Best Health And Beauty Items To Dropship For 2022

Best Health And Beauty Items To Dropship For 2022

With the development of the economy and the awakening of people’s beauty care awareness, the scale of the health and beauty market is also expanding rapidly. Due to the wide audience, low threshold, and high repurchase rate of health and beauty products and projects, this has become a major choice for direct sellers. So today’s article will tell you which health and beauty items sell better and are more profitable this year.

Why Dropship Health and Beauty Items?

Why Dropship Health and Beauty Items

1. Stable niche market

The health and beauty industry has always been a great niche in dropshipping. Beauty products have always been in particularly high demand, with many customers repeating purchases, with large profit margins. And according to the development scale and current situation of the beauty industry, there will be more room for growth in the future. It is expected to exceed $716 billion by 2025.

2. Social development trend

Under the current trend of advocating at home, people are very conscious of health. There is a great demand for health products, and home products are also more popular. And people like to shop online while at home, so it’s a good choice to open a dropshipping store in this market. It also means that your product will have huge marketing potential.

Obviously, this is a good product direction for dropshipping. If your online store is hesitant to choose a product, it is better to choose this.

Best health and beauty products to dropship 2022

1. Beauty instrument

Best health and beauty products to dropship 2022

Skin care products are always in demand. And this year, this beautiful instrument is the sales leader. Compared with the high cost of care in the beauty salon, the beauty instrument is a cost-effective product. First, it has many kinds of functions; second, it can be reused, and third, it is convenient to use. I feel that there are almost no girls who are not attracted to it, and more and more middle-aged men are beginning to pay attention to skin management, which will be a very good market trend. If you are looking for what kind of skin care products to put in your store, then I recommend this beautiful instrument.

2. Jade Wheel

Best health and beauty products to dropship 2022

Jade roll is a product that suddenly exploded in August this year, and is expected to continue to rise in the next few years. Compared with any previous product for massaging the face, it has obvious advantages. You need to emphasize its product features and functionality to your customers: it is smaller and more comfortable to use. For sellers, its cost is extremely low, and it is suitable for novice sellers.

3. IPL hair removal

Best health and beauty products to dropship 2022

This is an unexpected best-selling product this year. The management of armpit hair is very popular at present, and women pay more attention to their own beauty. IPL hair removal can not only reduce the embarrassment of going out and socializing, but also make your skin smoother. Many men also began to pay attention to their hair management. This product follows the trend. If you are also interested in it, you might as well try to dropship it, which will give you a surprising profit.

4. Fake eyelashes

Best health and beauty products to dropship 2022

Guess why it always sells well? The popularity of eyelash planting has long gone because eyelashes like that are not natural for girls and are expensive. This kind of false eyelash is different from that. Its cost is very small, and it can be carried around. Girls can have long eyelashes anytime and anywhere. Not only that, but how many women in the world use it every day? This is a very stable and high-sales product. Don’t hesitate.

5. Silicon cleaning brush

Best health and beauty products to dropship 2022

Many skincare experts recommend this silicon face cleaning wash. You also know that now people pay much attention to product safety, and what experts say will be more effective than your marketing. So you can dropship it.

6. Oral irrigator

Best health and beauty products to dropship 2022

This year, people pay more attention to oral hygiene and health. Among many products, I choose this oral irrigator to recommend to all sellers. According to the actual foreign trade orders, the demand of foreign customers for oral irrigators has been growing continuously, with great market potential. And now the competition is small, you can start to stock up earlier. Don’t worry about how to store your goods. Honest FulPhilment can help you. We have our own warehouse, which can help you store inventory for free.

7. Warm palace belt

Best health and beauty products to dropship 2022

Women should be more aware of the importance of this product. The sales of this product have been growing very high, whether on AliExpress or Amazon. In cold Europe, every product that can keep your body warm is very popular. And this one has a very obvious effect on relieving dysmenorrhea in women and waist pain in the elderly. That’s why I recommend you sell this project directly. While it’s still too late.

8. Massage roller

Best health and beauty products to dropship 2022

The neck massager has sold well in recent years. However, the price of power plug-ins is not only expensive but also high cost and the security needs to be improved. But this project will be the favorite of office workers. Low price, recyclable use, and more effective relief of shoulder fatigue are the highlights of the massage roller.

Dropship Health and Beauty Products on the platform

Dropship Health and Beauty Products on the platform


Shopify is a platform for users to manage their own online stores. In simple terms, it does not undertake the functions of shipping and selling. It is more like a “cloud tool”. With this “tool”, you can open your own e-commerce platform.

By registering an account with Shopify, you can have ready-made store templates, or you can customize and build your own ideal store. With the ready-made templates, you can build an independent e-commerce website in 3 minutes, reaching all buyers in all corners of the world.


Obviously, dropshipping your health and beauty items online is the most effective and simple way. Because the best thing about dropshipping is that you don’t have to worry about actually storing or managing your products. It all depends on the supplier who handles the inventory and transportation process. This actually simplifies your sales process. Honest FulPhilment can provide you with integrated services and the simplest dropshipping model, saving you worry and trouble:

  • You inform us of the products you need, and we help you to purchase
  • Your customers can place orders directly on our software
  • We will start packaging and shipping items.

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