Asset-Based vs Non-Asset Based: Choosing a 3PL Provider

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What is a Non-Asset Based 3PL?

Non-asset third-party logistics companies have no assets of their own and outsource projects to other companies. To manage and meet customer supply chain needs, contracts are signed with various warehouses, distribution centers, and trucking companies.

Non-asset companies are very focused on expertise and experience rather than hardware. Non-asset third-party logistics companies can more easily address customer needs and provide logistics solutions, as they negotiate contracts with other suppliers on the supply side.

Non-asset logistics providers outsource projects to other companies, so that more people are involved in the project, and thus are more likely to make mistakes in storing and transporting goods because the company has no real-time control over the logistics. Also, without fixed assets, companies don’t have to worry about some of their assets being at risk, and they won’t even stick to their long-term business operations in a particular location.

What is an Asset-Based 3PL?

Asset-based 3PL has certain assets to meet the needs of the customer supply chain reality. They can provide trucks, warehouses, distribution centers, and more. This is attractive to customers who are looking for logistics companies to fully assist and take over their supply chain.

Here we will list several 3PL companies with a good reputation, you can make corresponding understanding and reference to choose your preferred partner company, including ShipBob, WhiteBox, Omni Logistics, Honest Fulfillment, Shipwire, Red Stag Fulfillment, FreightPros, Redhawk Logistics, DCL Logistics and so on.

A good 3PL vendor can meet all your supply chain needs and provide you with certain hardware asset services, which are more secure for your project. Assessing your needs and making rational choices can have a positive impact on your project and business. Honest Fulfillment is a company with independent assets that cater to your various 3PL services. You can explore the logistics solutions of Honest Fulfillment and experience the strengths of our company.

Asset-Based 3PL

What are the Reasons for Choosing Asset-Based 3PL Services?

The asset-based third-party logistics company has complete supply chain assets and inventory, which can solve customers’ problems and satisfy their needs more conveniently.


3PL vendors can insist on long-term stability, allowing you to avoid looking for other partners or solutions in the middle. It is almost impossible to collapse.


Asset-based 3PL has complete supply chain assets and inventory, and they can complete project services independently, thus avoiding the possibility of more participation and reducing risk.


Asset-based 3PL can work on its own, allowing it to manage supply chain projects efficiently without relying on third-party collaboration. A complete supply chain can provide quick feedback and solutions in a short period.


It can achieve minimum cost through its specific assets, such as advanced warehouse management systems. At the same time, it can use the least cost to achieve maximum benefits, to provide the most affordable solution.

What are the Simple Ways to Eliminate Risk In 3PL Services?

Supplier management through a robust process

The supplier is at the beginning of the supply chain, and if the supplier encounters problems or delays, the overall consequences are predictable. After selecting a supplier, the effectiveness of problem-solving can be improved by sound and improved processes of the 3PL to manage the goods, and by making requests to the supplier to improve downstream processes and ensuring that the supplier takes the initiative to maintain close communication with the new freight forwarder.

Choosing an excellent 3PL service provider

Honest Fulphilment’s 3PL Solution transparency throughout all stages of the supply chain, so you can monitor logistics supply in real-time, which will reduce operational risk. And we can tailor our 3PL services to meet your business requirements. At the same time, we have the most professional team with professional experience so that we can give the most professional solutions.

Plan ahead for unforeseen disruptions

Some supply chain disruptions can be unpredictable, such as those caused by natural disasters, war, terrorism, or theft. To reduce the impact of such events, 3PLs should prepare risk management processes in advance and assess areas of the potential risk to help clients develop contingency plans for the entire supply chain through supply chain planning.

Highly skilled and professional experience

Superior technology helps customers track orders and logistics in real-time and provides instant access to cargo information, which greatly increases customer trust in the 3PL. And having professional experience in the supply chain field can avoid costly mistakes. The professional experience of a 3PL can help you reduce the risk of improper storage of goods or mismanagement by your customers.


Honest Fulphilment is transparent in its pricing and process and has a robust management process that minimizes risk. At the same time, we have developed supply chain contingency plans for our customers to plan for unforeseen disruptions. Finally, we also have the advanced technology and professional experience to better meet your needs.

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