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American Marketing Association defined branding packaging as ” a name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competition .” 

We can help you create amazing packaging branding and labeling to improve your competitiveness and publicity in the industry to expand the number of orders and create greater revenue.

What are the benefits of product branding packaging and labeling?

Packaging and labeling determine the first impression

Sometimes, the impact of brand packaging and labeling may be more significant than the visual effect of the actual product, you can also understand that everyone is lookist. Product packaging and labeling determine the customer’s first impression of the product.

Exquisite packaging and labeling allow customers to spend more

Usually, when you receive a gift, your first impression of the gift depends on the appearance of the gift, the brand guarantee and the design of the label is clever, so the first impression of the product’s packaging is very important.

Designed branding packaging and labeling to ring stable customers

You can imagine this scenario if you are a jewelry retailer and your customer buys a set of jewelry from you. When you delivered the goods, you did not pack the jewelry box, nor printed the packaging and labels exclusive to your store brand. In addition, there was no exquisite thank you card or notice in the package. How will your customers feel when they receive the jewelry? Surely they will feel that they bought something cheap. On the contrary, if you use your brand guarantee and label to decorate and embellish, and label carefully, the customer will feel that the goods are worth the money at first, and will choose you as the first choice the next time they need you.

Unique branding packaging and labeling help to build a brand image

Therefore, no matter how exquisite your product is, as long as your packaging and label are not exquisite and have a sense of design, customers will think this product is cheap after seeing it, and the amount they pay is not equal to the product itself. This situation will increase the return rate of products and reduce customer satisfaction with products.

In a word, if you put unique product packaging and labeling on your product packaging so that customers can think of your brand at the first sight, over time, you can gather specific old customer groups, so that customers have a sense of trust in your brand’s products. And the occasional new product packaging can also keep customers surprised and fresh to your brand.

Unique branding packaging and labeling surprises customers

Choose our branded packaging and label customization services and you will have a product brand image that is often surprising and impressive. A design sense of pattern, a dazzling label, beautiful packaging, and label, can be added to your product brand, help you better win the competition, to obtain a solid market position.

How to obtain a branding packaging supplier?

Product Branding and Labeling

There are three steps to get your product branding packaging and labeling:

Customized branding packaging and labeling need to communicate with us.

What kind of packing does the customer need to tell us to do? Which industry is it used in, gift, specialty, fruit, or food industry? What materials are used and what shapes are used? If there are samples, we can customize them according to the samples, otherwise, we need to design. Generally, printing companies have a design department. It should be pointed out that some manufacturers charge design fees, while we do not charge any design fees.

For the design of customized packaging, style requirements, LOGO printing, and product graphic materials shall be provided according to the provided reference style.

The designer shall design the product plan within 3-5 days, and both parties shall communicate the plan again to adjust the details. Confirm the design plan and make the sample in 1-3 days to confirm that the design meets the requirements.

Sample confirmation, as the inspection standard.

To carry out mass production, before the delivery of the production is completed, the customer checks the product, checks the quantity and quality, and confirms the receipt of goods to pay the full payment.

Use Honest FulPhilment as your Packaging Supplier

Professional design and production team

We have an experienced brand packaging and label design team, that can design according to your needs and meet your requirements for product packaging, packaging, labels, surprise cards, reminders, and thank you note.

Globalized logistics center

Can we have a lot of logistics in the global point, their product brand packaging production and transportation, and all have insurance on the cargo sent out, we can ensure your goods if not arrive in your hands, or the transport of any damage or breakage, or some other reasons do not conform to the standard, have to bear the freight by us.

Advanced software and technology

We spend on all kinds of design technology and software development of research and development, we have developed our own software company’s web site and for internal use only, is to facilitate your product brand packing and label design is more simple and elegant, to your satisfaction, attract the attention of customers, and to a greater degree of cost savings, better benefits. We are also constantly expanding the scope of use, based on customer feedback to innovate and improve the problem.

Rich production experience

At present, we have mastered the rich experience, and fully understand the consumer’s demand point for product brand packaging and labeling. Therefore, we can design and produce more selling brand packaging labels according to your requirements and combining with consumer psychology. Choose us, for you to start the success of the product brand.

Rich production experience

We have an excellent design team and a mature product production process, and there will be no wasteful behavior in the production process. And we strictly control costs, so that customers will not have extra expenses when making branding packaging, and labeling. This prevents the production cost from the root, so our offer is good value for money.


All in all, Honest FulPhilment is a very professional and responsible company. If you want to order the product packaging and labeling remember to contact us. Here is the best service and the fairest price.

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