3 Reasons Product Inspection And Testing Will Benefit You

Before this guide to you, there are some questions: will you ask your supplier for a sample before he begins manufacturing? If so, how many pieces will you need to check to make sure that the quality meet all requirements? And when will you conduct these checks or inspections?

In this post, the topic is product inspection and testing. Actually, there are differences and similarities between them that you may don’t get clear. Let’s look more closely at what these two processes are, and which one suits your business plan.

What Is Product Inspection?

Inspection refers to the evaluation of conformity by measurement, observation, or detection. The output of the test is the judgment conclusion, which is based on test data or other information sources, relying on human experience and knowledge, and judging whether the test object complies with the relevant regulations. The specific content of the inspection includes the physical properties of its appearance, size, surface treatment, weight, ductility, packaging, and so on.


Who Conducts Product Inspection?

Generally speaking, inspection relies on one’s experience to determine whether a product is qualified or not. So the inspection can be done by the following:

  • Experienced professionals in your company
  • A specialized team
  • Staff designated by the buyer
  • A third-party inspection company

Each party has its own pros and cons. Therefore, which one to select depends upon the needs of your commercial demands.

What Is Product Testing?

Product testing is the activity of verifying the properties, according to the relevant standards and specifications, of the tested object with instruments and equipment under the specified environmental conditions and in accordance with the corresponding procedures. Some specific contents are like the density of a certain metal, dangerousness classification, metal content, and so on.


What Are The Differences Between Inspection And Testing?

Inspection emphasizes “conformity”. It provides the results as well as compares specified requirements to determine whether they are qualified or not.

While detection is carried out in the lab with professional equipment. A certificate will be available if at request. So detection is only a technical activity. In the absence of clear requirements, it is only necessary to provide results, and there is no need to determine whether it is qualified or not.

To put it simply, product inspection examines samples among the entire production and shipment, which is to make sure that the products are in conformance with the buyer’s requirements and to ensure that there is no major deviation. In contrast, product testing tests the products to make sure that they are certified or qualified and do not violate any regulations or laws.

What Are The Similarities Between Inspection And Testing?

Now we’re going to the similarities between those two terms.

In respect of detection time, both can start before mass production. In commercial business, the pre-production stage is vital for the whole procedure because this can avoid unnecessary mistakes, or build a fundamental relationship via a certificate for your order.

In the terms of economic benefit, both bring a safe and reliable trading process for the buyer and the seller. Testing gives answers to the product’s legality of the transaction, and inspection ensures the goods’ qualification. So the subsequent process will be much more smooth, thus giving room to other matters like negotiation and pricing during an order.

As for the conductor, both can be operated by a third party. That means, you don’t have to consume much energy for handling it, especially when you’re busy. In addition, an authorized certification saves you from worrying about customer trust in your product, which paves the way for ordering.

5. Three Reasons Product Inspection And Testing Will Benefit You

Then how exactly do the product inspection and testing benefit you? In this part, three main reasons are listed for your choice.

  • Reducing the risk

Risk can occur everywhere at any time. If there is no procedure for inspection or testing, a small mistake may cause a huge loss which means a disastrous failure. For example, the customer finds that the goods don’t comply with the description on the contract when receiving. If there is a loss for the customer during its use, it is probable that he won’t place an order from you.

  • Improving product quality and enhancing market competitiveness

Nowadays, fierce price competition leaves little room for low-standard products. Only by improving quality and service, you can keep pace with marketing development.

  • Attracting potential customers

Research suggests that major clients are more inclined to products with high quality, appropriate prices, and relevant certificates attached.

Top 5 Companies Providing Product Inspection And Testing Services In 2022


S.A.SGS S.A. as the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company, operates in the market through nine business segments: Agriculture, food and life, minerals, chemicals, consumer and retail, Environment, healthcare and safety, transportation; and government and Institution.

Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas specializes in product testing, inspection, and certification. The company operates in a variety of sectors, including Building & Infrastructure, Agri-food & Commodities, Marine & Offshore, Industry, Certification, and Consumer Products. The company operates in the market through six business segments: Agri-food & Commodities, Industry, Buildings & Infrastructure, Certification, Consumer Products, and Marine & Offshore.

Honest FulPhilment

Honest FulPhilment, with a team, fully employed, does not outsource any roles and do everything in-house. We do not use translation tools that can still ensure safe shipment. Here, you won’t find any other agent who is as transparent in both communication and pricing.


DEKRA SE ensures the safety of technology and the environment. The company’s service ranges from vehicle inspection and expert appraisals to claims services, industrial and building inspections, safety consultancy, testing and certification of products and systems, as well as training courses and temporary work.

Eurofins Scientific SE

Eurofins Scientific is an international life sciences company, that provides a large range of analytical testing services across multiple industries.

Eurofins Scientific SE


Hopefully, this guide will help you acknowledge what are product testing and product inspection. Both of them are essential parts of ensuring product quality and meeting customer requirements. Whatever method you choose, please remember that the most suitable is the best. Please follow and like us: Product Inspection & QC | Dropshipping | Honest FulPhilment

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