How To Do Customer Service When Dropshipping?

What is dropshipping customer service?

Customer service for dropshipping implies fulfilling your customers’ inquiries, request, and replying their questions. It may be a service that gives each kind of help to your clients with respect to their orders and their in general encounter of utilizing your site.

Selling a product is one thing in dropshipping, giving customer services is another perspective of your dropshipping trade to form your clients enchanted. In straightforward words, great client benefit turns your potential clients into faithful clients.

Why is having great customer service important when dropshipping?

Customer service can be decisive for your business. Customers are the lifeblood of any enterprise. They are essential to the survival and growth of the company.

Great customer service is key to holding clients to a web trade. Companies do this to appear that they care around their clients and needs to guarantee that they are cheerful with their buys. They also construct trust, which is vital for long-term connections.

In other words, poor customer service can drive customers away and damage a company’s reputation. It makes customers feel neglected, which is the last thing anyone wants in a business transaction. Customers who experience poor customer service are much less likely to buy again in the future.

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Benefits of Having Great Customer Service

  • Steadfast clients– after you have loyal customers, that too implies you’ll have more purchases. Once clients think about you, they will know merely are the proper online store to go with. Concurring to a think about done by Forbes, client maintenance causes benefits to extend from 25% to 95%. Moreover, existing clients are 50% more likely to purchase more items compared to more current clients.
  • Less refunds-refunds are normal, but can get out of hand when your service is poor. When you’re doing well with customer service and product descriptions, refunds are only necessary if the customer changes his or her mind.
  • Word of Mouth-Nobody can keep positive input approximately a commerce to themself. After you get great audits from your most prominent clients, they will tell others almost it. It is the snowball impact. When one individual is fulfilled, it’ll just increase one by one.

How to win in the dropshipping customer service competition?

  1. Research your niche and find a unique selling proposition.
  2. Discover a provider who can offer high-quality items at a sensible price-point.
  3. Be proactive and remain upgraded around your competitors’ promoting techniques upgrades.
  4. Progress your SEO by improving your site
  5. Make an appealing and user-friendly store plan
  6. Develop your brand
  7. Type in mind blowing item depictions that will persuade clients to purchase
  8. Utilize a great promoting technique to advance your store and items.
  9. React to client request and complaints expeditiously
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At Honest FulPhilment, we offer a one-stop shop for dropshipping service, providing users with a simple and user-friendly application that is convenient for all users.

We have our own special services:

  • Transparent Service

We understand that regardless of your knowledge or experience, you may have many questions about the business model of using dropshipping services. So, as our name suggests, our top priority is to provide a clear, simple, and transparent service. You can check the reputation of our supplier and see how we go from order to delivery.

  • Live Inventory

We provide real-time inventory updates so you can see inventory levels, orders and low inventory alerts.

  • Integrated Platform

The Honest Fulphilment App is an all-in-one application for managing your e-commerce dropshipping. Simplicity is paramount, which is why we developed custom applications to meet the needs of beginners and experienced dropshippers alike. Our application integrates with your online store, so everything is in the same place.

  • Free Storage

We get it the significance of being prepared to require and provide orders, subsequently, we allow you 2 months of free capacity to urge your setup complete and begin sending orders. As long as you have got orders to prepare, we don’t charge any storage expenses.

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Top 5 Websites You Need to know to win Dropshipping competition

Did you know that 84% of eCommerce vendors say that finding a dropshipping provider for their eCommerce site is the foremost critical barricade to beginning their dropshipping commerce?

So we are here provide 5 of the best dropshipping websites and dropshipping suppliers to get your business started. You can click the web link below for details.


Aliexpress, a Alibaba affiliate, is a china-based directory of global e-commerce. Although their DNA is directed at consumers, they have a huge online enterprise market, sourcing products directly from the vendors listed on their platforms. One of its most striking features is the high profit potential of its products.


BigBuy is one of Europe’s leading dropshipping providers. It is based in Spain and is a B2B e-commerce company that sells thousands of items to all types of businesses. It specializes in merchants who resell products through online channels.


Modalyst is a dropshipping automation software for the online business. It provides automated tools to simplify the start-up of dropshipping operations and provides high-quality suppliers and products to large markets.


Printful is an on-demand arrange fulfillment platform that fulfills and ships items, counting clothing, adornments and way of life things for eCommerce business visionaries.

Honest FulPhilment

Honest Fulphilment offers e-commerce fulfillment solutions to a range of companies, from the world’s leading e-commerce companies to small independent dropshippers. It is designed to provide a comprehensive e-commerce performance solution based on your specific requirements.

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