Global Delivery Service

Global Delivery Service

Global delivery means the technical skills, process rigor, tools, methods, overall structure and strategy to seamlessly deliver IT-enabled services (IT or business process services) from anywhere in the world.

Global Delivery Service

what is Global Delivery Center

Global Delivery Center (GDC) Possess the Experiences, Functional Knowledge, and Business Sense to Deliver on the Promise of Tying AMS to Business Outcomes.

Global Delivery Center Services

  • The opportunity to expedite your ambitions in audit and assurance, consulting, financial consulting, risk consulting, and tax and business consulting.
  • Work with professionals who can provide expert advice on how to develop your career.
  • Access training to support your development. Be mentored and inspired by experts as you embark on a lifelong learning journey.
  • GDC is the right place to grow your business. Promote projects to achieve higher business value and efficiency with real impact on customers

Working at GDC will enable you to make a significant impact on operational efficiency by working with a diverse group of colleagues across offices inside and outside of China. You will help shape their long-term goals in support of other member companies in the global organization.


Deloitte Global Delivery Center

Deloitte China launched a Global Delivery Center (GDC) in Chongqing, a significant growth engine in China, in 2015. The center serves to provide innovative, multilingual services in support of compliance and advisory services.The GDC facilitates the maximization of efficiencies and provides focused “plug-and-play” in-house services, which enable the scope of work to better serve global clients and the Deloitte network with real impact. Deloitte China has designed the GDC based on US-India principles, including a commitment to complement and meet best-in-class quality and cost expectations.

Service Scope

SAP Intergration Technology

  • SAP functions
  • SAP techoglogy

System Integration

  • Functional testing
  • System integration
  • System implementation

Demo and Industry Solutions

  • Reusable solutions
  • Allocated solutions

Oracle Intergration Technology

  • Oracle functions and technology
  • EBS/PS/Siebel/OracleCloud

Application Management Service

  • Application management services


  • iOS/Android
  • H5 Dvpt
  • eCommerce
  • SFDC
  • MS Dynamics CRM
  • SiteCore

Global Shipping

Global Shipping

Sea Freight

It is a reliable and cost-effective shipping method suitable for shipments that are not time-critical.
At Global Shipping will offer first-class ocean freight services and the most suitable steam lines: they can handle any type of cargo, from standard 20-foot, 40-foot and 40-foot high cube containers to open top and flat racking*: depending on your merchandise, volume and weight, you will be guided to the solution that best meets your needs.


Rail freight

Rail freight

It is a successful solution for companies that need a time-sensitive and reliable as well as cost-effective option.
As long as they offer a more favorable cost or speed of service, rail freight solutions are available for your shipments between Europe and Asia. Such transportation is the safest and most environmentally friendly way of transporting cargoes by land, which enables your company to transport very large cargoes at once and at a lower price for long distance transportation.

Moreover, it is the ideal solution if your company needs safe and reliable transportation of urgent cargoes. The delivery time by rail is not affected by traffic or weather conditions, and it has a higher delivery predictability due to the strict rail freight schedule.

Road freight

Road freight

It can have your cargo door-delivered in less than a week.

Road freight service is a versatile way of transportation that allows your company to transport a wide range of goods, including those that are temperature sensitive.
They always start with your specific needs in order to arrange your transport in the most efficient way: your budget, the type of cargo, the distance between pick-up and delivery locations, and the time of transport.

Air freight

It has the fastest solution for time-sensitive shipments to move goods and cargo worldwide.

At Global Shipping, by arranging first-class airfreight services, they offer the fastest solution for your time-sensitive cargo.
They can deliver your cargo anywhere in the world: whether you are shipping pallets or oversized industrial machinery. The team of experts will provide you with flexible and reliable solutions for air cargo transportation.

Global Shipping Gmarket

As you can see above, there have All Categories, Best Sellers, Super Deal, Membership Zone, and Event Coupon. You can find a wide variety of products in here with clear and rich illustrations and attractive prices.

  • Brand Fashion
    • Women’s Brand Clothing
    • Men’s Brand Clothing
    • Brand Jeans/Casuals
    • Brand Shoes/Bags
    • Brand Jewelry/Watches
    • Luxury Brands
    • Brand Outdoor Apparel
    • Brand Sportswear
  • Clothing
    • Women’s Clothing
    • Men’s Clothing
    • Underwear
    • Kid’s Clothing
  • Accessories/Shoes
    • Shoes
    • Bags/Accessories
    • Kids’ Shoes/Accessories
    • Jewelry/Watches
    • Luxury Brands
  • Beauty/Hair
    • Cosmetics/Perfumes
    • Body/Hair
  • Baby / Kids
    • Maternity/Infants
    • Toys
    • Kid’s Clothing
    • Kids’ Shoes/Accessories
  • Food
    • Fresh Grocery
    • Processed Food
    • Healthy Food
    • Coffee/Drinks
  • Household Supplies
    • Daily Necessities
    • Body/Hair
  • Home/Kitchen
    • Furniture/DIY
    • Bedding/Curtains
    • Lighting/Interior
    • Home Care
    • Kitchenware
    • Flowers/Events
  • Hobbies/KPOP
    • Stationery/Office
    • Office Appliances
    • Instruments/Hobby
    • Pet Supplies
    • Gift Certificates
    • Books/CDs/Online Education
  • Sports/Outdoor
    • Sports Apparel/Shoes
    • Fitness/Swim
    • Ball/Racket Sports
    • Golf
    • Bicycle/Board/Other Leisure
    • Camping/Fishing
    • Climbing/Outdoor
  • Health/Diet
    • Medical Equipment
    • Healthy Food
    • Exercise Gear
  • Motors/Tools
    • Car Accessories
    • Tools/Safety/Machinery
  • Computer
    • Laptops/PC
    • Monitor/Printer
    • Computer Peripherals
    • Drives/Storage
  • Digital
    • Mobile/Tablet
    • Camera
    • Game
    • Sound Audio Systems
  • Electronics
    • Video Electronics
    • Kitchen Appliance
    • Seasonal Appliances
    • Living/Beauty Appliances
    • Sound Electronics
    • Health Appliances

They can also provide:

Safe oversea delivery
Safe oversea delivery: EMS, SF International, DHL
Providing familiar and secure payment services
Providing familiar and secure payment services: Alipay, Unionpay Paypal, Foreign Credit Card(VISA,MASTERJCB and others) Bank Transfer, Smile Cashetc.
Providing various products differentiated deals
Providing various products differentiated deals: high quality shopping experience
Convenient customer center
Convenient customer center: English and Chinese live chat

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