How To Get Product From Suppliers To Fulfillment On FBA?

Are you considering selling your products on Amazon? If so, you will need to find suppliers to source these products and send them directly to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. If you are new to product sourcing, it may seem like a challenging task. But, with proper preparation, you can easily accomplish it!

What Is Amazon FBA?

FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) is a service offered by Amazon that provides sellers with storage, packaging, and shipping assistance. When selling products on Amazon, sellers have three options when it comes to ordering fulfillment. They can choose to pack and ship their products themselves (Fulfillment-by-Merchant and Seller Fulfilled Prime), or they can choose to use FBA to outsource storage, packaging, and shipping to Amazon.

What Are The Benefits Of Fulfillment On FBA?

There are many benefits to having Amazon help you fulfill your order

Low shipping costs

Shipping costs are lower for items fulfilled by Amazon because Amazon works with many large shipping companies, and you don’t need to pay for shipping supplies or hire someone to pack things up. Best of all, you don’t have to pay anything extra for the two-day shipping service Amazon offers to Prime members. And, if you’re interested in shipping to international customers, Amazon offers an export program that handles customs regulations and shipping practices for you.

Large storage space

Another advantage of FBA is that you don’t have to rent a warehouse, Amazon provides inventory services for you, and although there is a charge for this service, it is far less than the cost of renting a warehouse and hiring employees.

Attentive customer service

Customers can communicate directly with Amazon’s customer service, which not only saves you time but gives customers more options. Amazon offers 24/7 service via email, chat, and phone, which means your customers can get help whenever they need it.

Returns and Refunds Management

The Amazon team can help you with everything, and while there is a fee for this service, it’s also less expensive than if you hired a dedicated customer service.

How To Ship Your Product To Fulfillment On FBA?

Step 1: Select the inventory to be sent to the fulfillment center

There are two replenishment options to choose from
Option A: Select all products to be restocked
Option B: Select specific products and quantities.
You will also need to select your Amazon FBA shipping address and destination.

Step 2: Confirm Shipping

Select the shipping method and confirm your shipping address and contact information.

Step 3: Print the box label

After confirming your shipping information, you need to print labels on the boxes. Amazon offers two types of labels.
Option A: Use a carrier that works with Amazon
Option B: Use your own carrier
If you use a carrier that Amazon works with, you will need to print the label through the Amazon Shipping Services web page. If you choose to use your own carrier, you will need to print the label from the carrier’s website.

Step 4: Confirm carrier and pallet information

If you are shipping your inventory on pallets, you will need to confirm your carrier and pallet information in step 4.

Step 5: Print the pallet label

As a final step, you will need to print your pallet labels. Amazon offers two types of printed labels.
Option A: Use a carrier that works with Amazon
Option B: Use your own partner carrier
If you choose to use an Amazon partner carrier, you will need to print your labels through the Amazon Shipping Services webpage. If you choose to use your own carrier, you can print your label from the carrier’s website.
After you have completed all the steps, your shipment will be on its way to an Amazon fulfillment center. Once it arrives, the Amazon FBA team will take over and handle the rest.

5 Reliable Suppliers To Grow Your Store In 2022 You Should Know

NO.1: Alibaba

NO.1: Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the largest wholesale suppliers in the world and is a great resource for Amazon sellers.
First of all, one of the biggest advantages of using Alibaba is that there is a wide range of product categories and you can find suppliers for all products.
Secondly, most of Alibaba’s suppliers are located outside the US and they tend to have very competitive prices, which can help you maximize your profit margins.
Finally, another benefit of using Alibaba is that they often participate in trade shows, which gives you the opportunity to meet potential suppliers face to face and learn more about their products.

NO.2: SaleHoo

NO.2: SaleHoo

SaleHoo has a directory of over 8,000 suppliers, and all the suppliers in the directory have been vetted by SaleHoo, so you can be confident that you are dealing with a reliable supplier. And they also offer a variety of pricing services.

NO.3: Doba

NO.3: Doba

Doba is one of the leading wholesale suppliers for Amazon sellers, and they also offer a wide variety of products for you to choose from and offer competitive prices and minimum order quantities. Best of all, on Doba, you can see how long each supplier takes to process products and the refund rate.

No. 4: Inventory Source

No. 4: Inventory Source

Inventory Source is one of the largest wholesale suppliers in the world with over 180,000 products and they work with over 1,700 suppliers. the benefit of Inventory Source’s paid plans is that you can use their software for drop ship automation. Best of all, they offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure you’re getting the quality products and service you expect.

No. 5: Honest Fulphilment

No. 5: Honest Fulphilment

Founded in 2019, Honest Fulphilment has thousands of products for you to choose from on the Honest Fulphilment app, and the suppliers of these products are carefully selected by our company’s sourcing department, so you can be sure that the suppliers you work with on this platform are very reliable. We also offer attentive customer service and can answer your questions at any time.


Now that you understand how to ship products from your supplier to the FBA fulfillment center, it is crucial to find a reliable supplier, Honest Fulphilment can provide you with attentive service, feel free to contact us!

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