Top-selling Medical Supplies And Equipment Dropshipping In 2022

Top-selling Medical Supplies And Equipment Dropshipping In 2022

Medical supplies are one of the stable and fast-growing product segments. After the global epidemic, the medical equipment and supplies industry is developing continuously. More importantly, people have a stronger awareness of health care. This also shows that the demand for medical products will continue to grow. So what can manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment and supplies expect in 2022? Today, this article will find out the best medical supplies that can be dropshipping this year.

The Thing you should Know about Dropshipping Medical Supplies and Equipment

1. A rising industry

When the epidemic finally starts to weaken, the huge pressure faced by the healthcare industry will begin to ease, then the selective and unnecessary services will resume. Therefore, the global market is expected to grow significantly. The value of the US market alone have reached 176.7 billion US dollars in 2020, and the compound annual growth rate is expected to be 5% by 2028.

The Thing you should Know about Dropshipping Medical Supplies and Equipment

2. Demographic shifts are skyrocketing

The aging population, declining fertility, and increasing life expectancy are driving the demand for medical supplies throughout North America. The sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits have led to an increase in chronic diseases such as diabetes, which has also stimulated demand.

Therefore, you can also benefit from establishing an online store, which will make it easier for people to buy medical supplies and health care products. You can serve consumers all over the world.

Top-selling Medical Supplies And Equipment Dropshipping 

1. Infrared Thermometer

Top-selling Medical Supplies And Equipment Dropshipping 

Influenced by the epidemic, temperature measurement has become a common occurrence. The infrared thermometer can reduce physical contact with others, making it safer and cleaner. At the same time, when selling this product, you can list its features to meet all customer needs.

2. Blood Pressure Meter

Portable blood pressure instrument is more popular in household medical products this year. It is very popular with every family. What I want to tell you is that in the current environment, words with household medical treatment will attract more customers’ attention.

3. First Aid Kit

Top-selling Medical Supplies And Equipment Dropshipping 

A first aid kit is necessary for almost every family. And some outdoor adventure activities will also be taken by people. Therefore, its market demand is very stable, especially in the recent years of the epidemic, and its sales have been a rising trend. As there are many medical products in the first-aid kit, the seller can also sell them together. In fact, sellers can also drop ship first aid kits in two categories: portable and versatile.

4. Child/Adult Stethoscope Set

Top-selling Medical Supplies And Equipment Dropshipping 

The stethoscope set is very popular with European and American customers. It can be classified into children and adults. Alternatively, you can add other medical supplies, such as an otoscope, to the kit. The portable bag will make customers feel more like it.

5. Patient Rollover Turning Pad

This medical supplies is suitable for convalescent patients. This is needed to help the patient turn over on the inpatient bed, which will better protect the patient’s rehabilitation site. You can explain that this is a reusable product, and your customers will definitely buy it.

6. 94 Face Mask

In recent years, the supply of masks has simply exceeded the demand. Yes, its demand is too great. Many sellers have seized this opportunity. I believe you have seen it. And it is certain that in the next few years, masks will become a necessity for people to travel. You can rest assured of the sales volume, and the low cost is very suitable for novice sellers to sell.

7. Disposable Medical Rubber Gloves

More and more families use disposable gloves of medical grade. In fact, rubber gloves are actually healthier than ordinary ones. You can provide customers with different colors. what’s more, in the operating room, disposable gloves are consumables, and you can choose to add medical supplies to your online store.

8. Finger Oximeter

Direct marketing of pulse oximeters is a profitable project because people’s health awareness is increasing. You can sell the finger oximeter, which will be cheaper and more convenient for customers. Most importantly, we must ensure that the oximeter meets medical standards. You can note these characteristics to make your customers more confident in your products.

Top-selling Medical Supplies And Equipment Dropshipping 


The spread of overseas epidemics has created a historical opportunity for medical supplies to expand overseas markets. However, the establishment of medical supplies business usually requires a large amount of capital, and most of this capital will be used in inventory.

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