Have You Heard Of 1688 Sourcing Agent?

What IS 1688 Sourcing ?

1688.com is the largest Internet procurement platforms in China, with rich goods resources. 1688sourcing.com is a top rate sourcing agent to source the requested products from 1688.com.

For new importers, sourcing and importing from China can be a painful thing with too many uncertainties. 1688 sourcing agent is committed to helping those importers, especially e-commerce business owners.

These sourcing agent help  clients find the best manufactures, ensure the quality of products and arrange shipment to their doorstep, making the whole sourcing process a lot easier and safer.

Sourcing Agent

Is there any difference between Taobao agent and 1688?

Taobao agent

 Taobao is a C2C (Customer to Customer) transaction between individuals. The seller can be an individual or a retail store, and the buyers are mostly ordinary consumers.

1688 is a B2B (Business to Business) transaction between enterprises. Its sellers are manufacturers or wholesale companies, and its buyers are Taobao or Tmall sellers, other online shopping platforms, retail stores, micro-businesses, etc.

1688 Sourcing Agent

How to buy from 1688safely

The selection of products is most positioned at the best price

By comparing products on 1688, select the popular products you want to sell, and find the suppliers you need on this basis, and shopping around is the way we often use, so we can find the price and Best quality product.

In this process, it is necessary to select a wide range of products, and then select a reliable long-term partner from many suppliers, which is undoubtedly a headache for inexperienced merchants.

However, there are now some purchasing agents, such as Honest, whose team will help you recommend the most popular and most profitable products for you to choose from among many products. If you want to know more about the selected product, you can click this  to get what you want and more surprises.

Carefully review the seller’s wholesale rules and minimum quantities

When you independently select suppliers on 1688, you must carefully read their wholesale rules, because some merchants have requirements for a single wholesale quantity. If the quantity you need to order does not meet the seller’s minimum requirements, 1688.COM will judge Your order is invalid and you need to place a new order. This mistake is likely to greatly harm your business.

If the quantity you order does not meet the minimum requirement of the seller, 1688.COM will judge your order to be invalid and you will need to place a new order.

Prefer sellers with “TrustPass

Sellers with “TrustPass” are more reliable in terms of quality and return service. If you can’t tell if a seller has a “TrustPass”, or you feel the whole supplier selection process is too cumbersome, you can find some agencies who will provide this service, and you may have noticed that the suppliers in 1688 do not export licenses, then these details may need to be handled by you.

So in this case, how to save more time, energy and cost and even avoid a lot of operational risks, then I suggest that you can find a professional agent, such as Honest, they will not only provide options but also choose supplies for you Whether it is from the supplier’s scale, experience, product quality, or from the qualification certificate and whether there is a stable supply capacity, the final decision is the most suitable for you.

However this is only one part of the entire eCommerce fulfillment service, their entire service process is provided to you for free.


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