Why is Ecommerce Integration Service Important for Stores?

What Is Ecommerce Integration?

E-commerce is the abbreviation of Internet commerce, which means buying and selling products and services through electronic systems. It can also be said bluntly that Completing transactions on the Internet refers not only to these two aspects of selling products and services online, but all the processes in between.
E-commerce integration is to seamlessly connect the back-end ERP (inventory and accounting) system or customer relationship (CRM) system with your company’s front-end online store (such as your store on shopify) to achieve two-way data flow between different systems, Automate your business. Streamline your business processes and improve operational management efficiency with e-commerce integration solutions.

ecommerce integration platform

Why Is E-commerce Integration Services Important?

E-commerce integrations bring all your disparate applications, tools and services together.

Integration is the “glue” that integrates basic business systems, interacting marketing tools, inventory, packaging, and logistics and transportation, etc., and teams like Hoest Fulfilment can use their systems in a simple, direct and seamless manner. way to do it.

Better manage your inventory:

Automating inventory management will save you a lot of time and the cost of hiring people while avoiding errors that may occur with manual operations. Just like the inventory management provided by Honest, the background will dynamically monitor your inventory level, and the system will push replenishment reminders for products below the inventory alarm line.

Automated order tracking:

Automatically send order notifications to your customers, and dynamically track the location of product shipments, and you can check the order status at any time. This also includes return and exchange services. Honest will also provide a more accurate expected delivery time of the goods. To learn more about automated orders, click here.

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Save time:

E-commerce integration simplifies operations for merchants, saving time in processing business. This is achieved by automating business, such as sending notifications to customers.
E-commerce integration can speed up the frequency and timing of data exchange between associated systems.
It also regularly updates the entire system without delay, and continuously updates data such as inventory, order details, product details, and more. Businesses also don’t have to sift through large amounts of duplicate data, which saves time allowing them to fully focus on more important business issues.

Expand and maintain new and old customers:

By using integrations to expand more channels, maintain existing customer stickiness and create more new customers. Use the new tool to seamlessly push marketing copy such as new product availability reminders, promotions, and coupon benefits to customers via email, text message, or direct mail. Continuously maintain customer familiarity and user viscosity with our products.

Best data integration software

What are the Best eCommerce Platforms for Integration in 2022?


Webgility is a powerful and easy-to-use software more used to automate online business accounting. Data is automatically and securely synced across all your sales channels.

1.Accounting is automated
Whether it’s your income, transactions, sales tax, sales tax returns and expenses are automatically recorded in your accounting platform, so you don’t need to do any manual data entry, which reduces data entry errors.
Pricing and inventory are automatically updated in your sales pipeline and accounting software to avoid oversold situations.

2.Provide automated business processes
Purchasing, fulfillment, returns, refunds, and other workflows can be enabled to improve operational efficiency.

eCommerce Platforms for Integration
Best eCommerce Platforms for Integration


Ortto is a simple visual marketing software for automating customer journeys. The platform can acquire, nurture and develop leads with personalized emails, message alerts, SMS and postcards.14-day free trial available.

 E-commerce Integration Services
 E-commerce Integration Services


Honest is a platform that will provide a relatively complete e-commerce integration, which can help you from product selection to supplier selection and procurement, dynamically manage your inventory, provide global warehousing services, personalized packaging, customization of thank you cards, shipping and Logistics, even for after-sale returns and exchanges, are included in a complete set of services, all for you free of charge.

According to your sales situation, the demand for a certain product in different places is scientifically replenished, and it is also automatically matched to the nearest warehouse and direct delivery customer when it is shipped. This process is all automated.


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