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1:1 training and mentoring at its finest. Whether you’re a beginner or are experienced with dropshipping and e-commerce, Kamil and the team over at e-commerce mentoring have an unbelievable amount of knowledge in every aspect of eCommerce.

With coaches in many locations, and different time zones that are even able to speak multiple languages, it’s almost impossible for you not to be paired with the perfect mentor.


Hands down the most advanced, versatile, feature-rich tracking software out there. Simply nothing on the market currently available compares to it. But it’s not just tracking, this app has proven time and time again to increase revenue with its neat ability to create completely custom tracking pages with upsell and other useful conversion hacks. Use this to increase customer satisfaction, reduce complaints and customer enquiries, and increase revenue.

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Uptime Bots

Adam at Uptime Bots is a master of his craft. Creating bots on the Manychat platform as per Meta’s best practices ensures you won’t get any warnings, restrictions or bans. His knowledge when it comes to planning, building and implementing is staggering, there’s almost nothing he doesn’t know. So much so, that we enlisted him to build our Facebook bot. Shortlisted from 5+ other bot agencies, to this day, we knew we made the right choice. Seriously impressive stuff, not only due to Adam’s bot-building skills but his professional history of social media management, sales and marketing put him on another level.

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eCom Exchange

Do you have an exit plan yet? Curious about selling your eCommerce brand? Branden over at eCom Exchange is your man. With over 630M of total funding in their collective, you get better offers, a higher closing rate and quality service. If your brand meets the following requirements, it’s time to expore your options:

Trailing 12-month 500k SDE/EBITDA

3 years+ sales history

Branded, not dropshipping

No broker/intermediary

They also offer consulting on eCommerce M&A if you’d like an in-depth assessment of your brand.

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