The Best Dropshipping Smart Home Products In 2022

The Best Dropshipping Smart Home Products In 2022

Under the influence of multiple factors such as the rapid development of 5G, the Internet of Things, and the Internet home decoration market, the smart home market shows a vigorous development trend. As smart home brings convenience to people’s lives, it is also more interesting. Recently, we searched smart homes in Google Trends and found that their popularity is the highest this year. And the scale of the smart home market is expected to further expand. According to the report, the total global smart home spending has increased to 143 billion dollars in 2022.

The Best Dropshipping Smart Home Products In 2022

When we mention this market, smart speakers, smart bulbs, smart sockets, smart security, smart door locks, gateways… all kinds of devices come to mind. This is a very smart and very broad market! The most popular smart home products are those with personalized functions, which provides a good direction for our e-commerce sellers to choose smart home products. Then this article will select the best direct-selling smart home products in 2022 based on market demand and sales volume. Give you a really simple and smart home.

Analysis of the Smart Home Market

1. Market regional trend

We are concerned that the United States, Germany, and Australia are leading the smart home market in many countries. In particular, the United States, as one of the countries with the largest and highest penetration rate in the global smart home market, has witnessed rapid development in the smart home industry in recent years. Statista data shows that the size of the smart home market in the United States increased year by year from 2017 to 2021, reaching US $28.86 billion in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 23.7%. You can focus on the market demand of these countries.

Analysis of the Smart Home Market

2. Product trend

Secondly, in many categories of smart homes, we found that the shipment and growth rate of smart home video entertainment, home monitoring and security, and smart speakers increased significantly, and the compound annual growth rate soared. Therefore, we focus on the market segments of these categories.

The Best Dropshipping Smart Home Products In 2022

1. Smart Bedside Lamp

Why do I recommend an intelligent bedside lamp? The sales trend of smart bedside lamps has been rising. Compared with the dazzling lights in the bedroom, smart lights have many functions.

Its light is nonflickering and UV free, providing a soft and stable light adjustment for the bedroom and living room. It supports the connection of the intelligent desk lamp with Alexa or Google Assistance through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can control the lighting effect of the bedside lamp through voice commands. It also comes with a USB port and socket. So you can charge your phone, Kindle reader, or any other USB-powered device whether the bedside lamp is on or off. Therefore you can sell different styles according to their many features. Voice control, control of connecting mobile devices, and regular wake-up are all your selling points.

The Best Dropshipping Smart Home Products In 2022

In addition, the sales volume of one bedside lamp on AliExpress reached more than 5000 in one month. The lowest price of the smart bedside lamp on Amazon has been about 40 dollars, which means that the profit is really great.

If you are a lighting home decoration store, adding this product to your store will help you increase sales. But if you are not, you should sell this product, which will definitely increase the search volume of your store.

2. Smart Speaker

The Best Dropshipping Smart Home Products In 2022

You should know that the best smart stereo can not only play music. This smart speaker has improved the LED display, so you can see the time, weather, song title, and other information. And the built-in voice assistant can smoothly answer your questions. You can link Bluetooth and other devices. And you can also voice command it to control your other smart home devices. You can link it with the smart bedside lamp for marketing and sales.

The smart stereo with a clock sold for $60 on Amazon, while its cost was only about $15. You can see huge profits. It is estimated that the global smart speaker supply market revenue will reach 27.8 billion dollars by the end of this year. By 2020, the number of smart audio has reached 225 million, which is still growing this year and has exceeded 350 million.

Smart speakers are convenient, fast, and intelligent, and can be placed anywhere. In addition, the overall technical requirements of the industry are low, the cost is lower than that of TV. And the penetration rate is rapidly increasing. I think your shop must have this product.

If you want to market this product, you must show all its functions to consumers, so that people can impulse to start in an interesting atmosphere. Users will be attracted by the diversified functional experience of the product, and you can sell it together with other smart homes. For example, if you can turn on the bedside lamp with the smart stereo, users will be interested in both products and even buy them together.

3. Smart Home Smoke Detector

The Best Dropshipping Smart Home Products In 2022

With the increasing security demand for smart homes, people pay more attention to preventing sudden accidents, and users are more willing to control home data in real-time. According to the data of research institute Technavio, from 2020 to 2025, the overall market size of smoke detectors will increase by 460 million dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of 4.71%. Among them, the market size of intelligent residential smoke detectors will increase by 140 million dollars (about 1.01 billion yuan), with a compound annual growth rate of 10.34%. Obviously, the market potential of this product is huge.

After investigation, we found that users’ preference for advanced connection of delay detectors is increasing, so I recommend you a more personalized smoke detector with a higher price. Its cost is about $20, but it has sold to Amazon for at least $100. Selling it in your store will increase the profit value of your store.

At the same time, its advanced connection function is reflected in that you can connect the detector to your mobile phone through Bluetooth, and you can remotely control and receive real-time alerts to ensure the safety of your family all day long. Of course, its personalized function is embodied in the self-check function and photoelectric sensor. If the smoldering fire is detected, it will send an alarm to you immediately in a few seconds.

For such family safety products, the most effective marketing method is search engine optimization. And you’d better take a video to prove the sensitivity of the smoke detector. It is better to prepare a manual to tell the user how to turn off the smoke alarm with one click.

4. Smart Door Lock

The Best Dropshipping Smart Home Products In 2022

According to Statista, by the end of 2022, the global smart lock market penetration rate may reach about 2.5%. From the data, the market penetration rate of the global smart lock industry is relatively low, which shows that the global smart lock industry has a huge development space. The demand for new smart locks and the demand for replacing traditional locks will bring huge development opportunities for the smart lock industry.

The sales volume of the global smart lock market is expected to reach 9435.09 million dollars in 2027, with a CAGR of 10.74% (2021-2027). Intelligent locks are the general trend, which is characteristic of both China and Europe, and the United States. You should seize the opportunity.

The Best Dropshipping Smart Home Products In 2022

We can see that the monthly sales volume of Smart Door Locks on AliExpress is nearly 3000. The cost of this product is high, but the price is also high. In Google Trends, we see that Singapore and Australia are most interested in this product. Focus on the market demand of these countries. The smart door lock not only supports key and password unlocking but also adds remote unlocking and fingerprint unlocking.

Although the demand in this industry is strong, the inevitable competition will also be fierce. Some brands have matured in smart door lock technology. If you want to compete in this industry, you need to greatly improve your brand awareness, because consumers are very sensitive to brands. At the same time, you can also use a price war to compete.


Through the above, we find that the market demand and supply of smart homes continue to rise, the market scale continues to expand, and the industry has a good prospect for development. In addition, people living with the epidemic have been living at home longer, and the global shipment of smart home devices will continue to grow. We think this is a good niche market for you to start with. The above products are the most popular smart home products for dropshipping this year, which we summarized based on AliExpress, Amazon, and Google Trend Light tools.

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