2022 Inbound Logistics Top 20 3PL

What is 3PL?


Third-party logistics (3PL), also known as outsourced logistics or contract logistics, refers to an enterprise with substantial assets that provides other companies with logistics-related services, such as transportation, warehousing, inventory management, order management, information integration and added value, or cooperates with relevant logistics service providers. Professional logistics company to provide more complete services.

2022 Top 20 3PL Providers – Inbound Logistics

2022 top 20 3PL providers are as follows:

  1. A.N.Deringer,Inc.
  2. AFS Logistics
  3. AIT Worldwide Logistics
  4. Alliances Shippers Inc
  5. Americold
  6. Approved Freight Forwarders
  7. Ascent Global Logistics
  8. Atlanta Bonded Warehouse
  9. Bender Group
  10. Blue Grace Logistics
  11. Bollore Logistics
  12. C.H. Robinson
  13. Capacity LLC
  14. Capstone Logistics
  15. CJ Logistics America
  16. CLX Logistics
  17. Corporate Traffic Logistics
  18. Coyote Logistics
  19. CT Logistics
  20. CTSI-Global

Best 3PL Companies For Ecommerce Business

In the field of e-commerce, there are many good third-party logistics companies. In the following content, I will recommend some relatively good third-party logistics companies to you, please continue to look below.

Why Does Ecommerce Business need 3PL?

commerce business has promoted the logistics industry to an unprecedented height and provided unprecedented opportunities for its development. The efficient operation efficiency of e-commerce needs the efficient logistics operation to be matched with it. The third party logistics has become the first choice to meet the needs of e-commerce distribution.

Under the environment of e-commerce, the advantages of developing third-party logistics are reflected in:

  1. It can give full play to the advantages of specialized division of labor and scale operation, and reduce the operating cost of logistics enterprises.
  2. It can better adapt to the needs of the development of e-commerce.
  3. The integration of logistics resources through third-party logistics can realize the sharing of logistics information and resources, which can more effectively allocate social resources.
  4. The systematic deployment of third-party logistics enterprises is conducive to the improvement of urban traffic conditions.

Top 3 3PL Companies

Top 3 3PL Companies
  1. ShipBob
    ShipBob is a technology-oriented fulfillment and logistics solution for growing e-commerce companies. Among its services :ShipBob provides sellers with last-mile logistics solutions. Chinese sellers can ship their products to ShipBob’s warehouses across the United States, and ShipBob promises delivery within two days, depending on how close the warehouse is to the customer. Merchants can also keep tabs on their inventory changes and how quickly their orders are being shipped through the tools ShipBob provides.
  2. WhiteBox
    WhiteBox is a U.S. -based e-commerce platform operator that uses e-commerce marketplace and fulfillment technology to support users’ omnichane data, connect to every relevant market and platform, and partner with fulfillment networks to drive brand growth.
  3. Honest Fulphilment
    Honest Fulphilment is a popular and good platform,its services are comprehensive.On this platform, you can make the most amazing packages in time without spending a lot of money. Also store your goods in a warehouse, take professional photos and videos, automate your full order through this platform, or simply ship your packages in bulk to destinations around the world of your choice. And there are international 3PL locations.

The Importance of Freight Forwarders In Ecommerce Business

International freight forwarders are familiar with international trade links, proficient in all kinds of transport business, familiar with relevant laws and regulations, extensive business relations, accurate and timely information sources, and various carriers, warehousing operators, insurers, ports, airports, stations, yards, banks and other related enterprises. Customs, commodity inspection, health inspection, plant inspection, import and export control and other relevant government departments have close business relations, not only for the import and export of goods, consignor, or for the carrier and port, airport, station, warehouse operators have an important bridge and link. It can not only promote the development of international trade and transportation, but also create a source of foreign exchange for the country, which plays an important role in promoting the development of the national economy and the globalization of the world economy.

What Capabilities Do The Freight Forwarders Have?

There are more and more freight forwarders, so what kind of ability should they have? First of all, they should have professional knowledge of international trade, logistics, transportation, etc., be familiar with various modes of transportation and transportation terms in international trade, and be familiar with the business prices and business processes of freight forwarders. Second,they should have good business negotiation and communication skills. Third, they should have the ability to deal with various problems in the process of freight timely and properly. Fourth, with the spirit of unity and cooperation,they can work together with other personnel to complete the business. Finally,they should work seriously and have a sense of responsibility.

Top 5 Logistics Companies In U.S.A.

  1. UPS
  2. FedEx
  3. DHL
  4. Union Pacific Railroad
  5. McLane Company

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