Top3 eCommerce Supply Chain Strategies For eCommerce Businesses

Starting from the current situation of the logistics distribution system under e-commerce, it is revealed that the key to e-commerce logistics management is to establish supply chain management. This paper analyzes the essence and construction mode of e-commerce supply chain management and puts forward some matters needing attention in e-commerce supply chain management Item.

What Is Supply Chain Management In eCommerce?

What Is Supply Chain Management In eCommerce?

E-Commerce supply chain management includes managing the flow of information, resources, and funds between different entities and stages of the e-commerce supply chain, from the supply of raw materials to the delivery of finished products to the buyer. It is a kind of contact network between enterprises and customers, between enterprises, and within enterprises.

Common eCommerce Supply Chain Models For eCommerce Companies


Business activities between enterprises are generally called B2B business activities, that is, the exchange of products, services, and information between enterprises through the Internet.


B2C mode is the value chain from the enterprise to the consumer. Due to the development of the network, this kind of supply chain can also exist through the intermediate distributor link and then to the C-end, which is called B2B2C.


O2O mode is a new thing, which means that the whole consumption process consists of online and offline parts. Online platforms provide consumers with consumption guides, preferential information, convenient services (booking, online payment, maps, etc.), and sharing platforms, while offline merchants focus on providing services.

What Is The Importance Of Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management refers to the process of optimizing the operation of the supply chain, making the supply chain from purchasing to satisfying the final customer at the lowest cost.

• Supply chain management plays an important role in improving the overall efficiency of logistics.
• Supply chain management plays an important role in promoting the rapid and healthy development of logistics.
• Supply chain management is conducive to improving the overall efficiency of the logistics industry.
• Supply chain management plays an important role in innovating logistics development mode.

The Six Stages Of eCommerce Supply Chain Management

The Six Stages Of eCommerce Supply Chain Management


In the planning phase, you collect supply chain data to determine the inventory needed to meet customer and market needs.


At this stage, your search for suppliers, suppliers, and manufacturers that can provide the inventory needed to meet customer needs.


This phase involves the conversion of raw materials into finished products, which are then tested, packaged, and stored for delivery to the end customer.


This stage is also called logistics. It involves various forms of movement of goods along the chain to the final consumer.

Handling returns

Also known as reverse logistics, this stage involves handling goods returned by customers and returning defective and expired products from your warehouse to your suppliers.

Increase of efficiency

Each stage of the supply chain management system helps to improve the overall efficiency of the supply chain. Improvement or dysfunction at a certain stage will affect the whole chain.

Top 3 Ecommerce Supply Chain Management Strategies For eCommerce Companies

Business Strategy Organization

It is not only a function but also a strategic idea to create supply chain advantages and change the traditional procurement mode. Enterprises recognize that this is an important prerequisite for reform and reforming the original business philosophy and model.

Information sharing strategy

The advantage of the supply chain is to enable enterprises to share information. By sharing information, enterprises in the supply chain can make their own strategies in a timely manner to take the initiative in the market. Manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors are willing to open up to each other and hope to get involved in the supply chain as early as possible.

Supply base strategy

The enterprises that create advantages through the supply chain clearly understand the role of each supplier in the resource portfolio, so the relationship between supply banks is regarded as highly strategic work.


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