What Is An International Warehouse?

In e-commerce trade, having an international warehouse can help us complete the delivery task as soon as possible and follow up on the order information in time. It is beneficial for sellers to maintain the timeliness of customers. So having an international warehouse can occupy the dominant position in the market.

What Is An International Warehouse

What Is An International Warehouse?

International warehouse, also known as overseas warehouses, refers to warehousing facilities established overseas. Cross-border e-commerce enterprises export goods in batches to overseas warehouses in accordance with general trade methods. After the e-commerce platform completes the sales, it will deliver the goods to overseas consumers. Warehouses can be divided into purchase supply warehouses, wholesale warehouses, retail warehouses, and reserve warehouses according to their purposes.

1. The 4 types of international warehouse

The 4 types of international warehouse
  • Procurement supply warehouse

Procurement and supply warehouses are mainly used for centralized storage of commodities purchased from production departments and for international import and export. Generally, such warehouses are located in large and medium-sized cities where commodity production is relatively concentrated, or where commodity transportation hubs are located.

  • Wholesale warehouse

Wholesale warehouses are mainly used to store goods transferred from the procurement supply warehouse or purchased locally. This type of warehouse is generally close to the commodity sales market, and its scale is generally smaller than that of the procurement supply warehouse. It is not only engaged in wholesale supply but also Engaged in dismantling and supplying businesses.

  • Retail warehouse

Retail warehouses are mainly used for short-term storage of goods for the commercial retail industry, generally providing storefront sales. The scale of retail warehouses is small, and the turnover of stored materials is fast.

  • Reserve warehouse

Such warehouses are generally set up by the state to keep the national emergency reserve materials and combat readiness materials. Goods are generally stored in such warehouses for a long time, and the stored materials are regularly updated to ensure the quality of the materials.

2. The costs associated with international warehouses and fulfillment

  • First-way transportation fee:

Refers to the cost of the first-way transportation of goods from China to the United States. The seller should choose a suitable transportation method according to their own needs.

  • Storage fee:

The fee for storing goods in overseas warehouses in the United States is charged according to the storage cycle of the goods, usually calculated according to the volume and weight occupied by the goods.

  • Management fee:

The cost of product entry, transportation, packaging, and cargo management by overseas warehouse personnel in the United States does not include labor costs.

  • Delivery fee:

One-piece delivery is a service that most overseas warehouses in the United States will provide now. The seller pushes the order to the overseas warehouse, and the overseas warehouse will arrange the delivery of the product, which is subject to the charges of the overseas warehouse.

  • Additional service fee:

For services such as transit, return, exchange, overseas customer service, etc., a certain additional service fee will be charged, which is mainly charged according to the service selected by the seller.

How To Choose The Right International Warehouse Partner?

How To Choose The Right International Warehouse Partner

As a cross-border e-commerce seller, how to correctly choose a third-party overseas warehouse service provider?

  • Choose a warehouse with customized services, which can meet your needs, handle goods flexibly, and formulate the most convenient and most favorable transit transportation plan according to customer needs;
  • Select a professional management system, monitor inventory status in real-time, view inventory data with one click, and quickly adjust goods;
  • Choose a warehouse that can be personalized for consignment, reduce investment costs, and exchange minimum costs for maximum profits;
  • Choose a warehouse that can replenish goods intelligently, alleviate the shortage of goods in the warehouse in time, and understand and solve the sales demand at any time.

Honest Fulphilment can provide professional customized services, and a professional team maintains a professional management system. And Honest Fulphilment has more than 17 overseas warehouses around the world, which can guarantee the timeliness of delivery. Using the services provided by Honest Fulphilment, we can also choose warehouses for personalized consignment, which can reduce our investment costs and obtain higher profits.

How To Choose The Right International Warehouse Partner

An Example: Shein’s “International Warehouse”

An Example: Shein's "International Warehouse"

1. Where Is The International Warehouse Shein?

Shein currently has three types of warehouses around the world, namely domestic central warehouses, overseas transit warehouses, and overseas operation warehouses.

China warehouse is located in Foshan, Guangdong, with several satellite warehouses around. 95% of the world’s commodities are sent from the central warehouse in China. As of 2019 data, SHEIN Foshan central warehouse has about 30 million pieces, about 400,000-500,000 SKUs.

Shein has a number of overseas transit warehouses around the world, which are distributed in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Italy, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other regions. Overseas transit warehouses are only responsible for receiving consumer returns and do not deliver goods. The inventory of SHEIN in overseas transit warehouses is about 10 million pieces or about 150,000 SKUs.

In addition, Shein also has operational warehouses in Hong Kong, Belgium, Delhi, the northeastern United States, the western United States, etc., which are specially responsible for the distribution of its radiation areas.

2. How To Do International Warehouse Tracking On Shein?

  • Shein Order Tracking
How To Do International Warehouse Tracking On Shein

Log in to “My Account” and click “My Orders”. You can view the history of your order and its status.

  • Click the “View Details” button
How To Do International Warehouse Tracking On Shein

If your order is “shipped”, click the “Tracking” button to check the current status of the package and find the tracking number.

  • Enter Shein’s order tracking number in the search bar at the top of the current page

3. The Different Tracking States Shein

The Different Tracking States Shein
  • Paid: the order is pending verification
  • In preparation: the order has been launched, and it is prepared for shipping in approximately 1 to 3 days
  • In transit: the package has left from the country of origin to the transfer station or the country of destination
  • The parcel is in the such country: this may be a transfer station before reaching the country of final destination
  • Arrived at a local courier: the package is in the country of destination and waiting to be collected by the local carrier
  • Sent: the package is on the distribution site that serves the address of the recipient, delivery is in preparation
  • The package under delivery: the package is in processing at the address of the recipient
  • Signed: the package has been delivered
The Different Tracking States Shein


Honest Fulphilment International Warehouse is distributed all over the world; warehousing network throughout China, the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Italy, France, and Australia, flexible order cut-off and processing time receiving all kinds of super-long and oversized special-shaped goods; services cover order picking complete operation. In addition, the 3PL service provided by Honest Fulphilment can also solve the problem of our lack of personnel and help us screen out high-quality overseas warehouses. Contact Honest FulPhilment.

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