How To Achieve E-commerce Order Tracking In 2022?

With the development of technology, online shopping is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. It is necessary to ensure that customers can be delivered on time, so order fulfillment tracking emerges as the times require.

How To Achieve E-commerce Order Tracking In 2022?

What Is E-commerce Order Tracking?

Order fulfillment tracking in e-Commerce is a service that the suppliers provide to the customers so that they can monitor their orders when orders are being delivered and shipped. It includes tracking numbers, projected delivery dates, and shipping statuses. Customers can know about this information to receive their goods on time.

What Is The Meaning Of Order Tracking?

Increase The Customer Satisfaction Degree

Increase the customer satisfaction degree

Customers know about order information and receive their goods on time. They will have a good impression of the supplier, maybe, they will choose to cooperate with the supplier again, increasing the possibility of a repurchase rate.

ImproveThe Enterprise’s Efficiency

Improve the enterprise’s efficiency

Using an order tracking system helps save you money and time because you1are do not need to answer the questions that customers raised about the orders statutes in person.

Reduce Unnecessary Mistakes

Reduce unnecessary mistakes

The main problem facing the companies is having a complicated order system, it may cause a lot of information mistakes, such as putting the wrong inventory, delays in shipment, and product loss. But by doing order tracking, Integrating, and analyzing data .it is easy to avoid these mistakes and correct them in time.

How To Achieve E-commerce Order Shipping Tracking?

Know Orders Tracking Process

How to Achieve E-commerce order shipping tracking?

Order Received

Customer places an order from your eCommerce store. order is sent to the supplier you are integrated with.


The supplier begins the manufacturing and packing process.


The supplier sends the customer’s order to the right address.


The order package arrived at the final destination on time.


The delivery person marks the order status as completed.

Choose An Order Tracking System

Choose an Order tracking system

As we know, the platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify have their own tracking systems o provide order information for customers. But they have different quality and various costs. So it is hard to choose one of them. But at the same time, some suppliers offer free order tracking services, for example, Honest Fulphilment, they also offer E-commerce order tracking services for free.

Check The Order Tracking Page

The Order Tracking page tends to update the information of orders but sometimes the information may be delayed.

Top 3 Order Tracking Websites

WooCommerce Orders Tracking

WooCommerce orders tracking


If you use WooCommerce, your customer will obtain an order tracking page, instead of a separate carrier tracking link. It has more details and is more accurate.


If you are a seller on Woocommerce, you must download a plugin to Promise that your tracking page works properly. So you must pay 49 dollars annually.

Shipbob Orders Tracking

Shipbob orders tracking


Once an order is completed, a unique tracking number is uploaded to the order tracking page. This will make you can track the progress or you can choose to receive order update information in your email.


The carriers they cooperate with sent out millions of packages a day. Unfortunately, problems may occur sometimes causing a delay in updating the order tracking and at the same time, it seems difficult to contact the person in charge of the orders and get feedback information in time.

Honest Fulphilment Orders Tracking

Honest Fulphilment orders tracking


End-to-end Order Tracking For Free


At Honest fulfillment, they have a return service that orders can either be returned to their China-based warehouse or warehouses overseas. When certain orders can not be delivered successfully, they will inform customers in time. If customers require to send it again, they will confirm the address and send orders again.

Automatic Updates Of The Tracking Number


The Honest Fulfillment only uses trackable services unless the customers specifically request untracked. And only the orders were delivered, tracking numbers will be synced seamlessly.


This company is located in China, so the haulage needs to spend more time inevitably.


If you’re ready to achieve e-commerce order tracking in time, or consider other cooperation. Please Contact Us!


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