Ecommerce Fulfillment Online Guide To Grow Your Business

What Is An E-commerce Fulfillment Service?

Fulfillment services are managed and distributed to your customers by a third-party fulfillment warehouse or supplier. Fulfillment centers do more than just store inventory and deliver goods. It has a large team to fulfill any number of orders. As a company grows in size, sales rise, and retailers need to focus on business strategies, outsourcing fulfillment of the logistics process is one of the best ways to save time and human capital.

What Is Involved In The E-commerce Fulfillment Process?

The E-commerce fulfillment processes are as follows:

1. Receive inventory

After the enterprise purchases from the supplier, the third-party warehouse arranges the delivery, picks up the goods from the supplier, or delivers the products to the warehouse. Enterprises will receive a confirmation notice after completing the formalities.

ecommerce fulfillment online

2. Check and test

In order to ensure that the quality and quantity are consistent with the goods you ordered, the warehouse staff will check the quantity, color, and size of the goods, and make sure that the goods are not damaged.

3. Storage of inventory

This step is to organize and store the product. Items are either placed on trays or shelves. Popular items are usually stored where they can be easily accessed, while superfluous items are put in the back.

4. Packing

The staff will pack the items according to the instructions on the packing list. For example, a company may require a warehouse to use bubble wrap or plastic bags for a particular product. They also make sure that the right label matches the right product. Once these steps are completed, the staff will ship the product to the customer and the company will receive package tracking information.

5. Handle returns

The customer can send the goods back to the company or third-party warehouse. The company will manage the product according to its condition, which can be put back in stock or discarded.

ecommerce fulfillment online

How To Find The Best E-commerce Fulfillment Online Service For Your Online Store?

To find the perfect product fulfillment service, you should conduct market research and carefully plan your costs because you don’t have a budget as large as that of a major retailer. Some companies offer free storage or free shipping for a month. Feel free to contact them and try the service.

Starting a new business is never easy. Take your time and make sure you plan everything before approaching potential partners. When choosing the right business for you, make sure all the criteria are met and that the company can provide what you need. Never rush into any decision and be sure to ask any questions necessary to make an informed decision.

5 Best E-commerce Fulfillment Companies To Grow Your Business?


5 Best E-commerce Fulfillment Companies

Fulfillmen is a Sino-foreign fulfillment company established in China and certified by China HCEIA. Fulfillment has branches and operation centers in China, Hong Kong and India. The management and staff of the company have extensive experience in logistics services.

NTG Freight

E-Commerce Fulfillment Online Work

NTG Freight is a leading third-party logistics provider in North America specializing in towing, trucking, LTL, and last-mile transportation solutions. Their team of experts is dedicated to enhancing the supply chain experience from port to the porch.

Honest Fulphilment

Best E-commerce Fulfillment Companies

Our company, Honest Fulphilment, is a great e-commerce fulfillment company. We offer a comprehensive range of services. First, we can help you store and be your warehousing provider. No other fulfillment company has so many 3PL locations on one platform except Honest Fulphilment. Second, all goods on the platform are insured and guaranteed. If they do not arrive, are damaged in transit, or for any reason do not meet the original specifications, we will bear the cost. Finally, we use simple English. We don’t use translation tools. All support is provided in clear and concise English by customer service agents and account managers who are qualified and knowledgeable in purchasing and logistics.

FedEx Fulfillment

FedEx Fulfillment

Fedex provides customers and businesses with a comprehensive range of services covering transportation, e-commerce, and business operations. FedEx Group provides a comprehensive set of business application solutions through a competitive and coordinated operation model. With its round-the-world air and land network, FedEx can quickly ship items with tight deadlines, usually within one to two business days, and ensure on-time delivery with a “just-in-time delivery guarantee”.



ShipMonk is an American e-commerce technology solutions provider. ShipMonk offers inventory management software, automation technology, and multi-channel order fulfillment solutions designed to help businesses scale quickly and compete with more established brands. Its API integration is synced with marketplace platforms like shopping cart and Shopify to automatically import orders across each sales channel and enable fast implementation experiences.


In this article, we discussed something about how to grow your business, there are many methods for you to choose. I believe that you will find an appropriate way to grow your business. If you want to communicate and cooperate with us, please contact us! We will provide good services to you!


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