5 Best Pajamas To Sell In Your Store

5 Best Pajamas To Sell In Your Store

Pajamas are rapidly becoming a fashion product. According to the data, the market size of the global pajamas will be US $11.2 billion in 2021. It is expected to reach a compound annual growth rate of 8.65% from 2022 to 2027, and reach US $18.5 billion by 2027. Do you also want to join this booming market? Do you also want to create your own pajama clothing store online? These can be achieved. On the Google trend, we found that the search volume of pajama-related words increased sharply in October this year and reached a peak at the end of this year.

5 Best Pajamas To Sell In Your Store

There are a lot of opportunities and challenges in the pajama market. This article will introduce the most popular pajama styles in 2022 and how to open an online pajama direct sales business.

5 Best Pajamas to Sell in your Store

After investigation, we found that the main factors driving the pajama market are style and fashion. At the same time, comfort and novelty are equally important. Therefore, we pay more attention to the fashionable design and fabric of pajamas when selecting products. The following are some of the most popular pajamas in 2022 that we have searched on major shopping software.

1. Silk pajamas for women

5 Best Pajamas to Sell in your Store

Nothing is more attractive than silk pajamas. It should be the most comfortable pajama in summer. This will make you feel cool in the hot summer, so you can have better sleep. This two-piece pajama looks more luxurious and charming. Suitable scene: summer. The cost price of this pajama is $5-10 on QuickConnect, and the average price on Amazon is $22-28.

5 Best Pajamas to Sell in your Store

In the Google trend, we can see that the word that sellers and consumers have a high degree of consensus on pajamas is silk, and the related popularity soared to the highest around August this year.

We recommend that you sell this product together with other sleeping aids because women really love something to improve their sleep quality, such as eye masks, sleep facial masks, etc. You can market activities to buy pajamas and eye masks. Or you can invite some bloggers to put on your pajamas to help you achieve the marketing effect.

2. Men’s coral wool nightgown

5 Best Pajamas to Sell in your Store

In quick sales, the sales of nightgowns are the highest among men’s pajamas. It is made of soft coral velvet, which is warm and comfortable. It’s perfect for bathing at home or relaxing in winter. Its unique design is also reflected in the belt and pocket. This is simply stylish and comfortable.

We can see that the cost price of AliExpress is only about $6, but on Amazon, it sells for $20-40. We suggest that you can market this model as a pair of men and women, which will help to sell more.

3. Christmas holiday pajama Set

5 Best Pajamas to Sell in your Store

This is the best seller in Amazon’s pajama set. It contains various holiday-themed patterns. The best-selling one is the Christmas pattern element. In the coming Christmas, we think this model is likely to become a blockbuster. It is made of cotton, soft and comfortable, and very fashionable. The most important thing is that it fits children well. Because loose clothes are easier to catch fire, this one is safer for children.

It sells for about $8-30 on Amazon. We suggest you sell this model as a family suit so that you can order two or three pieces at a time. American families love all kinds of party clothes. Family-themed pajamas like these are indispensable to everyone. This is a big demand market. You must sell it in your shop.

4. Pajamas for kids

5 Best Pajamas to Sell in your Store

Children’s pajamas with zipper closures are the most popular on Amazon. All kinds of cartoon patterns are loved by parents, and children will find them interesting. But the highlight of this pajama is the zipper from the top to the ankle, which will make the child feel warmer. Pajamas should be flame retardant or close fitting. This one fits this point.

The price of this pajama on Amazon is $20-30. Its cost is only 8-15 dollars. You have a good profit.

5. Plaid pajama pants

Searching for pajamas on Amazon, we found many pairs of these pajama pants that are considered top sellers. Americans love loose, checked clothes, and these pajama pants fit the bill. These comfy pajama bottoms are perfect for lazy weekend wear at home. At the same time, the plaid style is more classic and fashionable. This should be the latest style and the most cost-effective one in pajamas.
If you pay more attention to the details of pajamas, then you must not miss this one.

It sells for $12-15 on Amazon. Its cost is generally controlled at around 5-6 US dollars. Its audience is generally casual people.

How to Create your Own Pajama Line

How to Create your Own Pajama Line

1. Know your target market

There are many categories of pajamas, which can be subdivided into countless markets from patterns, colors, materials, and age groups, which means you have more products to choose from. So how do you choose the most suitable pajamas for your customers from many products?

First of all, you should analyze your customer types to understand their preferences, such as those who like sports and animation. They choose pajamas that are comfortable and good-looking. When you understand your consumers’ preferences, it means you have the initiative to attract them. This requires the seller to find a certain number of people and make targeted models so that you can get a better conversion.

2. Create your brand

That is to say, the marketing of your pajamas makes people feel different. Everyone has their own favorite clothing brand, so it must be because the design and concept of this brand have been loved by consumers. HF is a company that can take advantage of other services to make the most of your brand. We can store your goods in our warehouse, take professional photos and videos, and automatically process your full set of orders through our platform.

After analyzing your customer type, you can more closely market your brand concept. It is better to have empathy with consumers, which will encourage them to consume impulsively.

3. Choose the most suitable pajamas for your clients

From so many kinds of pajamas, choose the pajamas that are most suitable for your shop and your consumers.

4. Find the right platform for you

If your products and marketing are ready, then you have to choose where to sell your pajamas. It can be sold on several large shopping platforms, such as Amazon, AliExpress, Alibaba, etc. But it has to meet one requirement – suitable for you. We think that dropship pajamas online would be a good start. You can create your own online store on Shopify.

5. Product Marketing

If you are a clothing store, we recommend you add the category of pajamas. You can develop in the new fashion direction of “pajamas can be worn out”, and better combine your clothes and pajamas.

However, if you are a shop that only makes pajamas, we suggest you consider products for people in a larger direction. You should know that your related products should be related to good sleep, so you can sell pajamas together with those products that can promote people’s high-quality sleep.


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