Third Party Fulfillment

What is third-party fulfillment?

Third-party logistics (3PL) is the process of outsourcing logistics services. This includes anything that involves one or more elements of business procurement and fulfillment activities, including storage and transportation of items around the world.

Third-party fulfillment mainly includes the following procedures:reception,storage,picking and transportation.


The first step of the 3PL process is to receive the inventory at the warehouse after manufacturing. Once one of our warehouses receives the stock, it is ready for storage.


In the next phase of the 3PL process, your inventory will be placed in one of our 3PL warehouses. Each inventory unit (SKU) has its own dedicated location in one of our warehouses. Our scalable solution means that there is enough space to expand with you.


When the customer places an order, the fulfillment part of the 3PL begins. If your CMS is through Shopify or WooCommerce, our application ensures that orders are automatically delivered to the warehouse for picking, ensuring a seamless automated process. For non-mainstream platforms, orders can be uploaded via a CSV / Excel spreadsheet. After the warehouse staff take up the items, it should pack! Honest FulPhilment allows custom packaging, branding, and inserts for your product.


The next step in the 3PL process is to deliver your order to your customers, whether by land, air or sea.We provide transportation services directly to your customers and businesses. Our tracking software integrates with your e-commerce platform to keep abreast of orders and their performance.

Third-party fulfillment companies

There are many good third-party fulfillment companies on cross-border ecommerce platforms,I will introduce some companies are as follows:


third-party fulfillment companies

Amazon is one of the most popular cross-border ecommerce platforms,many people choose this platform as their third-party fulfillment.It has some advantages.First,convenient logistics.There is no doubt that it has its own dedicated logistics.Second,wide market coverage.As the largest online shopping platform, Amazon mainly targets at the mainstream market with high consumer level in developed countries and regions.Third,best customer quality.

Of course,it has some disadvantages.First,Amazon has complicated store opening procedures.Second, Amazon has strict policies and high operating thresholds. Third,European station VAT number problem.

Honest Fulphilment

Third Party Fulfillment

Honest Fulphilment can also be a third-party fulfillment company of your choice.In the platform,it has very comprehensive services.

The platform has many advantages.First,it’s easy to understand pricing.3PL services are only on two charges. Packaging charges and shipping charges. Both charges also apply to all 17 3PL warehouses worldwide.Second,everything is all on an honest platform.The Honest FulPhilment application is built and maintained internally.Update is published at least once a month based on customer feedback and functional requirements. We also develop custom modules for those who wish to automate and systematize specific tasks.Third,global 3PL Warehouse Location.We have warehouses around the world to keep them all within reach.


shopify fulfillment network

Wish is a good third-party fulfillment company.It focuses on low price.It has some advantages.First,with a large number of mobile users, it is currently the largest mobile e-commerce platform in North America and Europe.Second,page operation is simple, businesses on the shelf mainly use label matching.Third,precise marketing and peer-to-peer personalized push help sellers better gain consumer audiences.

Wish also has some disadvantages.First,it’s more consumer oriented. Sellers are at a disadvantage in terms of returns, as long as consumers put forward a refund, basically through.Second,long time for commodity review.Third,platform commissions are higher. The merchant receives a percentage or a certain amount of commission from the platform for each transaction.

Third-party warehousing

third-party fulfillment shopify

Third-party warehouse, namely contract warehouse and cloud warehouse, refers to the warehouse way in which an enterprise subcontracts the warehouse and other logistics activities to an external company, and the external company provides comprehensive logistics services.

The third party warehouse is different from the general rental warehouse, it can provide professional efficient, economic and accurate distribution services. If enterprises want to get a high level of quality and service, they can use third-party warehouses, because these warehouses are of a high level of design, and meet the high standards of special goods, professional handling requirements; If the enterprise only needs a general level of handling services, it can choose to rent the warehouse.

In essence, the third party warehouse is the partnership between the production enterprise and the professional warehouse. Because of this partnership, third-party warehouse companies, compared with traditional warehouse companies, can provide shippers with storage, handling, LCL, order sorting, spot inventory, in-transit mixing, inventory control, transportation arrangements, information, and a full set of other logistics services required by shippers.You can take our company’s logistics and warehousing service as a reference.

Final thoughts

In this article,we discussed what is third-party fulfillment and the process of third-party fulfillment.After analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of several third-party fulfillment companies,I think that our company-Honest Fulfillment is your best option.If you would like to choose our company as a third party fulfillment company, you can contact us through our online communication link.

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