How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA?

How To Ship From China To Amazon FBA?

Selling on an e-commerce platform is never easy. Amazon FBA can help sellers increase their sales and also promote their business to a wide range of customers. As a new Amazon seller, you will have to understand Amazon shipping issues in order to sell your business successfully and earn more profit. In this article, I will explore the issues related to Amazon FBA, You can refer to this article if you need to.

What Is Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)?

Amazon FBA is the latest service offered by Amazon that allows third-party sellers to automate their shipping and order fulfillment services. He offers online merchants a revolutionary way to fulfill customer orders, and merchants can save time and effort on storage or logistics shipping. Merchants can focus more on selling their products and handling the rest of their marketing.

Shipping Cost From China To Amazon FBA

So how much does it cost to ship to Amazon FBA? Amazon Logistics charges two kinds of fees, delivery fee, and inventory fee.

The distribution fee includes the cost of various services for handling the goods, packing the goods, and shipping the goods. Different products are charged at different prices depending on their sizes. The price of delivery charges for standard-size items is within five dollars; delivery charges for small and special large items range from eight dollars to 100 dollars.

Likewise, inventory fees for warehousing are charged depending on the size of the different products. The storage fees are relatively low and very cost-effective for merchants. On the other hand, storage fees are charged monthly.

A Guide To Shipping From Supplier To Amazon FBA

A Guide To Shipping From Supplier To Amazon FBA

① Search for suppliers on Chinese wholesale websites.

You need to be aware here that verified suppliers are not always very reliable, and the top-ranked ones in the search results are not always good.

②Find wholesale suppliers by visiting China.

By finding suppliers in China in person, you can get lower prices and better products from these direct supply sources. You can make site visits to Chinese wholesale markets or trade fairs and industry clusters.

③ Understand the variety of Chinese wholesale suppliers.

Manufacturers are the source of products for all types of suppliers in the market; trading companies, also known as middlemen, can help importers source products from China; sourcing companies focus on sourcing services rather than selling products; shippers can deliver products directly to customers, and surplus stock wholesalers specialize in selling surplus products.

④ Choose a Chinese wholesale supplier based on your business.

Every business is unique, and you need to choose the right supplier for your unique business model and scale of growth. You need to choose your supplier after an in-depth analysis of your business model.

A Reliable Supplier Will Do The Following

①Achieves a balance between quality and price.
②The salesperson has professional knowledge.
③Have high communication efficiency and can solve most of your troubles in a timely manner.
④Have a high sense of responsibility and treat all orders equally.
⑤Be happy to accept trade guarantees and allow to see business-related certificates.

Shipping From Alibaba To Amazon FBA


①Have faster shipping times, products take much less time to reach the warehouse, and at the same time, you sell faster on Amazon.
②Save on middleman costs, you can reduce the involvement of third parties as well as monetary costs.


①Amazon requires that inventory be shipped to different warehouses, and these locations are not centralized.
②You must pay shipping and customs duties in advance.
③Item packaging and shipping must be performed according to Amazon’s standards.
④No opportunity to personally check the quality of the product.

Estimate The Cost Of Shipping To Alibaba Based On Several Factors

①The total volume of the product
②The total weight of the product
③Port of loading
④Delivery destination
⑤Whether insurance costs are required

How To Ship Products From China To Amazon FBA?

How To Ship Products From China To Amazon FBA?

Choose The Right Shipping Method

The main issue you need to consider is which type of shipping service to use, such as express shipping, air freight, or sea freight. You have to know the shipping time as well as the shipping cost.

Contact A Freight Forwarder In China

Through a freight forwarder, you can communicate directly with your supplier, Zhejiang saves your time and at the same time you can make sure that the goods leave the place of supply in good condition.

Perform Quality Checks On Your Goods

You can hire a creditable Chinese quality control company to conduct pre-shipment inspections to ensure that the goods are manufactured to your and Amazon’s requirements.

Create An Amazon Inbound Plan

Once your goods have passed quality verification, you can prepare your Amazon inbound plan on the seller platform.

Pack And Label Your Products Correctly For Amazon

After you receive the inbound notification, the next step is to package your items according to Amazon’s standards. Usually, the supplier will perform this operation for you before shipping.


Moving goods from supplier to buyer can be a long and complex process. One of the key things you need to do in this process is to choose the right supplier to work with to help you sell your business smoothly. Honest Fulphilment can provide you with a one-stop sourcing agent for your products in China and help you save on the cost of visiting China to buy your products. With our excellent communication team, we can provide you with attentive service. If you are looking for a suitable supplier in China, we would be the best choice, you can try to contact us to confirm if it meets your needs. Please contact us!

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