5 Best Selling Items People Buy In Cold Winter 2022

5 Best Selling Items People Buy In Cold Winter 2022

According to Google search, the keyword search rate of “theme” and other related heating materials has gradually increased since August 2022, with a peak of 100. It can be seen that heating products with low power consumption and high-cost performance will become overseas consumption in 2022, the best choice for the user. This article will introduce the best thermal insulation products for you to dropship in your store this year, which can be used as the direction of choice for novice sellers.

Business Opportunities for Thermal Products

Business Opportunities for Thermal Products

1. Cold weather

In September, the weather in Europe became colder and the demand for heating equipment increased greatly.

According to data from AliExpress, the sales of heating appliances in the European market increased by nearly 300% from the previous month. Dutch, French, German, and Polish consumers are most dependent on Chinese-made heaters, foot warmers, and electric scarves.

2. Increase in natural gas price

Throughout the world, energy prices are gradually rising, and more and more people are also looking for “alternatives” to natural gas. Since September, Russia has suspended operations on Nord Stream 1,  the largest natural gas pipeline in Europe, and it is impossible to predict when it will resume. The growing energy crisis has made European countries, which mainly use natural gas for heating, face a “worse” winter.

Business Opportunities for Thermal Products

Best Thermal Products Dropshipping in your Store

1. Hot water bottle rubber

Best Thermal Products Dropshipping in your Store

In the UK, “unplugged” thermal insulation products are popular. Using relatively cheap non-plug-in products to keep warm means saving heating costs and energy expenditure. Therefore, hand warmers are very popular in foreign countries. It is small in size, low in cost, and small in competitiveness. It is suitable for European, American, Japanese, and Korean markets. This product is very good for novice sellers.

2. Heat Gloves 

Best Thermal Products Dropshipping in your Store

The small equipment for warming hands and feet also sells well. For example, the heating gloves I found for you next are very suitable for you cross-border sellers. The cost is not high, but the price can reach about 80-100 euros. Moreover, the hot selling season of this model is from November to January of the next year, which is far from the best-selling time. You still have time to keep up.

3. Heating pad

Best Thermal Products Dropshipping in your Store

The market for this product is still very large. Compared with very large heating equipment, easy to carry is its biggest selling point, and it also saves electricity. However, because this product needs to be plugged in, I suggest that you must choose qualified products for sale, otherwise the after-sales service will be very troublesome. If you are worried about this, I suggest you find a reliable shipper. Honest Fulphilment is a good choice. Our company provides warehousing quality inspection services for products. We will help you buy the products you want to purchase, and then send them to our warehouse for quality inspection. After they are qualified, we will help you deliver them directly.

4. Thermal underwear set

Best Thermal Products Dropshipping in your Store
Best Thermal Products Dropshipping in your Store

Although this product is very competitive, it is also in great demand. We can make warm clothes for adults, the elderly, children, and pets. “We started selling in October, but we have received many orders this month.” The sales manager of a manufacturer of electric thermal underwear said that orders from cross-border customers came earlier this year. In September of previous years, the warehouse shipped only a few hundred pieces a day, but this year 5000 to 8000 sets a day. So you can seize the market by taking steps earlier. Are you still hesitating?

5. Electric blanket

Best Thermal Products Dropshipping in your Store

Electric blankets are favored by overseas customers because of their small size, wide heating area, and easy portability. Why am I recommending that you dropship this product?

  • First, the data shows that in recent years, the export volume of domestic electric blankets has shown an overall growth trend, and the demand is very large. For example, this year, electric blankets have attracted widespread attention from German consumers because of their low power and energy saving. The usage scenarios are very wide, whether it is sleeping, resting on the sofa, or keeping warm in the office.
  • Second, the profit is very high. On the cross-border e-commerce platform AliExpress, the electric blanket was sold for 50 euros, almost 3 to 4 times the domestic price.

How can you Buy and Ship Thermal products?

Whether you are a novice seller or a veteran of drop shipping for many years, if you are interested in the above products and would like to dropship the above products in your store, I suggest you contact us – Honest FulPhilment, a truly all-in-one platform & dropshipping center.

How can buy and ship Thermal products

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Our company has a professional purchasing department, which can purchase the most satisfactory products from anywhere in China. We also have free warehouses to help you store products. Our company has cooperated with many international logistics companies for many years and can provide transportation services directly to your customers and businesses. Our tracking software integrates with your e-commerce platform to stay informed about orders and their fulfillment.

How can buy and ship Thermal products


It’s clear that this winter, thermal products are an unmissable opportunity for every dropshipping seller. Even in the next few months, thermal products will be the main focus of consumers in various European countries, and they will also prefer more cost-effective products. So your store is still empty? Contact us if you want to know more, we are waiting for you.


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