Global Fulfillment Services: A Guide to Finding the Right Shipping Partner

What Are Global Fulfillment Services?

Global fulfillment services refer to the availability of warehouses across the world to store and ship products worldwide. Global fulfillment services provide e-commerce businesses an opportunity to gain access to a network of warehouses across the world. Worldwide fulfillment services have erased the borders for e-commerce businesses. E-commerce businesses can now store and ship products anywhere in the world in the minimum possible time.

Global fulfillment services usually involve a massive amount of paperwork. Therefore it is advised for e-commerce business owners to use the services of third-party logistics providers. According to recent predictions in 2022 alone, almost 22 percent of e-commerce sales are expected to travel to international borders. This can happen only through the implementation of worldwide fulfillment services.

What Is A Global Fulfillment Center?

The Global Fulfillment Center is an overseas order processing center established in countries with strong demand for cross-border shopping. It is reported that for the products issued by Global Fulfillment Center, consumers can view the information of order collection, warehousing and warehousing, trunk flights, customs clearance and other information in real-time in the logistics details so that consumers can know every step of the logistics flow and can buy with peace of mind.

What Is The Function Of The Global Fulfillment Center?

The Global Fulfillment Center can directly deliver consumer orders to overseas GFC warehouses. GFC provides merchants with stocking, picking, delivery, inventory management, and other value-added services in the warehouse, helping merchants ensure packaging capabilities and avoid delivery. Delays can also reduce shipping costs and the chance of errors for merchants.

The Benefits Of Using Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment Services
  1. You Can Benefit from Their Experience in the Fulfillment

First of all, you must admit that your ultimate goal is to run a business well, not to be a fulfillment expert! If you outsource storage, packaging, and shipping to an experienced and reputable fulfillment center, you can leverage the experience of their staff and their software and equipment to help you maximize your profits. They can assure you of the professionalism of the business, the reliability of the service, and the timeliness of the order.

  1. Free up Your Space

This is absolutely what you want! You no longer have to pay high warehouse rental fees or take up your own space to store products. Whether it’s the product you’re selling, or whatever tools you use to package your product, you can hand it over to a fulfillment center with complete confidence, so you can focus on the more important aspects of your business, like keeping your customers happy.

  1. Improve Your Customer Service

You must know better than us that it is easier to retain customers than to find new customers. In such a competitive era, if customer service cannot satisfy customers, I think there is nothing worse than this. On the contrary, if you can serve customers Providing satisfactory service will become the key to distinguishing you from others, and will also become the magic weapon for your victory.

Many fulfillment centers offer 24/7 support via email or phone for easy returns, exchanges, and refunds. Not only that, but fulfillment centers are better able to offer same-day delivery options or guaranteed delivery dates. All of this help improve the customer experience.

  1. Improve Your Focus

Many small business owners are also jugglers! They’re making products, sourcing suppliers, running marketing campaigns, taking customer calls, and more.

Why bother with packaging and shipping? By outsourcing to a fulfillment center, you can focus on the activities that matter most and grow your business!

  1. Improve Your Scalability

Small e-commerce startups may be able to manage their own order fulfillment for a while, and many do. But as they scale and gain more website traffic, this can become overwhelming for business owners who can’t fulfill orders fast enough, leading to customer disappointment and ultimately a bad customer loss situation ).

By outsourcing fulfillment, you will be better able to handle increased or even large seasonal influx of orders.

  1. Lower Your Shipping Costs

Many fulfillment centers have a national and global network of facilities, so you can benefit from bulk shipping discounts that can benefit your business. Additionally, UPS and FedEx determine shipping rates primarily by region. So, if you store your products in multiple fulfillment centers, there is less area to get products to customers, which saves costs. This allows you to pass the savings on to your customers and even offers free shipping, which more than 50% of U.S. consumers say influences their online purchasing decisions.

  1. Offer Customized Packaging

For most e-commerce sellers, a customer’s first experience with their product is the moment it’s delivered to them, and that’s his first impression of the anticipated purchase.

So you can make your package look different by customizing bags, coupons, thank you cards, etc., so that customers can be pleasantly surprised when they receive the product. These customized services will make customers unforgettable, so they will become your loyal customers.

  1. Reduce Your Operating Costs

By outsourcing fulfillment, you can eliminate the overhead costs of renting space, maintaining quality control, hiring staff, buying packaging supplies, and more, and sharing space and resources with hundreds or even thousands of other sellers.

By taking advantage of economies of scale, you can get the best prices and terms! Additionally, there is only a flat fee for services that the fulfillment center uses only for you, such as when an order is picked, packed, and shipped.

  1. Take Advantage of Their Technology

Technology offers e-commerce retailers a number of benefits, from monitoring inventory to tracking shipments to payment processing to customer data security. Of course, acquiring these systems requires a significant financial investment, and there is a learning curve! However, many fulfillment centers already have this state-of-the-art software, so e-commerce retailers can get state-of-the-art software for a fraction of the cost.

How To Choose The Right Global Fulfillment Services Partner?

It’s important to do your research and make sure you’re choosing not just any fulfillment partner, but the right one. Here are eight things you should look for when it’s time to choose an order fulfillment company for your online business.

  1. Shipping Speeds
  2. Location of Fulfillment Warehouses
  3. Features of Order Fulfillment Software
  4. Transparency and Visibility
  5. Branding Options
  6. Packaging Options
  7. Returns Management
  8. Costs

4 Best Global E-commerce Fulfillment Services Companies You Must Know




1. Multiple eCommerce integrations that will include importing your orders, picking, packing, and shipping.

2. Reliable inventory management. Inventory levels are available in ShipBob’s fulfillment centers and receive notifications when reorders are required.

3. Distributed inventory. Split inventory nationwide to shorten the distance between you and your customers.


ShipBob provides sellers with a last-mile logistics delivery solution that rivals Amazon’s FBA. Chinese sellers can send products to ShipBob’s warehouses across the United States. ShipBob promises to strategically configure sellers’ inventory according to the distance between the warehouse and customers, and achieve delivery within 2 days.

Merchants can also keep an eye on their inventory changes and understand how quickly orders are being delivered through ShipBob’s tools. The main thing is that ShipBob charges less than eBay Enterprise and Amazon FBA.

Red Stag Fulfillment



1.100% inventory and order accuracy guarantees

2. Dedicated, U.S.-based account management teams

3.2-business-day dock-to-stock guarantee


Red Stag Fulfillment provides you with a powerful mix of know-how, reliability, and accountability. Continuous improvement is our passion, and by focusing on the details, we’re able to provide you with a total-value solution that not only simplifies your domestic and international needs but enhances the value chain to your customers.

  1. Inventory management support
  2. Data-driven business insights & forecasts
  3. Proprietary WMS software & network redundancies



ShipMonk is an American e-commerce technology solutions provider, ShipMonk provides inventory management software, automation technology, and multi-channel order fulfillment solutions.


1. Enterprise-grade security

2. Freight management

3. Unparalleled Customer Experience

4. Transparent fulfillment and storage fees


1. Its API integration syncs with marketplace platforms like shopping carts and Shopify to automatically import orders across every sales channel and support a fast fulfillment experience.

2. Orders are processed at ShipMonk’s warehouses strategically located across the United States to facilitate fast delivery of products to customers.

3. Help businesses scale quickly and compete with more established brands

Honest Fulphilment



Easy-to-understand pricing

Everything is covered in one honest platform

Global 3PL warehouse locations

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Global fulfillment is the international fulfillment of orders. 3PL companies are experienced and through their network of warehouses across the world they provide fast and efficient global fulfillment services.

Until you’re not using Honest Fulphilment, you’ll definitely find global fulfillment to be challenging, but once you get to know and use Honest Fulphilment, you’ll have the infrastructure, technology, and support you need to take your e-commerce business global.

To learn more about how Honest Fulphilment can help with global delivery, please contact our team by clicking the button below.

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