Astronaut Star Projection Lamp Astronaut Remote Control Toy Colorful Light Projector Supplier

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Bluetooth/Flag (MOQ Is 180), Flag/Plug-in, APP (Unavailable In China), Charging (MOQ Is 48), Plug-In (MOQ Is 6)


Astronaut Star Projection Lamp Astronaut Remote Control Toy Colorful Light Projector Supplier

The Astronaut Star Projection Lamp will create brightly colored, unpredictable nebulae and realistic dreams, high-definition starry galaxies and slightly twinkling stars, and combinations of colors to remind you that you’re under the stars. Most relaxing evening ever. It can be switched by remote control or button.
The head of the astronaut can be rotated 360° by magnetic force, projecting the nebula anywhere without restriction. Also, the astronaut’s arms can move, it can take all the poses you want, which is also a great decoration. A space that allows you to dream at night.
It has two control methods: button and remote. The button on the back can only turn on the light, switch between the nebula and starry sky mode, long press to turn off; the remote control can adjust the color, brightness and flashing frequency of the nebula and starry sky, you can also set a timer, it will turn off when the child is sleeping , Give you the most convenient operation experience.
Great gift for friends and family. It can also stimulate children’s curiosity, imagination and creativity.

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  • Product name: Astronaut Star Projection Lamp (White plug-in model)
  • Process: 3D printing
  • Product packaging size: 123*115*240mm
  • Material: ABS+PC+PVC+TPE
  • Individual gross weight: 603g
  • Outer packing size: 50.5*39*48.5cm
  • Input voltage: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.4A
  • Output voltage: 5V=1A Power: 5W
  • Product standard configuration: Astronaut Star Projection Lamp*1; Base*1; USB power cord*1; English manual*1;

Note: The product is magnetic!!!

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