The Best 8 Practical Handbags

A good designer handbag is one of the best investments you can make, and once you find a master pack to add to your closet, it can instantly update everything from break-time jeans to more formal outfits and will quickly become the most frequently used accessory in your daily rotation.
The beauty of an outstanding designer bag is its innate versatility, so you never have to worry about how to design it. That’s all the more reason to add an investment bag to your collection – it’s the ultimate go-to accessory, no matter what your personal style.

Fendi Baguette

The Fendi Baguette was launched in 1997. A compact and stylish bag, easily recognizable by its signature design, curved straps, and trademark logo hardware, debuted in 1997. Designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi, this bag got its unconventional name by being the perfect size to fit snugly under the arm, just like the long and thin French bread baguette. This minimal bag boosted Fendi’s reputation from just another lavish designer to a commercial genius, releasing over 1,000 versions of the bag.

Dior Lady Dior

Before being renamed Lady Dior, the bag was originally known as ‘Chouchou’, which means favorite in French. This plush quilted leather classic with complementary metal alphabet charms in a rich gold tone became an immediate hit.

Louis Vuitton Speedy

Since its introduction in the 1930s, its popularity has never waned. Redefining everyday style with great elegance and comfort, Louis Vuitton’s Monogram print bag was named for its stylish portability. While the classic Speedy is irreplaceable even today, this iconic model is available in a wide range of sizes, materials, and colors.

Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag

Chanel 2.55 is named after the month and year of its creation. This timeless piece was made of quilted leather, inspired by jockeys’ padded riding jackets, a distinctive lock, and its signature shoulder chain strap. The Classic Flap with the iconic CC logo, replacing the former’s rectangular lock was first recreated by Karl Lagerfeld when he took over as creative director in 1983 and has since become another staple of the house.

Celine Medium Classic Bag

Durable, versatile, and flawless, Celine bags are a wardrobe staple. The aftermath of the Phoebe Philo era witnessed the rise of the Medium Classic Bag. The calfskin leather of this box bag holds up beautifully and effortlessly symbolizing luxury. Thanks to its practical details, such as zippered compartments and the removable shoulder strap, this bag didn’t take long to become the urban woman’s favorite accessory. Its jeweled brass clasp is a trademark of Celine’s artisanal prowess.

Gucci Jackie Hobo

The bag was renamed after US First Lady Jackie Kennedy in 1961. This designer handbag was first introduced in the 1950s as the Constance. In the 60s, this distinctive curved half-moon hobo bag was much loved by First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and she also used it to shield herself from paparazzi. As soon as images of her sporting this Gucci bag started circulating amongst the press, the bag’s popularity rose to a new dimension altogether.

Hermès Birkin

Hermès Birkin is said to be a better investment than stocks or gold. Since its 1984 launch, the prices have been increasing by 14.2 percent per year on average. This bag is said to be a better investment than stocks or gold. Its production is also tightly controlled to add an unobtainable element to an already limited edition. With a collection that’s available in different leathers, sizes, and colors, the fashion elite is unmissable because of its top flap over buckle loops. Each piece also comes with its specific number-coded locks and keys.


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