How to Choose professional sourcing agent service?

What Does Professional Sourcing Agent Service Mean?

Sourcing Agent Service is a new type of material sourcing mode, which is formed and emerged to help buyers purchase high-quality and cheap commodities, also help buyers provide high-quality services in the process of sourcing decisions. Its cheap, efficient and fast features will surely be recognized by more enterprises and Sourcing Agent Service will become a new choice for many enterprises to lower sourcing costs. Therefore, after the sourcing decision, you should choose a courcing agent with professional sourcing agent service.

What Service does Professional Sourcing Agent Provide ?

The services that a qualified sourcing agent can provide not only include the implementation of sourcing plans, but also include sourcing, transportation, product quality assurance, after-sales service and other aspects. After the sourcing decision made, it is necessary for the sourcing agent to help sourcing companies find suitable suppliers, organize different quotation schemes, and distinguish the price advantages and disadvantages of different suppliers, so that buyers can make accurate judgments. At the same time, in order to ensure the timely transportation of goods, sourcing agents should also provide corresponding logistics services.

How to Settle the Sourcing Agent Service Fee?

Sourcing agent fee refer to the fees which paid by sourcing agents for sourcing services provided by sourcing agents. The vast majority of sourcing agency companies charge fees often based on the value of the exported goods. For example, an agency fee of $0.06 is charged for one dollar. Of course, this is only for normal circumstances, and the specific sourcing agent fee should be based on your company’s goods, value, and export agency methods, etc., to make a comprehensive evaluation and quotation.

What does Professional Sourcing Agents Service Include?

A complete sourcing agent service process includes not only the services in the sourcing processing, but also the understanding of the market, the selection of suppliers, the continuous follow-up and guarantee of product quality, the effective tracking of products during transportation. Provide accurate after-sales service for products and so on. This requires sourcing agents to have professional skills and a complete service system to be able to meet the needs of sourcing companies.

How to Find The Professional Sourcing Agent Service?

From the above, we know that only professional sourcing service agents can provide complete sourcing services, so what criteria are used to evaluate whether sourcing service agents are professional and reliable? It can be judged from the following criteria.

1.Great quality and reliability

2.Brilliant service

3.Should Actively Participate 

4.The Sourcing Agent Must know How to Communicate

5.Familiarize yourself with your industry.

6.Aware of the Laws and related universal controls

Reasons to Choose China Sourcing Agent Service

China sourcing agent  is very fimilar with the local market and surely knows how to help buyers choose and select inexpensive products. And there are many dialects in China, so chose a right Chinese sourcing agents can help buyers to communicate with local producer

Why Chosee Honest FulPhilment Sourcing Agent Service?

  • We are based in China with a team fully employed and operating within Honest FulPhilment.
  • Without translation tools! All support is provided in clear and concise English from customer service agents and account managers who are qualified and knowledgeable in sourcing and logistics
  • Professional agent can help you avoid costly mistakes and save your time,so you can focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Honest FulPhilment can offer a range of E-Commerce fulfillment services that work together to provide you with the best solution. Honest FulPhilment can help you with product branding, logistics, quality control, assembly, marketing and storage


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