2021-2022 Automated Dropshipping

2021-2022 Automated Dropshipping

Automated dropshipping is when merchants outsource inventory management and order fulfillment to third parties, all of which are automated by cloud-based machines and computers. Unlike in the past when you had to send orders manually, pick and pack orders, automated dropshipping relies on technology to handle the workflow for you, automatically handling product prices, inventory, placing orders, logistics tracking, etc.

Why Choose Automated Dropshipping

Choose Automated Dropshipping

E-commerce business is indeed a time-consuming and complex process, dropshipping automation can let store owners focus on the main aspects: marketing and customer service.

Save More Time

Most people have experienced that they can’t do anything all day, only deal with various order problems, logistics problems, product procurement, and inventory problems in front of the computer, without any personal time of their own.

But with an automated dropshipping business, you can reduce the responsibility you have to take on. Technology is about saving time, so you can spend your time on the things that matter. Such as how to increase sales, marketing, and follow-up customer service.

Save Unnecessary Costs

Save Unnecessary Costs

When your store has very large orders and grows into a large e-commerce owner, it means that you need to process thousands or tens of thousands of orders every day, and you need to hire more people to help you complete this impossible mission

But automated dropshipping can easily solve this problem, you no longer need to worry about how to deal with large orders, product inventory updates, and always need to change product prices, so you can save money and reinvest in areas where you need it more.

No Burnout

Technology is a good friend, it helps to reduce the stress of dealing with everything alone. When you learn how to automate your shipping tasks by delegating them to ship automation software, you don’t need to handle everything yourself. Automated Dropshipping will never stop working and will solve all your order problems perfectly.

Automatic orders

Fewer Mistakes

When you are dealing with too much complex data, you must have encountered, wrong price calculation, wrong order number pasting, and wrong order delivery information, resulting in a loss of profit

Use Automated Dropshipping, No more sending products to the wrong address or updating the wrong tracking information. And, avoid manually fulfilling orders only when you see your supplier raising prices. Automatic orders are fast and accurate.

TOP 5 Dropshipping Automation Software

TOP 1 Dropshipping Automation Software

Hustle Got Real

With over 80 compatible suppliers in the UK, US, and Europe and direct integration with multiple sales channels including eBay, Amazon, and Shopify, Hustle Got Real is one of the best dropshipping automation solutions on the web.

TOP 2 Dropshipping Automation Software


Wholesale2b is a powerful dropshipping automation software and product sourcing platform with over 1.5 million top sellers from over 90 certified dropshipping suppliers, most of them located in the US.

TOP 3 Dropshipping Automation Software


Syncee is an innovative dropshipping marketplace and automation platform offering millions of low-cost products from hundreds of local suppliers in the US, UK, and EU.

TOP 4 Dropshipping Automation Software

Honest Fulphilment

Honest Fulphilment is one of the most advanced dropshipping automation solutions on the market. It provides direct access to over 300,000 top sellers from verified dropshipping suppliers in the US, UK, EU, and China at wholesale prices.

With just a few clicks, you can instantly import any item from the Honest Fulphilment platform into your online store. The software also features real-time inventory updates and repricing, as well as automatic order fulfillment and tracking information uploads.

TOP 5 Dropshipping Automation Software


Founded in 2017, Spocket is another highly popular dropshipping marketplace and automation software featuring thousands of best-selling US/EU products and direct integration with the top eCommerce store builders including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Ecwid.


Save Time And Scale Your Dropshipping Stores By Automatically Processing Orders