The 10 Best Trending Coffee Mug Dropshipping In 2022

Need a new coffee mug? Our top pick is the ceramic coffee mug because it’s not only affordable, it’s microwave- or dishwasher-safe, and the handle is designed for a wide, easy-to-grip handle.

Best Bone China Mugs

1. Dunoon bone china mug British creative cat coffee mug

Trending Coffee Mug

This coffee cup is made of high-quality bone china. The cup mouth is round and fits the mouth shape design, which is safe and comfortable to use. The cup handle is designed to be wide and easy to handle, and it is not difficult to hold with one hand. In addition, the whole is made of bone china. The touch is delicate. The shape of the cup is based on two big golden cats, one is white and the other is black. The bottom is set off with a bright red background, and the overall visual contrast. Delicate 22K gold trim adds a special touch. This mug redefines drinking with art by bringing artistic creations to life.

Basic product info
Capacity: 320ml
Weight: 196g
Height: 91mm
Cup mouth width: 89mm
Cup bottom width: 70mm
Additional information: This cup cannot be used in microwave ovens and sterilization cabinets, and it is not recommended to use dishwashers

2. Dunoon Bone China Mug Aisha Series Panda Style

This mug is one of the Aisha series. This set of oriental-style mugs is made of exquisite bone china. , depicting a panda sitting in front of a lime-green background, another of a Siberian tiger wandering on a turquoise background, and the last of an intricate zebra galloping in front of a yellow background, all with Carefully drawn flower embellishment. It is a table item with both practical and artistic value.

Coffee Mug

Basic product info
Capacity: 320ml
Weight: 196g
Height: 70mm
Cup mouth width: 91mm
Bottom width: 89mm
Additional information: This cup cannot be used in microwave ovens and sterilization cabinets, and it is not recommended to use dishwashers

Best Portable On-the-Go Coffee Mug

3. Artiart coffee cup portable portable cup

Coffee Mug Dropshipping

This cup is divided into solid color and pattern. The material is food-grade, exquisite coffee cup shape, compact and fashionable, and easy to carry. The cup mouth is a leak-proof cover that can be flipped 180° and fixed to avoid touching the nose when drinking water. The embarrassment of the cup can be tightly closed with a slight pressure. The cup body is frosted texture, non-slip and durable, with a double-layer cup body inside, which helps to block heat loss, effectively heat insulation and anti-scalding. The most characteristic is this cup There is a magic suction cup at the bottom to avoid accidental touch and dust, and the suction will disappear when you pick it up vertically. This is suitable for a variety of people, whether it is an office worker or a student, even if it is placed in the car on the way to work, it is not afraid of dusting.

Basic product info
Capacity: 340ml ,12oz
Color:Grey,Green,Pink,Blue (Solid Color)
Size: 146*90*90mm

4. RIVERS portable coffee cup

This cup is made of food-contactable material, which is more environmentally friendly, and is resistant to high temperature and cold. The design concept is to encourage everyone to pay attention to environmental protection and reduce the use of plastic and canned containers. The design of the cup mouth is more user-friendly, with moderate water output to prevent choking , Even if you drink hot water, you don’t have to worry about burning your mouth. The overall design is simple and stylish, and it is a good assistant to accompany you. The cup mouth is tightly sealed to prevent leakage and spills.

Best Trending Coffee Mug

Basic product info
Capacity: 300ml (with lid) / 350ml (without lid)
Weight: 115g
Height: 120mm
Cup width: 90mm
Heat resistance temperature: 150℃
Cold resistant temperature: -40℃

Best Glass Coffee Mug

5. Heat Resistant Double Bear Glass Coffee Mug

Glass Coffee Mug

This cup is an everyday glass, but the inverted liner design of the bear, with colorful glass, instantly makes the cup full of childlike interest. The material of the cup is high boric acid glass, which is light, transparent and resistant to high temperature, without fear of sudden cold. Sudden heat, it is more secure to use. The overall thick and round glass body is full of palms, very comfortable and cute, and you will not put it down. The design of double-layer glass allows you to drink hot water without burning your hands, and drinking cold water without freezing your hands. The inner liner is a three-dimensional hand-blown shape, which is more vivid and cute.

Basic product info
Capacity: 250ml
Height: 90mm
Cup width: 80mm
Bottom width: 60mm
Heat resistance temperature: 150℃
Cold resistant temperature: -40℃

6. SIMELO high-value coffee glass

The thickness of this Finnish glass coffee cup is set at 3.5mm. It has been fired at a high temperature of 1500 degrees and is strictly selected by quality inspection to ensure that each cup is transparent and free of bubbles. Each cup is shaped with 16 daisy petals, and the three-dimensional petal texture forms the texture of the cup body, which is interesting with the liquid in the cup. The thickened cup body is not hot even if the hot coffee is hot, brew a pot of coffee, and indulge in the whole coffee time.

Best Glass Coffee Mug

Basic product info
Material: Soda lime glass
Capacity: 160ml, 270ml, 300ml
Diameter: 72mm, 80mm, 82mm
Temperature resistance: 0℃-95℃

Best Ceramic Coffee Mugs

7. Serax AnnDemeulemeester co-branded ceramic coffee mug

Coffee Mugs

This cup is a co-branded model with ANN DEMEULEMEESTER, the queen of darkness. The cup has a flat handle on one side, like a small ear. The 200ml flat and large opening pull flower has a lot of performance space, and the milk foam can also be made thicker. 80ml mini cup, suitable for espresso, you can directly hold the cup to drink coffee. Gradient feather patterns are drawn by hand on the porcelain, producing a visual effect as gorgeous as the pupil, the hard ceramic is contrasted with the light and plump lines, and the feather edge It also gives people a fluffy illusion, cute and interesting. The bottom of the cup has a matte texture and a warm touch. The patterns of the cups and saucers are hand-painted and have a rich sense of hierarchy. The color matching of the cups has a strong sense of art, which is suitable for your own use and also very suitable for gift.

Basic product info
Capacity: 200ml
Height: 41mm
Diameter: 109mm
Weight: about 150g-180g

Capacity: 80ml
Height: 41mm
Diameter: 109mm
Weight: about 150g-180g
Additional Information: This mug can be used in the dishwasher, microwave

8. MEIDU ceramic mug plain mug with spoon

This ceramic mug adopts a business-style minimalist design. The matte textured porcelain surface is matched with manual strokes, which is simple and elegant. The mug has a wide handle and an ergonomic design. The porcelain is delicate, the glaze is smooth, and the texture is unique. Simple but not simple, durable and durable. This cup is equipped with a small spoon to make your coffee time more comfortable.

 ceramic mug

Basic product info
Capacity: 402ml
Height: 110mm
Diameter: 83mm
Weight: about 362g
Small spoon size: 15mm*173mm

Best Wooden Coffee Mugs

9. Swell wood grain series – teak coffee cup

Wooden Coffee Mugs

This cup is made of classic teak texture, with bright luster and rich and delicate ink lines. The cup is made of 18/8 stainless steel for food contact, and the vacuum insulation achieves more lasting heat preservation. It can keep warm for 4 hours and keep cold for up to 17 hours. There is no condensation on the outer wall, so don’t worry about getting your hands or backpack wet.

Basic product info
Material: 304 stainless steel polypropylene silicone
Features: keep warm for 4 hours and keep cold for 17 hours
Capacity: 350ml, 470ml
Height: 108mm,136mm
Bottom width: 90mm

10. Laimujing wooden cup coffee cup

cup coffee cup

This cup is made of natural logs, which are excavated from the whole wood and formed in one piece. The natural resin paint will not release any harmful substances and can be used with peace of mind. One cup of coffee for one person, a quiet afternoon tea time.
Tips: For the first use, you can use cold water and vinegar to wash with detergent, which will quickly remove the smell of vegetable paint. It is not recommended to boil it or sterilize it in a microwave oven. Do not leave the cup in water for a long

Basic product info
Material: sour jujube wood
Capacity 230ml
Height: 63mm
Cup width: 93mm


For people who love coffee, coffee has been integrated into our life. A cup of fragrant coffee every morning is undoubtedly the baby who starts a better life. So for the choice of coffee cups, not only the style of the cup, but also the own. Demand, the above are some of the more popular cup styles. I wonder if there is any that you like?


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