How to Find a Fulfillment Center in China for Your Dropshipping Business?

What Is A Fulfillment Center?

Fulfillment centers provide office space for third-party logistics providers to fulfill e-commerce orders. It can receive orders online at any time and provide timely feedback, and the whole process is very smooth, which simplifies the e-commerce order fulfillment process. Sometimes the terms warehouse and fulfillment center are interchangeable.

Types Of Fulfillment Centers

Each product type has its own warehouse and fulfillment requirements. Therefore fulfillment centers are distinguished into certain product types, including :

  • Large shipments

Oversized and heavy shipments require labor-intensive employees or access to certain equipment to handle. Sometimes even special shelving is required.

  • Smaller items:

Smaller products like jewelry and electronics require special storage to ensure that their quality is not damaged as much as possible.

  • Temperature-controlled products:

Some cosmetics or electronics need to be kept intact at a range of temperatures, but large fulfillment centers are not usually equipped with air conditioning or heating, so it is important to consider the temperature range of the product.

  • Climate-controlled products

Some drugs need to be kept at a certain temperature and humidity, and these products also need extra attention

  • Cold chain products

Food products that have a requirement for freshness must be kept in cold storage facilities to preserve their freshness and integrity.

How Does A Fulfillment Center Operate?

How Does A Fulfillment Center Operate?

Generally, fulfillment providers handle all fulfillment activities in one place, so brands can focus on managing sales, customer service, and company growth. Fulfillment center services include:

1. Real-time inventory management: When a new order is created, inventory is sent to the brand’s order fulfillment center for sorting and storage.

2. Picking, matching, and packaging: Upon receipt of an order, the fulfillment center staff will pick and pack the items in the order.

3. Order processing and fulfillment: The goal of the fulfillment center is to fulfill the order as quickly as possible and then ship it to the end customer.

4. Shipping Coordination: In the final step, the fulfillment center ships the product directly to the recipient.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing A Fulfillment Center In China?

  1. Allow customers time to be able to focus on improving their core business
  2. Leveraging inventory outsourcing to reduce operating costs and gain professional customer service with the expertise of 3PL fulfillment
  3. Take advantage of economies of scale to obtain volume discounts and the efficiency of fulfillment center orders to maximize your benefits
  4. Gain access to data analysis through modern technology’s extensive network of warehouses to customize packaging

5 Things Need To Know In Choosing A China Fulfillment Center

Here are five points to consider when selecting a China fulfillment center.

  1. Choose a location that is close to a major highway or railroad to ensure easy access and facilitate transportation.
  1. Consider the distance of the fulfillment center from major cities. Proximity to major cities ensures proper economic development and relatively good resources and development opportunities.
  1. Check to inquire about the availability of utilities such as water and electricity. This will affect the productivity and production efficiency of the fulfillment center, which will determine the quality of products and services.
  1. Make sure there is a suitable airport nearby. You can get there easily when you decide to visit the fulfillment center without having to spend too much effort on transportation.

5. Know the local economy. The local economic development will have an impact on the business operation, so areas with high economic development often have superior resources and good policies, which can promote the fulfillment center to flourish.

Top 3 Fulfillment Centers in China You Must Know

  • Amazon fulfillment center china

Choosing to sell on Amazon is an excellent strategy for most e-commerce businesses today. Amazon manages storage efficiently, it has a convenient inventory management system and warehouses located around the world to help customers save on inbound costs. Amazon carefully inspects and prepares all items to ensure that products are stored and shipped. Manual workflow is minimized and mechanization and automation are enhanced. While Amazon fulfillment services offer many benefits, their strict and lengthy policies present many obstacles for many sellers.

  • Shopify fulfillment center china

Shopify is still the platform of choice for most e-commerce businesses, and its company is committed to helping Shopify merchants fulfill orders as quickly and cost-effectively as possible to meet customer expectations. Shopify automates fulfillment and inventory management with integrated software that allows customers to focus on selling and growing their business without worrying about fulfillment. Delivery will use its provided warehouse management system to track customer inventory in real-time and allow for reordering of inventory from Chinese suppliers when necessary.

  • Honest Fulphilment

Honest Fulphilment has grown rapidly in size in recent years and has won the praise of many customers through its advanced technical support and good reputation. Its provision of a one-stop service saves customers’ efforts and costs. Upon receipt of an order, our application automatically passes the order to the warehouse where it is to be picked up, and after it is beautifully packaged the shipping service begins and you can track the delivery of the product in real-time. Our pricing is transparent and simple, so you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for. We handle all the logistics, so you can spend more time focusing on your core business. We have a top-notch customer service team that is available 24/7 to help you with any problems you may encounter.

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