5 Best Inventory Management Service Providers To Grow Your Store In 2022

Inventory management service is a factor that we cannot ignore when doing international trade. Due to the impact of inventory and the timeliness of orders, we hope that inventory service managers can provide us with a very convenient inventory management service application software. Therefore, in this article, we will focus on a few inventory management service providers.

What Is Inventory Management?

Inventory management refers to the management of the quantity of goods in the logistics process. It was believed that there were many goods in the warehouse, indicating that the enterprise was developed and prosperous. And modern management such as MBA, CEO12 and EMBA think that zero inventory is the best inventory management. The inventory is large, the capital is occupied, and the interest burden is increased. However, if the inventory is reduced too much, there will be a gap.

In order to strengthen the company’s inventory management, standardize inventory loss reporting and related procedures, according to the three-level accountability management of inventory commodities formulated by the company, combined with the actual work situation, formulated commodity management regulations.

Inventory management service providers

What Is An Inventory Management System?

Inventory Management System is a database system used by enterprises and units for decision-making and management. The inventory management system can be used widely in wholesale, retail, and production commercial enterprises, stores, stores, warehouses, etc., and integrates management of commodity purchases, sales, inventory, financial receipts and payments, and customer accounts. Its main functions are: warehousing management, delivery management, receipt and payment management, commodity data management, user information and customer data management, other income management, expenditure management, as well as various detailed account queries and other functions, the main inventory management system. It is used for inventory management, with warehousing, warehousing, and query as the main application types to establish corresponding transaction processing, so that the quantity of goods inventory is controlled in the better state.

Inventory management service providers

What Are The Benefits Of Inventory Management?

The Benefits Of Inventory Management System in Inventory Management Inventory management system is an information processing system that uses computer information processing technology to process transactions such as warehousing, warehousing, query and control of enterprise inventory. Due to its large storage capacity of inventory information and efficient query and statistical functions, the inventory management system has incomparable advantages in the management of inventory information compared with manual inventory management, so it can better enhance and improve the inventory management level of enterprises.

  • Powerful storage, calculation and query capabilities of inventory information
  • Instantly share inventory information and inventory control is more scientific
  • Inventory business management process is scientific and standardized, and inventory management is more optimized

5 Reliable Inventory Management Service Companies To Scale Your Store

NetSuite Delivers

Inventory Management Service Companies

NetSuite is an automated purchasing software that allows you to move from manual paper-based purchasing to automated purchasing at a lower cost and with greater control.


Inventory Management Service Companies

Oomnitza provides a comprehensive automated enterprise technology management solution with built-in workflows that allow customers to correlate asset inventory and ensure policy compliance.

Honest Fuphilment

Honest Fuphilment

Honest Fuphilment (https://origin.honestfulphilment.com) provide 3PL Inventory Management Service.Third-party logistics (3PL) is the process of outsourcing logistics services. This includes anything that involves the management of one or more elements of a business’s procurement and fulfilment activities, including storing and shipping items around the world. You can get more service on Honest Fuphilment.

Honest Fuphilment Provide better third-party logistics services to meet the diverse needs of customers, which is conducive to increasing the number of orders and increasing the rate of customer repurchase.

ServiceDesk Plus

ServiceDesk Plus

Use the services of ServiceDesk Plus. Define custom product types, products, and product groups through barcode scanning patterns to efficiently inventory all of your hardware and software assets.



Warehouses need to be more flexible, agile and able to share data in real-time to meet the demands of today’s customers. solution? Increase visibility and improve inventory accuracy with Zebra barcode and printing solutions.

3 Best Inventory Management Software In 2022

Oracle Fusion Cloud

Management Software

Oracle Cloud PLM can simplify business processes, analyze and extract the information we need from a large amount of data, and help change our sales plan.

Honest Fuphilment


No other fulfilment company has as many global 3PL locations within one platform.All shipments are insured and guaranteed. If they do not arrive, are damaged in transit or for any reason not as per the original specifications, we cover the costs.

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory Manage your offline and online orders with our efficient order management system. Purchase orders, backorders, and dropships can be created in a single inventory management application.


Honestfulphilment is a professional provider of inventory management software that takes comprehensive customization needs to solve various problems you encounter in warehousing and transportation. We look forward to cooperating with you and your visiting.


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