed by the agent in China are essential to ensure you a serenity throughout the order and the quality of the goods at reception.

Control costs

Ordering from China also means limiting the costs associated with the purchase. The most common motive for buyers is to buy cheaper for the same quality.

The duty of an agent in China is also to protect buyers from indirect costs related to inappropriate purchasing habits in China. Any error or oversight in purchasing in China can be reflected heavily in the total costs of importing or distributing products (substandard products, quality problems, poor finish, poor materials, high customer returns, etc.).

What Benefits a Good Import Agent Can Bring to You?

Benefits for Cooperation

Many businesses hesitate from using sourcing agents for fear of unprofessionalism and unethical behavior. However, when you use the right sourcing agent, the benefits far outweigh the risks. Here are a few benefits of using a sourcing agent:

Time saver
With a reliable sourcing agent, you save a lot of time as you do not need to scour through pages of suppliers trying to find the right one. You also save a considerable amount of time that you would have otherwise spent on vetting the suppliers and undergoing long negotiations. Your sourcing agent will handle all of this to save you valuable time.

A communication link between you and your supplier
When selecting a supplier, you will need to provide a briefing of the product that you need. Your sourcing agent can help you put down the exact details, taking into consideration there is a language barrier between you and the supplier.

Help with negotiations
Negotiations become easier when you have a sourcing agent since they speak the local language. They are aware of Chinese culture and customs. Hence, negotiations with sourcing agents are quicker and more efficient.

Verify credentials of your manufacturers
It is a good idea to check the credentials of your manufacturer before you start doing business with them. Be forewarned that when you ask for them, all of their credentials and licenses are bound to be in Mandarin. If you need to verify them, you will first need to pay a professional translator to translate these documents.

A large network of connections
More than their services, you pay a sourcing agent for their experience and a large network of connections. Since they have worked with multiple suppliers, they know exactly which one is right for you.

How to Find Reliable Chinese Import Agents?

There are many kinds of things to consider when you want to choose a dependable sourcing agent in China. Below is our list of eight precautions for you:

Location of the sourcing agent;
Experience of the China sourcing agent;
Check for references;
Get the required documentation;
Check how they deal with quality issues;
Have the necessary license;
Check the language proficiency;
Expertise on the product that you want to buy.


If you are thinking about sourcing products from China, finding the right China sourcing agent is a crucial step. Getting great quality products, at the right price and on time, can help your business grow by leaps and bounds. Take time to choose the right sourcing agent. The future of your business depends on it.