2022 Best Teeth Whitening Kits For Dropshipping

2022 Best Teeth Whitening Kits For Dropshipping

In the market, the aesthetic of “white as beauty” has always been the mainstream. Teeth whitening has also become a booming industry in recent years. If you happen to be interested in teeth whitening products and want to add them to your store, then we recommend that you set up an online store to sell them directly. You shouldn’t worry about how to choose the right product. This article will tell you the benefits of dropshipping teeth whitening products online and help you pick the best-selling teeth whitening kit.

Why Dropship Teeth Whitening Products

1. Market potential

According to the survey, the global tooth whitening products market sales will reach $16.3 billion in 2021, and it is expected to reach $21.4 billion in 2028, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.9% (2022-2028). The global tooth whitening products market is growing steadily. According to Google Trends, the search popularity of related words such as teeth whitening is very high, and there is a trend of recovery in the next. At a regional level, North America and Europe are the major markets, accounting for about 55% of the global market share.

Why Dropship Teeth Whitening Products

2. Benefits of dropshipping online

When you choose to sell online, it means that you can save a lot of costs, such as rent, utilities, warehouse fees, and labor costs. Second, if you want to quickly build your brand on teeth whitening products, it’s best to outsource order fulfillment to a professional. This way, when selling teeth whitening kits directly, you can choose a high-quality teeth whitening product that will set you apart from your competitors. And you need to know that customer service is a big factor in your competition, and order fulfillment can do that for you. You don’t have to spend a lot of time maintaining customers, the order fulfillment company will provide you with professional after-sales service.

2022 Best Teeth Whitening Kits Dropshipping

1. Home teeth whitening lamp kit

  • Type 1
2022 Best Teeth Whitening Kits Dropshipping

This LED light tooth whitening kit can make you enjoy whiter teeth in ten minutes, including a professional tooth tray and gel syringe, which can basically take effect once. It is small and convenient to carry and is a good companion for travel. You just need to apply the matching whitening gel on the tray and turn on the LED light to use it directly. And it has its own timer, which will automatically close.

The cost price of this set is about $5, and the average sales price on Amazon is $30-45. It has tens of thousands of favorable comments on Amazon, which is a real customer experience.

We suggest that you prepare a user manual to help consumers how to use it. It is better to have your product certified, otherwise, the sale will be restricted. You can also sell the matching whitening gel in your shop.

  • Type 2

The difference between this model and other models lies in the packaging. Some consumers prefer this portable handbag package, which will be more convenient to store. The gel syringe in this set has been upgraded to a small model, which is all to make consumers feel more portable. This set can quickly remove stains on teeth by using a combination of warm and LED lights. It will not cause tooth sensitivity.

However, the price of this model will be higher, but I believe consumers prefer this model. Because it is better for teeth, you need to emphasize this in the promotion. Some whitening lamps will make people feel uncomfortable after use, but this one will not.

2. Teeth whitening patch set

2022 Best Teeth Whitening Kits Dropshipping

This whitening strip is suitable for those who are going to a big event, which can give them whiter teeth in no time. The advantage of this kit is that it will give your teeth a short-term effect and remove your stubborn stains. Safe and effective, this one is trustworthy.

The cost price of this model is about $1.5, and you can sell it at a high price. This is a popular model of Amazon, and the price is about $20-30. Are you still hesitating about high profits?

We suggest that you can also sell other single tooth whitening products in your shop, such as whitening toothpaste. This product with obvious functionality will be more popular for search, and whitening toothpaste has always been sold well.

3. Tooth whitening pen

2022 Best Teeth Whitening Kits Dropshipping

It may be more convenient to use than the whitening lamp set because it has ultra-fine soft hair and can be brushed directly after being smeared. There is no other complicated process. Where the teeth are not clean, apply them directly. The whitening effect also works in 7-10 days.

This model is a cross-border hot seller on Alibaba. The cost price is about $1, and you can sell it at about $7-10.

You’d better find a blogger to help you record videos, and show the use process and the comparison effect before and after so that consumers can be more convinced and buy your products.


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