How Should a China Import Agent Charge For Services

How Should a China Import Agent Charge For Services

What Does Sourcing fee Mean ?


Sourcing Fee Definition

Sourcing Fee refer to various costs paid by enterprises in the process of Sourcing materials, not only including transportation costs, loading and unloading costs, insurance costs, packaging costs, storage costs, reasonable losses during transportation, also sorting and selection costs before get in  storage .

Sourcing Fee Types

Direct Sourcing Fee

Direct Sourcing Fee refer to the costs that can be directly confirmed to be borne by certain materials when incurred, and are directly recorded into the procurement costs of various materials after they are incurred.

Common Sourcing Fee

Common Sourcing Fee refer to the procurement costs that should be jointly borne by a variety of materials. After such costs are incurred, they should be allocated and recorded in the procurement costs of various materials according to certain standards. The allocation standards mainly include the procurement quantity and price.

What is Sourcing Agent ?

Sourcing Agent is a new type of material Sourcing mode. Its cheap, efficient and fast features will be recognized by more and more enterprises and become a new choice for many enterprises to reduce Sourcing cost. The biggest difference between it and the traditional material model is that the Sourcing agent strives to separate the function of material Sourcing from the enterprise and realize the externalization of material Sourcing. 

Sourcing Agent Conditions

For this new material procurement model of procurement agents to survive and develop, three conditions must be met:

Low price

The price of the materials provided is lower than that when the customer purchases by himself, which is the premise that the Sourcing agent can exist.

High quality

The quality of the materials provided must meet the customer’s requirements, which is the key to the existence of the Sourcing agent.


That is to make customers believe that the materials they need can be delivered to the designated location accurately and in a timely manner, which is the basis for the existence of Sourcing agents. Sourcing agents are cheap, efficient and fast. This requires that the procurement agency must have a high sense of social responsibility, a highly professional material distribution team and a highly specialized management method, and rely on efficient management, high-quality talents, and establish a good social reputation.

Sourcing Agent Advantages

  • Minimize costs
  • Save Sourcing cost
  • Guarantee the quality of materials
  • Provide fast service
  • Prevent procurement corruption

China Sourcing Agent

China Sourcing Agent Development

It’s no doubt that China is one of the best countries for shipping goods when it comes to cross-border e-commerce, with multiple shipping options, good logistics infrastructur.

In recent years, “Made in China” has become a generally agreed sourcing option. Therefore, looking for Chinese Sourcing agents has almost become an inevitable trend in all walks of life. When companies crossed the initial period, new problems began to emerge, and expanding procurement in China was often more difficult than expected.

China Sourcing Agent Effects 

China Sourcing Agents can help Sourcing companies find more qualified suppliers. On this basis, foreign companies will pay more attention to developing suppliers in order to establish a qualified Chinese supply base.

The Necessity of China Sourcing Agent 

As the number of purchases increases, how to fulfill orders and manage the expanded supply chain is also critical. The increase in the number of purchases also brings greater risks. Therefore, multi-faceted crisis management (eg: intellectual property infringement, exchange rate risk, etc.) has also become more challenging. Therefore, Chinese Sourcing agents can help buyers to seek more practical solutions. 

How to Choose China Sourcing Agent ?

Industry Experience

Chinese Sourcing agents should have rich industry experience to ensure the professionalism and efficiency of enterprises when choosing Chinese buyers, help enterprises to better solve problems encountered in the Sourcing process, continuously optimize themselves, and adapt to market changes.

Complete Service System

Sourcing agents are the bridge between buyers and suppliers. Whether an enterprise can choose suitable suppliers depends largely on the service level of Sourcing agents. From pre-sale to mid-sale to after-sale, every link needs the perfect and meticulous service of the agent to assist the enterprise to complete and help the enterprise to maximize its benefits.

Honest FulPhilment Sourcing Agent

Lower Cost

Setting up an overseas office in China and hiring staff to run a Chinese sourcing business is a pretty bad deal despite China’s low labor. The good news is that Honest FulPhilment offers a better alternative. As an order fulfillment agent, Honest FulPhilment also helps you source products from China. Based on the largest sourcing destination, Honest FulPhilment takes advantage of this vantage point to effectively locate suppliers and shorten the supply chain. Because of this, Honest FulPhilment allows you to cut costs and enjoy professional procurement services at the best price to get more benefits from China.

More Resources

It is not easy to find the right supplier in China. However, you can use a strategic local sourcing strategy and cooperating with factories and industry alliances in China, Honest FulPhilment is good at managing Chinese suppliers and has a wealth of high-quality sourcing resources, so we can connect you directly to hundreds of Chinese manufacturers Thousands of products to ensure product quality.

Lower Risk

Buying from a direct online supplier is not only time-consuming, it can be a cumbersome and risky task. Fortunately, Honest FulPhilment helps you identify and verify suppliers based on accumulated purchasing experience and technical means, and connects you with reliable suppliers.

Customization of Services

As an innovative and flexible partner, Honest FulPhilment provides customized procurement services, including but not limited to sample procurement, quality inspection, MOQ and tooling fee enquiries, delivery, assistance with customs clearance and tariff relief. We have experienced staff who can fully understand and meet your different needs.

Free from trouble

We often see more and more business opportunities from China sourcing, but ignoring differences in time, culture and language can be a hindrance. But now you can rest easily, because Honest FulPhilment is sure to save you from these worries.Only need to deal with Honest FulPhilment, because we can reduce misunderstandings in communication, track domestic cargo information, improve work efficiency, and let you sourcing easily.


However, Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a veteran, Honest FulPhilment can help you get the product you need. Import anything from China with Honest FulPhilment. Get fully insured, risk-free and hassle-free purchasing. Deliver bulk products from China  to your customer’s directly, without language barriers, quality issues, trust issues, and lengthy contracts to keep you away. Contact with our team today, make sourcing from China simply and easily.