Order Fulfillment Costs: Ecommerce Fulfillment Pricing Explained

What Are Order Fulfillment Costs & Pricing?

Order fulfillment cost is the total cost and expense calculated for receiving inventory, storing products, processing orders, picking, packing, and shipping all orders and inventory.

It is common for a retail order to be fulfilled at a cost that varies with the supplier, the order placed, the pricing model, and any additional services.

What Is A 3PL?

3PL is a logistics service provider that allows vendors to outsource performance, including warehousing, inventory management, and performance.

3PL is responsible for all tasks related to performance, which is often too costly and inefficient to be managed in-house. Working with 3PL can save execution costs and time, freeing up resources to focus on product development, marketing, and business growth. Not equal, especially when it comes to digital, fulfillment pricing models, and 3PL costs.

ecommerce fulfillment pricing

What Are The Benefits of Using 3PL Pricing?

Shipbob pricing model reflects the total fulfillment cost of a standard, direct-to-consumer order fulfillment. The pricing model simplifies performance costs by charging only for receiving, monthly, inventory storage, and transportation. There is no additional cost for standard sorting and packaging. A simple pricing model helps to ensure that retailers avoid any hidden or unexpected costs in the performance process.

Performance costs include receiving and storing inventory, standard packaging, picking and packaging, and transportation. Other expenses may include support and return management.

The Benefits of Using 3PL Pricing

Common 3PL Order Fulfillment Costs & Pricing Explained

Inventory receiving cost:

3PL needs to receive your inventory before it can process and fulfill orders from your online store. In warehousing logistics, receiving refers to incoming stock inspection and warehousing.

Inventory storage cost:

When you store inventory in a 3PL operations center, you pay for storage space. Storage fees can range from a fixed cost per SKU or unit stored to a fixed cost per box, shelf, or tray used.

Order picking and packing costs:

some 3PL models include picking and packing pricing. Once your customer places an order, the fulfillment process starts with picking or using the pick list to collect each order from a specific storage location.

Packaging cost:

your packaging is the customer, first impression of your brand. Merchants can, for an extra fee, use custom-branded packaging materials.

Ancillary costs:

some 3PL offer, ancillary and assembly services. Matching means any unique adjustment to the way the articles are assembled, arranged, or packed before shipment. Common applications include assembling multiple SKUs or preparing inventory in a specific manner during packaging.


cost of shipping orders from its fulfillment center to customers; doorsteps. Transportation costs take into account a number of factors, including transportation speed, transportation area, volume, and weight.

3PL Order Fulfillment Costs

5 Common 3PL Companies Pricing Models You Must Know

Fulfillment By Amazon

Amazon Logistics is a distribution service for products sold through the Amazon Market and distributed by Amazon, which uses a unique pricing model. Seller fees mean that merchants typically make less profit on each sale than they do on their own websites. Amazon also charges an additional long-term storage fee for inventory that is not sold for a specific period of time.


Shipbob pricing model reflects the total fulfillment cost of a standard, direct-to-consumer order fulfillment. The pricing model does not confuse your invoice with line items or hidden fees and simplifies performance costs by charging only for receipts, monthly, inventory storage, and transportation. There is no additional cost for standard sorting and packaging.

3PL pricing explained

Contact the ShipBob team directly to obtain custom pricing that takes into account your business size, requirements, and budget. Our pricing model reflects the total cost of direct-to-consumer fulfillment, so you know exactly what your costs are.


Nobody likes to wait. Slow delivery times may not meet customer expectations. When that happens, they are unlikely to be repeat customers.


The picking and packaging pricing model include the cost of each item selected during the Assembly of the order. Picking and packing charges are basically the cost of tracking and collecting packages at each point of contact throughout their life cycle.

3PL Companies Pricing


If you want to know more about finding trustworthy, performing companies to help your business grow, make sure you fit each other, look for technologies and features to enable faster, more affordable order fulfillment, and so on.

If you have unique requirements, ShipBob can provide additional costs for your business. The quotation is customized to meet the individual needs of each customer.

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