Order Fulfillment Software

What is Order Fulfillment Software?

First of all, you need to briefly understand what is order fulfillment. It is the process of receiving goods, processing orders, and delivering orders to customers. The process begins when a customer places an order and ends when they receive it. However, if a buyer wants to return an item, Order Fulfillment also manages the return transaction.

Then order fulfillment software can help you automate the order process. Includes performing inventory management, generating pick lists, picking, packing, shipping, and tracking processes. The purpose of order fulfillment software is to increase efficiency and automate the fulfillment process.

How does Order Fulfillment Software Work?

Fulfillment software can include any or all of the following:

Inventory control
Overall order processing
Omni-channel management
Warehouse management systems
Supply chain optimization or management software

Evaluating Order Fulfillment Software

Before choosing the best order fulfillment software, you should have a set of criteria for your own evaluation to determine what software system you are looking for. So consider the following when selecting an order fulfillment software vendor:

Do you need time-based billing?
Are price quotes a major part of your ordering/fulfillment needs?
Do you mass-produce products in anticipation of future demand?
Are price quotes a major part of your order/fulfillment needs?

How to Choose a Fulfillment Software?

To start choosing the best order fulfillment software for your business, you first need to define how your business relates to your products and orders. The goal is to make it easier for potential vendors to let you know if their solutions can work for you.

Next, you need to see which of your orders you want to be managed with the software. If you decide to outsource everything, you should look for a fulfillment tool that can do that.

After this, you need to see if your existing software works with preferred vendors.

Finally, you also need to see if the software can support your partners and the platforms they use and if the reports the software produces are good for you.

Order Fulfillment Software for Ecommerce

There are some common requirements for eCommerce fulfillment software:

Integrate with eCommerce platformsWhen choosing an eCommerce fulfillment software; you need to be sure that it integrates with popular eCommerce platforms. This will help you centralize all your orders and quickly update your prices across the board.
Automatically import new ordersInstead of importing each new order to a different marketplace, look for a solution that will allow you to automate the process. It will both save loads of time and ensure nothing gets missed.  
View and manage inventoryManaging your inventory from the fulfillment software is a great way to improve your manufacturing processes, reduce wasted stock, and potentially sell more.
Verify and process returnsUsually, customers returning an item are not satisfied with the experience. Having a way to verify and process returns right inside your fulfillment software helps you keep the same levels of satisfaction without further ruing them.

Top 9 Order Fulfillment Software Providers

Order Fulfillment Software Provider


Affordable and high-quality supply chain and order fulfillment software. Easy to use and intuitive.

Biz Automation

Comprehensive ERP solution with a wide array of features, including order, inventory, and shipping management tools.

Zoho Inventory

Very functional and affordable inventory and order management software with multiple shipping integrations. Easy to use.


POS platform with advanced shipping, advanced warehouse management, and accounting tools. Has good reporting tools.


Easy and efficient order and inventory management solution. Offers advanced features and multiple integrations.

Fishbowl Inventory

Business automation and inventory management software with a comprehensive set of core features and great integration capabilities.


Comprehensive ERP system. Offers order, inventory, warehouse, and fulfillment management solutions.


Scalable order fulfillment software is easily integrated with a wide range of e-commerce solutions.


Offers automated shipping management and order fulfillment solutions, as well as CRM, POS, and workflow automation tools.

Order Fulfillment Software FAQ

What are the six steps in the order fulfillment process?

How do you automate order fulfillment?

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