What Is Supply Chain Fulfillment?

In this article, you can know something about the meaning and the process of supply chain fulfillment. You can know more about supply chain management. And I also recommend ways to improve order fulfillment in supply chain management.

What Is Supply Chain Fulfillment?

The supply chain is around the core enterprise, through to the information flow, logistics, and capital flow control, starting from the procurement of raw materials, made of intermediate products and final products, and finally by the sales network products to consumers’ hands will suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, until the end user together as a whole function nets chain structure.

Chain Fulfillment

What Is The Process Of Supply Chain Fulfillment?

  1. Planning: engaged in the pre-planning process of various supply chain activities.
  2. Procurement: Procurement activities to meet business objectives are based on the dismantling and implementation of procurement plans.
  3. 3PL service: In our company-Honest Fulphilment, we provide good 3PL service to you.3PL is the outsourcing of supply chain operations and logistics to get a company’s products to customers. Logistics solutions provided by 3PL include reception, storage, packaging, and transportation services. We have our own warehouses around the world, we can deliver the goods from the nearest warehouse according to the location you provide, and guarantee the timeliness of your logistics.
  4. Production and manufacturing: the production activities engaged to meet customers’ contract performance can be divided into commodity production and order production.
  5. Delivery: the upstream supplier of the supply chain delivers the product to the downstream customer.
  6. Return/recovery: the reverse process of returning the product from the downstream customer to the upstream supplier, such as return and refund, C2B recovery.

What Is Supply Chain Management?

The business philosophy of supply chain management is to seek the overall optimization of the supply chain through the cooperation between enterprises from the perspective of consumers. Successful supply chain management can coordinate and integrate all the activities in the supply chain, and eventually become a seamless integration process.

Supply chain management is the use of a series of efficient methods to integrate suppliers, manufacturers, carriers, and distributors so that products can be produced in the right quantities and delivered to the right place at the right time, with the goal of minimizing overall system costs at a satisfactory level of service to customers.

Chain Fulfillment

Key Features Of Effective Supply Chain Management

  1. The management idea of “horizontal integration”.
  2. Non-core businesses are outsourced to business partners to form strategic alliances with business partners.
  3. There is cooperative competition among supply chain enterprises.
  4. Customer satisfaction is the goal of service-oriented management.
  5. Supply chains pursue the integration of logistics, information flow, capital flow, workflow, and organizational flow.
  6. With the help of information technology to achieve management objectives.
  7. Pay more attention to the participation of logistics enterprises.

How To Improve Order Fulfillment In Supply Chain Management?

The ways to improve order fulfillment in supply chain management are as follows:


Supply Chain Management

Order Management system (OMS) is a part of the logistics management system. By managing and tracking orders from customers, OMS dynamically grasps the progress and completion of orders, improves operational efficiency in the logistics process, saves operation time and cost, and improves the market competitiveness of logistics enterprises.

The main function of the order management system is to provide users with integrated one-stop supply chain services through unified orders. Order management and order tracking management can provide users with logistics services to meet the whole process. The order management system is an indispensable part of the logistics management chain, through the order management and distribution, warehouse management, and transportation management organic union, stable effective logistics management in each link, gives full play to the role, the warehousing, transportation, order as an organic whole, meet the needs of logistics information system.


The warehouse management system is through the warehousing business, outbound business, warehouses, allocating and virtual warehouse inventory management, and other functions, comprehensive, material corresponding, stock batch management, quality management, virtual warehouse management, and just-in-time inventory management functions such as the integrated use of management system, effective control and follow up warehouse logistics and whole process cost management of the business, to achieve perfect enterprise storage and information management. The system can independently execute inventory operations, and other systems of documents and vouchers combined with use can provide a more complete and comprehensive business process and financial management information.


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