8 Necessary Items for Living in a Tiny House

We often encounter a variety of small worries in our daily homes, such as sewers and hair blocked, kitchen sink filters on the greasy residue every time you have to use your hands to clean off. This article recommends ten home goodies that can help you solve these problems you encounter, now take a look!

Toothbrush Holder

This toothbrush holder uses the vacuum principle for adsorption, with no glue, and no holes, more flexible and convenient to use, according to the wash demand reasonable partition, and can be divided into toothpaste, toothbrushes, razors, and other wash necessities, and simple design atmosphere, low-key color aristocratic, the overall presentation of senior texture.

Zipper Mesh Wash Bags

A cheap laundry bag can perfectly solve the problem of pilling sweaters, and shirts easily wrinkled and easy to break! Z-shaped staggered weave can reduce friction between clothes, so that the water flows into the fine, reducing the infiltration of cotton adherence, like a mother’s hands, gentle and comprehensive cleaning of each piece of clothing.

Double-Layer Drying Basket

This clothes-drying basket is made of high-class materials and can be used indoors or outdoors. This clothes basket has the advantages of simplicity and practicality and is a for you to store socks or clothes in an orderly or to dry clothing after laundry.

Food Storage Container

If there is any good thing that can flexibly match all kinds of kitchen ingredients, it must be the full range of sealed organizers. It uses a highly effective broad-spectrum organic antimicrobial agent that effectively destroys the cell walls of bacteria in contact with the product surface, controlling their activity and reproductive growth to achieve lasting antimicrobial efficacy.

Vacuum Packing Space Saver Bags

The vacuum bag is suitable for business trip luggage storage, greatly reducing the volume of clothes, improving space utilization, and is very practical. PET + PA composite film is thickened material, non-toxic and tasteless, with no formaldehyde, benzene, and other harmful substances, the front is transparent, a glance can see what is inside.

Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets

This washer machine cleaning tablet contains non-ionic active formula ingredients to remove dirt precisely, forming a “clean protective film” in the washing machine tank, reducing more than 90% of dirt reattachment.

X-type Squeeze Mop

This hands-free mop, opens a new self-cleaning mode, mentioning a push to complete the cleaning and wringing of the mop. Help you to be lazy, but never settle for less, eliminating the trouble of hand-washing mops dirty and tired, more enjoyable cleaning.

Sock Underwear Organizer Dividers

This kind of storage compartment is particularly convenient, a compartment a pair, looking up is also very convenient, especially thoughtful, polyester and cotton material texture is good, with a cover design, and dust privacy.


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