What Is Order Management In The Supply Chain?

With the continuous development of the social economy, the level of science and technology is constantly improved, which promotes the renewal of enterprise operation and management.

What Is Order Management In The Supply Chain?

What Is Order Management?

Order management is the process of receiving, tracking, and fulfilling customer orders. The order management process starts with the order being placed and ends with the customer receiving the package.
When expanding a business, automation and simplification are very important, otherwise, it will be overwhelmed by the number of orders received.

What Is An Order Management System?

The order management system provides a one-stop service and can view all customer orders.

The system provides two-way synchronization to ensure that the order information is transmitted between the order management system and the e-commerce platform, so as to provide visibility to the process. Help automatically flow sales order information to every part of the retail supply chain.

Track the whole journey of a customer’s order, from the “buy” button to the delivery and even the return.

The order management system organizes and automates everything that needs to happen so that customers can get the ordered products on time and in good condition.

How Does An Order Management System Work?

Working principle of order management system:


Receiving customer orders is one of the basic functions of the order management system. The speed of receiving the customer order message determines the speed of fulfilling the message. The company receives the order and processes the payment. The product can’t be used. The company should keep the delayed delivery and let the customer know when the product can be used.


In the order management cycle, picking ensures that warehouse personnel picks up goods from the warehouse on time. Choose products and quantities according to customers’ needs. The old staff handles the process to avoid losses related to material handling.


Use appropriate packaging materials to package the items ordered by customers. Keep the products in the expected state, and ensure that the products can reach the customers at one time.


After receiving the order, select, package, and choose the way to deliver the goods. And whether the products are transported by water, road, or air.

Print the shipping label with customer details, and send a confirmation message to the customer to inform them that the order has been shipped. Follow up on the delivery of orders to ensure that customers receive orders.

After-sales service

When the product reaches the customer, the company takes the initiative to get feedback on the customer service experience. The order management system can be improved to ensure customer satisfaction. If the customer is dissatisfied with the product, refund or returns the product according to the product policy.

What Are The Benefits Of An Efficient Order Management System?

Provide Reliable Data

When using the company’s software, get the data for managing customer orders. Simplify the ordering process and optimize the speed of receiving and fulfilling orders from customers. The data is true, the identification is inefficient, and the expected standard meets the customer’s needs.

Keep The Balance Of Inventory Level

Effective order management system to prevent excess and shortage of inventory from affecting profitability. Enterprises access indicators about sales and inventory levels.

Order Fulfillment Efficiency

SAP’s No.1 managed service provider ensures that the order is fulfilled correctly and avoids losses. A large number of customer orders lead to confusion and incorrect packaging labels. An automated order fulfillment process helps to reduce the risk of errors and meet high standards of customer service.

Gain Time

An efficient order management system realizes high operational efficiency and reduces the time wasted in the process of order fulfillment. Create time for the development strategy and promote the development of the company. SAP Business One quickly completes the order fulfillment procedure and expands the number of customers served.

Order management simplifies the next steps in the supply chain and ensures that products are delivered to customers on time. Fulfill multiple orders from different customers at the same time.

Improve Productivity

SAP Business One inventory management software helps to improve the order fulfillment rate and the productivity level of the company. The higher the efficiency in fulfilling orders, the higher the return rate and the higher the overall productivity level. The order management system ensures that the operations in the warehouse are carried out smoothly according to the standards set by the company.

Provide real data about customer orders, reduce the incidence of deterioration or theft, and transport products. Follow up the order fulfillment process to ensure the highest transparency and accountability of ordered products.

Order Management Software To Grow Your Store In 2022



Skubana is a business platform that helps companies that fulfill orders from warehouse locations and channels.

Skubana concentrates the goods sold in one place. Provide in-depth product analysis and tools to automate all content, even purchase orders. Contrary to the Brightpearl solution, the entry and implementation of Skubana only take a few weeks.

Network Suite

NetSuite's SuiteCommmerce

NetSuite’s SuiteCommmerce products provide multiple functions, including an order management system, which can handle orders from physical stores, online stores, kiosks, and other channels.

In order to become a complete business platform, the business suite does not need to be integrated with other platforms.

It has the characteristics of being ambitious and powerful, which is a bit too much for small e-commerce enterprises, and the learning curve is relatively steep.



ShipStation is a transportation software designed for online sellers.

Integrate with most markets, shopping carts, and operators, and become DIY fulfillment of small e-commerce enterprises.

DIY performance becomes unsustainable and needs to be upgraded to a more scalable solution.

Bright Pearls

 Bright pearls

Brightpearl is a retail management system, which provides services for businesses with an annual income of over $1 million.

From inventory and order management to transportation, POS solutions and CRM are all centralized.

It is characterized by powerful functions but is relatively complex. While small and agile enterprises are better served by simple and affordable solutions.

Boat Tickets

Boat tickets

ShipBob provides software for e-commerce merchants, tracking inventory, managing orders, and accessing valuable data and insights through the system.

BOB is integrated with Gorgias, an e-commerce customer service and service desk platform. Brands can obtain customer support and transportation data, simplifying the inquiry and operation after any purchase order.


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