About Automate Dropshipping Orders In 2022

What Is an Automated Direct Sales Order?

Automatic forwarding refers to the outsourcing of inventory management and order fulfillment by merchants to third parties, and the entire process is handled by machines and computers or automation.Unlike manually sending orders, approving orders, and picking and packing orders, automated dropshipping relies on technology to handle the workflow for you.

Automate Dropshipping Orders

Why You Need Automate Dropshipping Orders?

Save Time

Time is your most valuable asset. By automating your dropshipping business, all the work can be done without you having to do it manually.
You can use technology to help you spend your time on the things that really matter. With this free time, you can develop your career faster and you can spend more time with your loved ones.

Save Money

Large e-commerce companies have a large team of employees to maintain and operate it. Since this article is aimed at freshers, you might find yourself in the opposite position.

The services and tools offered online cost far less than hiring staff, and the money you save can keep your business growing by reinvesting it back into your automated dropshipping business.

Recruiting should only start to be considered when your successful business becomes too large to handle alone.

need Automate Dropshipping Orders

No burnout

When you start using automation, you understand that technology is a good friend, and making the most of it can help simplify everything and reduce stress.
You don’t have to do anything when you learn how to automate your dropshipping tasks, from dynamic shipping tasks to check-in software.

7 Steps How to Automate Dropshipping

01. Create a dropship website

The storefront is the backbone of every online and brick-and-mortar store. It is not only very attractive to customers, but also facilitates smoother transactions with customers.

When you have the freedom to design your own store, while you may know very little about building a website yourself from scratch or where to start, I recommend that you consider using tools to make it easier for you.
We recommend that you start your website with Shopify.

dropshipping software

02. Adding products

If you’re selling some lucrative products, you might consider bringing them to your market through dropshipping automation software. Manually adding a supplier’s product information to your own store is a time-consuming process. But dropshipping automation software can import products into your dropshipping store with one click, saving time and effort.

This automated tool takes just a few minutes to add all relevant information about your product to your product page, including product specification descriptions, images, shipping details, and more. All you have to do is make a few tweaks to the details to get the look you want to present to your clients.

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03.Start Implement Automated Order Tracking

Using automated tools in your ecommerce business system can help you streamline the entire order tracking process.

Business owners and employees in fulfillment centers can start processing as soon as they automatically receive order updates.

Distribute orders to the nearest fulfillment center or warehouse, reducing lead times.

Customers will get real-time product details and logistics locations and alerts will be updated automatically.
Not only will this reduce the number of times customers ask for product locations and increase customer trust, merchants will also have more time to deal with more urgent questions from other customers.
Due to shorter shipping times and more competitive shipping rates, it will significantly increase the delivery rate of orders, helping to increase customer satisfaction! Your supply chain efficiency will also increase.

04.Use Email Marketing Automation

E-commerce platforms like Shopify offer a free service to create automated email drips. You can find everything in the “Notifications” section. Everything about the order can also be followed up with the help of automated emails.

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Your ultimate goal is to convert potential customers into actual buyers. When you have enough contact information for potential customers, send them a greeting email in bulk to welcome them to your platform. If consumers subscribe to your store, remember to send them regular promotions and coupons to keep customers sticky.
Additionally, you can send your customers an email about their monthly order status and spending history.

05.Use Inventory Management Tools and Software

One of the main advantages of doing drop shipping is not having to buy and hold inventory yourself. At the same time, you have to guarantee two things. One, there is actually available inventory, and two, you know what quantities are in stock.You don’t want to be oversold or “out of stock”.

You can use a dropshipping software system or partner with an e-commerce platform to manage your dropshipping inventory. For example, teams like HonestFulphilment have multiple warehouses around the world. These warehouses are used as an integral part of 2PL and 3PL distribution services to reach your customers wherever you are.
We can arrange to ship your goods in bulk to any of our warehouses at the same, easily acceptable price.
While most of our services are primarily based in China, that doesn’t stop us from offering you a highly scalable global warehousing service using our own innovative platform, our Honest FulPhilment app.

06.Install Facebook Pixel

It is necessary to promote your brand on the most popular social platforms. Facebook has also developed a great dropshipping automation software with the simplest possible steps to take. First, install the Facebook Pixel on your website, log into Facebook to get your Pixel ID, and second, add it to your Shopify account.

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Finally set up the basics, pay for the ad, and voila, you can now run an auto-retargeting ad. This add-on can observe the behavior of customers visiting your store, such as which product is added to the shopping cart, and it also knows which pages your customers are viewing to determine which related products to display.

07.Forward Orders to Suppliers Automatically

Another common task that can be automated is order fulfillment.
Order fulfillment is a type of logistics centered on fulfilling customer orders. The process begins when the customer places an order and completes when the product is received, and of course returns are part of order fulfillment.
It doesn’t make sense to manually forward each sales order. Templates for exporting orders can be made according to your situation by using automation software.

Therefore, you can completely hand over the entire order operation process to HONEST FULPHILMENT to complete it for you.In drop shipping, you also don’t have to deal with the hassle of shipping yourself.To learn more about order fulfillment, click here.

How to Automate Dropshipping

The 3 Best Dropshipping Automation Tools


If you want something more advanced and reliable, you can try Zapier. Its advanced features mean it can connect two or more apps without error.
Zapier makes it possible to receive a text message every time a customer places an order, and it can even automate drop-shipping tasks such as email marketing list segmentation and customer feedback collection.

Dropshipping bots


Honest FulPhilment, they provide a one-stop direct sales service and provide a user-friendly application that is simple and easy to use for all users, through the APP, you can design specific modules according to your automation requirements.
Honest is designed to provide a comprehensive eCommerce fulfillment solution based on your specific requirements.
This includes product sourcing, branding and distribution, and more.

Dropshipping services include the automation of the entire process from customer order to delivery, with comprehensive tracking information for you, so you can get a detailed understanding of the progress and location of your order anytime, anywhere.
Honest can provide a fulfillment solution tailored to your situation and requirements.

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Recapture is designed to prevent email marketing and abandoned cart solutions on Shopify stores. Provide excellent customer support for your store. It’s easy to use, with a clean UI, out of the box, and high-quality default content.
Its templates, although auto-generated, are very flexible. There’s plenty of wiggle room to add your brand logo, colors, and any other customizations you need.

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To sum up, the need for automation of e-commerce is growing rapidly.
An automated system will help simplify your operational processes, increase customer satisfaction, and thus gain some positive reviews or a solid online reputation. It can also help accelerate your e-commerce business by speeding up your supply chain and providing better analytical insights that can be used to make important future decisions.

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