How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers In USA

How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers In USA

Finding a good supplier is very important for running a dropshipping business. Most people have this problem. When your order volume suddenly increases rapidly, you find that dropshipping suppliers cannot send your orders very quickly, and many Customers require that the delivery time can be reached within 1-3 days, especially during the Christmas period, such requirements are even more, then choosing a local direct selling supplier in the United States can solve this problem for you.

Why Need USA Suppliers?

A good supplier can stock many different categories of high-quality products and ship them to your customers as quickly as possible.

US Dropshipping Suppliers

If your target audience is in the U.S. and customers have timeliness requirements, dropshipping suppliers in the U.S. can ship products to America faster than suppliers in the EU or China. They also provide better tracking systems with the help of various couriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc. So you can differentiate yourself from other competitors who advertise the same Chinese products.

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Any Questions About Dropshipping Suppliers?

When Should It Be Worth Using USA Warehouses?

More product choice: As China is the manufacturing capital of the world, there will most likely be a much wider selection of products to choose from than using USA warehouses.
Cheaper products: China is well known for its inexpensive mass production, which is likely to mean that products sourced and shipped directly from China will be significantly cheaper than dropshipping from USA warehouses.
Customization: Reliable Chinese suppliers will be able to offer customized services. This could include unique private-label goods and include shipping packaging, thank-you notes, and other types of customization.

Criteria For The Best Dropshipping Suppliers In America.

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

If you’re dropshipping within the US, the first benefit of using a US supplier is that it means faster shipping than a foreign supplier.

When you ship from China, the average delivery time is 14 days. But within the US, your customers could have their products within a day or two.

No more lockdown and customs issue

No More Lockdown And Customs Issue

Additionally, if there is a stricter lockdown that impairs delivery times from overseas regions like China, having suppliers based in the US will allow you to stay operational.

Return & refund policy

Return & Refund Policy

If your supplier is in China or other countries when the product arrives in the United States, you or your customer finds that there is a problem with the product, and it is difficult to return it to the overseas manufacturer,

However, many local suppliers in the US will accept return requests within 14 to 30 days from the date the package reaches your customer. They also refund money when you can prove the manufacturer is defective.

Excellent Value For Money

Excellent Value For Money

Many people need customized products. If the supplier is located in the United States, it can be better to communicate with the merchant, get samples faster, and start selling your products asap. The time to try and find vendors that offer trials, free plans, or cash-back programs is also shortened. So you can see for yourself whether it’s really worth the investment.

Best Dropshipping Suppliers In The USA

It’s a one-of-a-kind e-commerce ecosystem that boosts your new business from day one and brings you many exciting benefits such as 1-3 business days shipping across the US, no Restricted access to a large collection of verified bestsellers (stored in our California fulfillment centers), great profit margins at low prices, great product pages, and even the option to save up to 90% on personal shopping!

2. Modalyst

Modalyst makes it easy for online stores to source, list, and sells all types of products. Our inventory includes everything from a large collection of everyday products on AliExpress to our collection of unique niche products from high quality suppliers.

3. Salehoo

Salehoo has over 8000 direct sales and wholesale suppliers with over 1600 branded products. Salehoo has a wide range of products including baby products, books, clothing, cameras, home and beauty, and more. All suppliers are fully verified and many of them are well-known brands like Disney and Addidas.

When Should You Consider Choosing US Warehouse?

Usually, most people already have suppliers they work with and don’t want to switch suppliers, then you can consider choosing a US Warehouse.

Warehousing services can provide logistics, kitting, and inventory management. Picking, packing, shipping, and storage are all examples of warehouse services.

One of the most daunting aspects of third party logistics (3PL) is the hidden charges and complicated pricing structures that companies offer.

It can be a challenge to get your head around the different fees for each individual service, such as unloading, loading, warehousing, storage, shelving etc. We believe that the pricing structure for 3PL should be more transparent.

That’s why Honest FulPhilment only has two fees for our 3PL service. A packing fee and a shipping cost. These 2 costs also apply to all of our 17 3PL warehouses around the world.