Do You Know What Is The Difference Between Retail Dropshipping Wholesale?

What is the difference between retail dropshipping wholesale?


Retail, as the name suggests, is the sale or provision of goods or services from businesses directly to consumers. Retail transactions deal with small quantities of goods, which must be sold directly to the final consumer from one point.


1.price advantage.
For large retailers, they already have a high market awareness and even have a famous brand effect, so manufacturers do not need to do more work in product logo design, registration, publicity, etc.
For retailers, their purchase channels are clear, eliminating unnecessary intermediate links and costs, so they can obtain the lowest possible purchase price. In addition, the brand of the retail product corresponds to the retailer’s brand, and the possibility of counterfeiting is very small, thereby reducing the trademark protection fee.

2.Relatively simple to manage
Reputation advantage. Using the retailer brand, the products are sold in the corresponding retail stores, and the retailer has a strong control over its own brand products, and will pay enough attention to it, and it is easier to provide customers with quality assurance. In particular, reputable stores are very attractive to consumers and can increase consumers’ sense of security in shopping.

3.minimal risk
Retail is a small batch of sales and does not need to store a lot of inventory like wholesale, so there is no need to pay storage fees.The cost before the retail business is relatively low, it will save capital occupation, and the risks brought by it are also relatively small.

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1.Ignore customer needs
Have you found that most retail stores have one thing in common, that is, no matter who enters the store, they only want to recommend the products they want to sell the first time.
Why? Of course, because only consider their own interests. This is also the most serious misunderstanding and crux of the store at present! Retail stores are faced with relatively large operating cost pressures, and this phenomenon of only selling the products they want to promote is exacerbated.


Wholesale is a business model where merchants buy goods in bulk from manufacturers at discounted prices. Merchants would then sell these items in bulk to retailers for a profit.


1.Significant discounts create bigger profit margins
Most wholesalers regularly source products in bulk from long-standing manufacturing partners. When buying goods in bulk from manufacturers, you can negotiate the lowest possible price, plus you can get deeper discounts when buying in bulk, so that the cost is reduced evenly per item. This is a discount you don’t get when you buy the same item at a time. Even after taking into account the cost of shipping and inventory management, you’ll get higher wholesale profits than retail.

2.Allows you to provide a brand experience
The wholesale business model gives you direct control over all stages of the supply chain. For example, for wholesale business, the entire order process is operated by your business. Also personalize the unboxing experience for your business.
This helps increase customer loyalty and customer stickiness.

Retail Dropshipping Wholesale


1.Minimum order quantity too high

While purchasing from partner manufacturers will get some of the best prices and discounts, they typically require large quantities of items to be purchased at once, and discounts will only be given when they reach their MOQ. Manufacturers buy large quantities of goods, which can be a significant capital investment for your business.

2.High upfront investment
Starting a wholesale business requires a lot of start-up capital in the early stage, and the inventory of commodities is also the accumulation of the required amount, and the entire wholesale business also needs to invest more time and energy in the process of operation.

3.High risk
Before operating profitably, we must first bear the procurement costs, inventory storage costs and transportation costs of a large number of commodities, and also bear the huge risks that may not be able to pay back the cost.


Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method that does not require you to build or manage inventory in advance. As a dropshipper, you only need to list various products in your online store.
When a customer places an order at your store, you forward the order to the dropshipping supplier of your choice.
After the customer’s payment is completed, your supplier ships the ordered goods directly to your customer’s ordering address.

Dropshipping. How its works? Direckt delivery.


1.Low startup and operating costs
Starting a traditional business requires you to have a lot of capital, right? But using a dropshipping business model will save you the money that a traditional business would require. Start your own business at low cost.
First and foremost, the most obvious thing about dropshipping is that it doesn’t require you to own or hold any inventory. As a result, you can save a lot of money on building up, replenishing inventory, and paying storage fees. Dropshipping helps you fulfill the order and shipping process, which not only avoids the cumbersome operation but also reduces the cost of mistakes during the operation, because these are borne by your dropshipping supplier.

Some dropshipping suppliers, such as HONEST, have a professional team to automate your business, and provide free services from product selection, supplier selection, and even warehousing. You can invest the money and time you save on building your unique brand identity, website design and marketing plan.

retail dropshipping

2.Free and diverse selection
Because there is no need to reserve inventory, the product selection of your store is also diversified while saving costs. You can choose the most popular products at any time to add to your own store.

3.Quick Start
All you need is to choose an online store and the right product and you are ready to start your dropshipping business. If you are interested in the selection, please click here to learn more. So you can have your dropshipping business up and running in as little as 30 minutes without having to worry about inventory, logistics and other infrastructure.


1.Small profit
The overhead of managing a dropshipping store is relatively low, as are returns. Low profit margins mean that you have to rely on a large number of trades to profit and stay afloat in an increasingly competitive market.

Due to the low cost requirements, dropshipping business attracts more entrepreneurs than wholesale business. Likewise, large companies in your field may offer lower prices for products. The success of your dropshipping business will largely depend on the reliability and reputation of your suppliers, especially when it comes to supplier selection, and finding suppliers can be tiring and time-consuming, but on Honest Fulphilment, you only need Submit your sourcing request on their app and the sourcing team will respond as quickly as possible to help you find suppliers for your products. It can also help you test samples to make sure the products you sell are of good quality.

Retail Dropshipping Wholesale
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  • Seamless integration with ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Magento.
  • free registration.
  • Huge catalog of affordable products of all kinds.


  • Vendors on the platform are a mixed bag, notorious for offering defective products or falsely advertising their offers. Care needs to be taken when choosing sources on a website.
  • Bad after-sale

Service Fee: Free




  • Freedom to choose your product list.
  • Sourcing products from reliable suppliers.
  • Automatically update product information on your website.


  • Oberlo only supports sourcing products from AliExpress suppliers.
  • Shopify integration only.

Service costs: Free for 500 products listed, $29.90 for the Basic plan with 10,000 products listed, and $79.90 for the Professional plan with 30,000 products listed.

Honest Fulphilment


  • Free registration
  • Platform and marketplace integration
  • Honest Fulphilment app
  • Automatic order fulfillment
  • An accumulation of 1000s of suppliers and factories
  • Have a range of eCommerce fulfillment services
  • Complete after-sales service


  • Doesn’t allow you to contact suppliers directly

Service Fee: Completely free

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