How do you do tracking orders for dropshipping

Dropshipping is a form of retail business in which the seller accepts customer orders without retaining inventory. Instead, in the form of supply chain management, the seller transfers the order and its shipping details to the manufacturer, wholesaler, another retailer or the fulphilment agency, and then delivers the goods directly to the customer by the fulphilment agency.

Therefore, retailers are responsible for marketing and selling products, but have little control over product quality, storage, inventory management or transportation. By doing so, it eliminates the cost of maintaining warehouses – even physical stores, purchasing and storing inventory, and hiring the necessary employees for these functions. Like any other form of retail, the seller benefits from the difference between the wholesale price of the goods and the retail price.

In order to improve the timely installation rate of delivery orders, improve the quality management of orders, supervise the work efficiency of logistics, and fulfill the requirements of the company, we should track the orders and packages for dropshipping.

Dropshipping tracking number


A dropshipping business model does not require a physical store. It may be completely eliminated or combined with the direct delivery order fulfill business model. Physical retailers may display potential direct shipments, provide detailed information about mail purchases through the catalogue, or maintain a website that only provides information online. The virtual retailer has only one website.

Therefore, orders shipped on behalf of others need to track the order number to monitor the logistics of the goods at all times.

The order tracking number is the identification code in the express package, which is usually composed of numbers and letters. It contains the details of the recipient’s express delivery, which facilitates the courier company, shipper and consignee to inquire about the express delivery information in real time. So the courier’s order number is in the order information details of the purchase item, and the courier’s waybill number is generated when the courier sends it.

Tracking order with shop online

Why do you track the delivery orders of the online store? When customers buy goods, what they are most concerned about is when the goods can reach their hands, and tracking orders can well detect the timeliness.

So, how to track and manage shipping orders? Order tracking management, in short, is to manage the various processes of the order uniformly and effectively, so as to have a very clear understanding of the status of the order.   

The tracking management of delivery orders is for the following points:

  1. Data summary management, unified inventory management, and multi-platform order management can not only improve warehousing efficiency, but also easily control the order completion status, which is very reliable.
  1. Accurately grasp the progress of the order, which can save process time and reduce Low cost, so as to comprehensively improve the market competitiveness of stores and improve work efficiency.
  1. With a complete order tracking management system, we can better cooperate with enterprises to complete the whole sales process, so as to improve sales management efficiency and improve the after-sales service of online stores.

Therefore, a good tracking app needs to have the above aspects. At Honest FulPhilment, we provide an all-in-one tracking service, provided with a user-friendly app that is simple for all users.

Our app was built specifically for the purpose of providing transparency and an unparalleled service for trackers. Within the app there is the ability to design bespoke modules according to your automation requirements.

Honest FulPhilment application is a one-stop destination for managing e-commerce direct sales. Ease of use is the top priority, which is why we have developed customised applications to meet the needs of beginners and experienced direct sellers. Our application is integrated with your online store, so everything is in the same location.

How are drop shipped orders processed?

honestfulphilment app

Nowadays, shipping orders are becoming more and more common, and the order tracking management service for delivery is also becoming more and more perfect.

Indeed, there are many service providers who develop customer delivery order management systems, but if you want to generate valid orders for delivery orders, you need to choose a suitable service provider.

An excellent service provider needs to have the following aspects:

First of all, we need to find rich, diverse and powerful functions. Such an order management system has very practical functions. The data statistics, order tracking and other functions that merchants want have, which are very practical. A truly all-in-one platform & dropshipping centre.

Secondly, it is better to find after-sales service, so that problems can be solved quickly in the future. And there are also some value-added services, such as operational strategy analysis.

Third, we need to find a service provider with strong comprehensive strength, which can ensure that the system is very mature and used by many people. It is also a good way to see whether there are many successful cases. It means that the system is easy to use with more people. In addition, whether the system is safe and stable enough also has a direct impact on subsequent stable operation.

Finally, you need to find formal qualifications, and there are many successful cases.

In a word, Honest FulPhilment is a very professional and responsible company.

Final Thoughts

Honest FulPhilment can effectively track shipment orders and packages. Honest FulPhilment provide you with excellent help as an excellent third-party logistics tracking service provider. And it can generate an effective order tracking number, which is time-sensitive, brings timely and accurate logistics information to customers, and provides trustworthy logistics services for merchants, so as to win the trust of customers and help merchants broaden their customer base, improve revenue and save costs.

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