What is a product sourcing agent?

Sourcing agent is a way of purchasing products. Because China has a big market, and there is a lot of trade that takes place here. However, buyers and suppliers are not able to find what. they want quickly. Many factors need to be taken into account during this period, such as the different quality, language and distance and so on. Sourcing agents can reduce some of the troubles and risks associated with blind sourcing. Sourcing agents provide a better environment between buyers and suppliers.

What services does the sourcing agent provide?

Sourcing agents help buyers and suppliers find the right products more quickly. They have a better understanding of the market and make it easier for buyers and suppliers to communicate. Sourcing agents help buyers find the best products for them and get lower prices. They help buyers to save costs.

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Sourcing Process

Companies will purchase goods from suppliers. To ensure that these goods can be fully utilized and at a lower cost. There are generally eight steps in the procurement process.

First, we find and record missing goods, replenish necessary products, and purchase future products. Then the goods are purchased.

Second step, we record the number of goods needed, as well as some details required. For example, quality requirements, size and dimensions, and so on.

The third step is approval by the purchasing department. After the analysis of the products in the market, we determine the products that are allowed to be purchased.

Next, find the suitable suppliers through sourcing agents.

Then, the purchasing department selects some of the suppliers provided by the sourcing agents, and makes a proposal.

The next step, choose the supplier that best suits the factory. It helps to increase the factory’s profit, expand the benefits, and so on.

After that, the supplier forms a contract with the purchaser. It includes specific terms as well as conditions, and so on. Once this is done, the supplier delivers the goods, and then the purchaser will check and accept the goods.

Finally, the factory evaluates the supplier. For example, this can be done by taking consumer reviews. Consider whether to continue working with this supplier through product effectiveness.

Sourcing Strategy

There are many sourcing strategies. Two strategies will be listed here.

The first one, strategic cooperation strategy. For a stable partnership between the two companies. Both companies reach the purpose together and reduce the comprehensive cost.

The second one, long-term cooperation strategy. The company will maintain a long-term relationship with specific suppliers. It is helpful to improve efficiency and reduce working load. Ensures a stable amount of resources and creates scale. and so on.

4 best Sourcing Companies

Sellvia is the number one cross-border e-commerce supplier in the United States. It can be shipped within 1 to 3 business days within the United States. In addition, the price is lower, can obtain more profit. Help sellers conduct market research and find the best products. Also, unrestricted access to a wide range of proven best sellers.

Modalyst has millions of best-selling products. Add Dropship vendors to the online store, which is free. There are clearer categories. From low quality to high quality, buyers can easily find all types. Moreover, plan a variety of products for your online store without risk. Mark pricing rules on the platform. Include shipping costs in the retail cost. Offer free shipping to buyers without affecting the seller’s profit.

Honest FulPhilment are committed to lower prices, and do better service. Our company Honest FulPhilment is helping many companies to sourcing goods. We help companies easily find the supplies that they need. More importantly, we can guarantee the quality, and make customers feel at ease when sourcing. Click here to learn more. https://origin.honestfulphilment.com/ 

There are many kinds of products. Including many aspects, such as books, clothes, furniture and so on. There are many suppliers and brands, and consumers can choose the more suitable one. In addition, there are many well-known brands, such as Disney. But Salehoo is not free, and it is not easy to use.


Sourcing agent is a very convenient way to purchase products, providing a good platform for buyers and suppliers. Find good products faster and can have lower prices. Honest Fulphilment helps companies buy faster and better and ensure product quality.

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