How To Pack For Amazon FBA?

How To Pack For Amazon FBA

The full name of Amazon Logistics (FBA) is Fulfillment By Amazon, which means that Amazon is responsible for helping the seller store the goods after the seller sends the goods to the Amazon operation center in bulk. After the goods are sold, Amazon will complete the order sorting, packaging, and distribution, and provide buyer consultation, return, and other customer services for these goods to help sellers save manpower, material resources, and financial resources. For Chinese sellers, it means that the goods are delivered to the overseas Amazon warehouse, and Amazon completes the follow-up distribution and after-sales service.

Why Does Correct Packaging For Amazon FBA Matter?

Why Does Correct Packaging For Amazon FBA Matter

Amazon FBA packaging is very important, seemingly simple, and does not easy to attract people’s attention. However, improper packaging box shipping marks may cause unexpected problems in the process of international logistics transportation, which will delay the transportation efficiency and economic losses of customers’ goods.

In the process of international logistics transportation, especially in international shipping, there are clear provisions on the packaging marks of goods. Each company has different requirements for the packaging of goods.

What Are The Packaging Requirements Of Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA packaging is generally divided into two cases, namely general outer box packaging and special goods packaging. The standard export carton with five layers of corrugated paper is generally used for the packaging of the box. After the packaging is completed, confirm whether the weight limit is exceeded after the packing, and fill the gap to fix the goods; However, some special items that are not easy to package or will expose the products on the package must be wrapped with plastic bags to ensure that there are no dust and other safety issues during transportation.

The following points should be noted for Amazon FBA packaging requirements:

  • Appearance of goods

Amazon has strict requirements on the appearance of goods, and any defect will be rejected. When receiving the goods, the appearance of each case of goods must be checked to see if there is obvious damage and deformation; If there is, the outer package must be removed to check the integrity of the internal goods. If there is any damage, it will be rejected.

  • National Standard

FBA requires national standards to be pasted on the outer box. The national standard size is a square with a side length of 4cm. Two national standards are pasted on the upper right corner of the narrow side of each container.

  • SKU code of the product

Product SKU code is the unique symbol of the type, model, and size of the product. If Amazon finds that it has posted the wrong SKU code, it will be very expensive to replace it for you.

  • FBA label

When the FBA label receives goods in the Amazon warehouse, it should be confirmed that the FBA information and code of the goods’ outer packing box identification are composed of 128 bar codes. FBA label refers to the FBA label code of each batch of goods generated by Amazon in the system, which is incremented by a prefix of three digits.

  • Overweight standard

Amazon stipulates that a single package shall not exceed 30kg, which is a mandatory standard stipulated by Amazon according to cargo operation efficiency, and 15kg is a recommended standard by Amazon. Because the cargo exceeds 15kg, two people must operate the cargo at Amazon. The FBA attached a “Team Lift” label to remind Amazon operators of two operations.

  • Battery standard

If the goods with batteries are transported by air, the battery sign shall be affixed generally.

What Are The Packaging Requirements Of Amazon FBA

How To Pack Products For Amazon FBA?

Amazon is a cross-border e-commerce platform. After you open an Amazon store, you must pay attention to the issue of shipping, because shipping will easily cause the platform to punish the store. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the issue of packaging.

1. The box size should be appropriate

Generally, sellers send FBA by air, which will be charged according to volume and weight.

2. Ensure that the products in the box will not be damaged

After receiving the goods, Amazon warehouse will open the outer packaging one by one to check the goods.

Third-party logistics (3PL) is the process of outsourcing logistics services. This includes anything that involves the management of one or more elements of a business’s procurement and fulfillment activities, including storing and shipping items around the world.

Best Third-party Logistics (3PL) Companies For Packaging For Amazon FBA

1. ShipBob

Best Third-party Logistics (3PL) Companies For Packaging For Amazon FBA

(Best overall) Order fulfillment services for e-commerce, crowdfunding, and product release, regardless of whether import freight management services are provided.

2. Red Stag Fulfillment

Best Third-party Logistics (3PL) Companies For Packaging For Amazon FBA

E-Commerce companies ship high-value, oversized, and specially processed products

3. NTG (formerly FreightPros)

Best Third-party Logistics (3PL) Companies For Packaging For Amazon FBA

Small businesses that deliver inventory or orders and want to obtain more than 100 trucks, LTL (less than load), and competitive prices from rail transport companies

4. Honest Fulphilment

Best Third-party Logistics (3PL) Companies For Packaging For Amazon FBA

What is 2PL?

A 2PL (second party logistics provider) is a carrier responsible for the transportation of goods. Examples of 2PL providers include shipping lines that operate freight ships, airlines that operate planes, and logistics companies that operate vehicles.

What’s included in the 3PL process?

5. Receiving

The first step in the 3PL process is receiving the inventory at a warehouse after being made. As soon as the stock has been received by one of our warehouses, it gets ready to go into storage.

6. 3PL Warehousing

During the next phase of the 3PL process, your stock is placed in one of our 3PL warehouses for storage. Each stock-keeping unit (SKU) has its own dedicated location in one of our warehouses. Our scalable solution means there’s more than enough room to scale with you.

7. Picking

When a customer places an order, the fulfilment part of 3PL begins. If your CMS is through Shopify or WooCommerce, our app ensures that orders are automatically passed through to the warehouse to be picked, ensuring a seamless, automatic process.

For non-mainstream platforms, orders can be uploaded by CSV/Excel spreadsheet.

As soon as the items have been picked by warehouse staff, it’s time for them to be packed! Honest FulPhilment allows for custom packaging, branding and inserts for your products.

8. Shipping

The next step in the 3PL process is to ship your order to your customer, whether this is by land, air or sea.

We offer our shipping services direct to your customer and to businesses. Our tracking software integrates with your eCommerce platform to keep up to date with orders and their fulfilment.

What is the difference between 2PL and 3PL?

2PL is when you outsource the delivery and storage of your products to an external company, so if you were dropshipping products from China, a 2PL service would ensure that your items are stored and delivered to the right place.

3PL (third party logistics) includes the storage and shipping element of 2PL, but with the addition of inventory management services, kitting and assembly, packaging, marketing and more.

At Honest FulPhilment, we provide comprehensive eCommerce fulfilment services. We offer all of the services you could require when running an eCommerce business, from product sourcing to branding and international logistics. We can provide our comprehensive process as a whole, from product sourcing through to shipping or simply the specialist dropshipping service you require.


There are thousands of third-party logistics companies that can reduce the burden of managing the supply chain and fulfilling orders. Whether you need e-commerce fulfillment, freight solutions, or both, it takes time to find the perfect fit. When making this important decision, it is best to look at many options.

The Honest FulPhilment App was built and is maintained in house. Updates are released at least once a month as a result of feedback and feature requests from our clients. We also offer to develop bespoke modules for those who wish to automate and systemise specific tasks.

We are proud to offer a transparent and user-friendly system that anyone case use. There’s no lengthy fixed-term contract or complicated onboarding and setup process, just an easy to operate platform! Please contact our team today for more details.

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