How To Ship To Amazon FBA?

When running your e-commerce business, one of the necessary operations is shipping your products to Amazon FBA, which can often be confusing. Even experienced FBA sellers often have problems with this operation, especially sellers shipping from China. In the following article, I will provide you with information about shipping inventory to Amazon FBA, and you can refer to this content if needed.

What Is Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)?

What Is Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)?

Fulfillment by Amazon provides outsourced order delivery services for businesses. Sellers can store their products in Amazon’s operations centers. You only need to ship the items to the Amazon Operations Center. All the rest of the business can be left to Amazon. They will help you manage your inventory and sell your products to your customers. They will take care of various services such as picking, ordering, packaging, and shipping, and will provide customers with returns and exchanges.

More and more people today rely on third-party fulfillment services to grow their businesses. With this service, you can have more time and energy to focus on other aspects of your business. Amazon Logistics can save you a lot of time and money.

How Much Does Amazon FBA Cost?

Amazon FBA is a program offered by Amazon that allows merchants to sell their products through Merchants ship their inventory to Amazon warehouses, and Amazon is responsible for managing inventory, orders, delivery, and another customer service. Merchants also pay a portion of their fees to the Amazon program for this. I will discuss the components of these fees below.

Amazon will charge fees based on your sales plan delivery strategy, merchandise assortment, and other factors.

① Storage fees. Selling products through the Amazon platform requires you to ship your inventory to Amazon’s operations centers in advance. Your merchandise takes up Amazon warehouse space while Amazon helps you manage your inventory. The storage fees may vary depending on the time of year.

② Delivery fees. Amazon will also take care of services such as picking orders and shipping items. Depending on the weight and size of the items sold, Amazon will charge a fee for packaging and delivery.

How To Ship To Amazon FBA From Alibaba?

How To Ship To Amazon FBA From Alibaba?

① First you must coordinate with your Chinese wholesale supplier about shipping to make sure your products are ready.

②Provide your supplier with specific instructions on how to prepare your inventory for Amazon logistics, which can avoid certain errors.

③Chinese suppliers should be aware of Amazon’s requirements and follow Amazon’s labeling requirements and packaging specifications.

④After making all the preparations, let your Alibaba supplier ship your inventory directly to Amazon from your factory in China.

Advantages Of Direct Shipping To Amazon FBA

① Avoiding third-party involvement in the shipping process can save costs.

②Saving shipping time by shipping goods end-to-end.

③Higher security of goods. By shipping inventory directly from the supplier to Amazon, you can reduce the degree of damage to the goods during the shipping process.

Disadvantages Of Shipping Directly To Amazon FBA

①Coordination with Alibaba suppliers will be more difficult because the inventory needs to be shipped to multiple Amazon operation centers, which is extremely demanding in terms of logistics.

② You can’t personally inspect the products for quality defects. You cannot inspect inventory for damage during shipping and must hire an inspection company.

③Competition with suppliers. Your suppliers may choose to sell products directly on Amazon, and they have an advantage in pricing.

Which Is The Cheapest Way To Ship To Amazon FBA?

You can choose sea freight to ship your inventory from China to Amazon FBA, although the speed may be slow, it is the most affordable way to ship.

Shipping From Supplier To Amazon FBA

By choosing sea freight, you can reduce the shipping cost and, at the same time, avoid the middleman to earn the price difference, and the check price at the factory end is very cheap.

①Let your supplier label the product, the supplier will provide this service for free, while Amazon will charge you extra. Amazon’s stickers require a white background, and you will not need to pay for the labels at the inspection center once you understand.

②You can choose LCL shipping, which is less costly, but you need to spend some time and effort. You need to carry the goods in the container to the shipping terminal by yourself.

③You can use a freight forwarder to help you handle logistics and customs clearance. These agents mainly work with FBA sellers, so they can ensure that many sellers’ LCL shipments share the same container.

④If you choose to ship a full container, you can set up a bottom price load for direct Amazon logistics shipments. Your freight forwarder will clear customs for you, and then entrust a trucking company or railroad to deliver the product to the designated Amazon warehouse.


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