Wool Laundry Ball Clothes Dryer Washing Drying Ball Factory

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Wool Laundry Ball Clothes Dryer Washing Drying Ball Factory

PREMIUM WOOL – 100% New Zealand premium wool with no synthetic fillers, rolled into tight oversized balls, and felt for a natural, long-lasting product.
REUSABLE FABRIC SOFTENER – Replace chemically infused dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener with an eco-friendly natural alternative that lasts over a thousand dryer uses.
Speeds up drying time – As the Wool Laundry Ball spin in the dryer, they lift and wash separately, allowing hot air to circulate better and dry faster.
Save on Energy Costs – Reduces drying time by up to 25%, reducing equipment usage and electricity bills.
Reduces Static Cling – Toss them in the dryer and your clothes will dry faster, fluffier, softer, with less wrinkling and static cling.

  • Product Name: Wool Laundry Ball
  • Material: Wool
  • Size: 4cm-10cm
  • Number of uses: 1000+
  • Function: store moisture and deodorize, reduce static electricity, reduce drying time, absorb sundries

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