10 Minutes to Know About E-commerce Dropshipping

10 Minutes to Know About E-commerce Dropshipping

E-commerce Dropshipping

One of the main reasons why DropShipping is favored by sellers is its “light”. This “light”, on the one hand, is reflected in starting a DropShipping project is very simple, and requires very little capital investment; on the other hand, the whole operation process is a relatively small risk, and the flexibility is very high.

E-commerce Dropshipping, as the name suggests, is to operate direct selling through the network, and most of the sellers sell the items that were not stored in the warehouse. Instead, the items were shipped to customers directly by their manufacturers.

E-commerce Dropshipping


1. Reduce investment, small expenditure, low risk, income is net profit. Ground direct selling, conference training, and ground conference operation number is limited, it is difficult for office workers to work part-time.

2. More contacts and resources.

3. Fast transmission speed, high efficiency, and rapid transmission.

4. Very high degree of freedom, life and work are closely combined, time and space freedom.


1. Low profit

In the face of hundreds of millions of websites, only those that really have the website will have visitors, the profit can be more, but not all.

2. Less control

You can’t always promise that suppliers will deliver on time and that products will satisfy all customers.

3. Shipping Can Get Complicated

Most drop shippers don’t cooperate with a single supplier, but there are many at the same time. This means that similar products may get sourced from a lot of suppliers. The more participants, the more trouble.


E-commerce Dropshipping business

E-commerce Dropshipping business

if you know this and you are still interested in E-commerce Dropshipping, i think you can learn more about the business systems. There are three main players in the whole DropShipping operation process: customers, independent stations, and suppliers.

Take Shopify Dropshipping as an example.

1. The seller determines the selection direction of the supplier, and uses Shopify to quickly build an independent station, upload the supplier’s product data to the independent station, and try to obtain customers;

2. After seeing and deciding to buy the products on the independent station, the customer will directly pay the payment to the independent station;

3. The independent station receives the customer order, pays a payment to the supplier, provides the customer’s receipt address, and orders the corresponding products to the supplier;

4. after receiving the order from the independent station and the customer receiving address, the supplier shall package the relevant products and directly send the order to the customer;

5.The customer receives orders from the suppliers, and the Dropshipping process is completed.


Top 7 E-commerce Dropshipping course

Top 7 E-commerce Dropshipping course

To help more people to Start a Dropshipping Business, there are many experienced people teaching E-commerce Dropshipping courses. From this course, You can learn: How to validate a product and business idea, How to find a supplier, How to get your store set up for its first sale…

Someone had summarized a list of the top 7 dropshipping courses:

1.Dropship Lifestyle : This course includes everything you need to know about Dropshipping.

2. The Complete Shopify Aliexpress Dropship course: a great course for beginners to start E-commerce Dropshipping.

3. Dropshipping 101: This course helps you learn how to create a brand step and step.

4.eCom Elites: This course helps you learn how to attract supporters from social media platforms.

5. Build a Dropshipping Empire From Scratch: this course will teach how to build an empire from scratch with the least amount of money.

6. The Product Winner Blueprint: This course center on product selection.

7. Shopify Ninja Masterclass: This is a good option for beginners with a high budget.

E-commerce Dropshipping suppliers

E-commerce Dropshipping suppliers

After the direction of the selection is determined, the next step is to find a reliable supplier. There are quite a number of people who have a misunderstanding Dropshipping, do DropShipping does not need to manage the supply chain and delivery links, on the contrary, DropShipping is a kind of supply chain management method, you can’t be a “shopkeeper”, only focus on traffic and website operations, and neglect the management of supply chain and control, otherwise, your brand or reputation will soon be worse because of some irresponsible suppliers.

some great dropshipping suppliers in 2022:

#1) AliExpress

#2) Honest FulPhilment

#3) Doba

#4) Oberlo

#5) SaleHoo

#6) Wholesale2B

#7) Sunrise Wholesale

How to find a supplier?

E-commerce Dropshipping suppliers

1. Search: a lot of suppliers on the platform, you should choose a supplier with a good reputation like Honest FulPhilment.

2.contact: you should contact these suppliers and ask important questions, like minimum order quantities and shipping times. Not all suppliers meet your needs like Honest FulPhilment.

3.Compare: e-commerce shipping times, product quality, and packaging while making a decision, keeping your customer’ s requirements in mind.

Choose the right website for E-commerce Dropshipping. What suitable for others is not necessarily suitable for you.